The Magic of Scheherazade

Bestiary of all the game's enemies and bosses

GIANT WASP - These oversized bugs float about lazily on the overworld. Kill them with your Rod or Sword.
FISHMAN - Giant fish that leap out of the water and spit a small ball at you. Kill them with your Rod.
PIRAHNA - Leaps out of the water over bridges. It's kind of hard to hit because it moves so fast, so be careful to avoid it.
THIEF - Bandits that jump out of the trees in the overworld to attack you. They look like they could easily be part of Ali Baba's gang of Forty Thieves. Some of them spit bullets and some don't. Kill them with your Rod or Sword.
RED KIBRA - I have no idea what these enemies are supposed to be. They have three eyes, big lips, and a horn on their heads. Could this be the legendary "KIBRA" that the Horn comes from? That's what I'm guessing. They run around in the underground mazes, appearing and disappearing around the room.
CENTIPEDE - Found in the Demon Palaces, these bugs come out of a little "house"-like structure and follow each other in a chain. You have to destroy the house to stop them from regenerating. Both the bugs and the house can only be destroyed with the sword.
GARGOYLE - They appear to be stone statues guarding some locked doors in the palaces. If you touch them or try to open the door, they will come to life and start rolling around. They are tough to kill, so use the alternate method: Hit one of them with a Horn before it wakes up. (Strange that they look and act so similarly to the gargoyles in Shadowgate.)
ANTLION TAIL - Giant insects that live in the desert and pop out of the sands to attack you. Sometimes, they only show their tails (which appear to actually function as the creatures' mouths.) When they do this, they'll often spit bullets, and you can only kill them with the sword.
ANTLION - Other times, the Antlions leap completely out of the dirt to attack you. When they do this, you can beat them with either the sword or the rod, but they can be rather tough, so be careful.
VAMPIRE THIEF - There are some thieves that will turn into a small imp when hit with the sword or rod. They are faster and shoot bullets in this form.
KILLER FLOWER - At first these look like normal harmless sunflowers, but they suddenly reveal their chomping mouths and come after you. If one of them touches you, it holds you in place, but usually one more hit kills it, no matter how much damage it originally took. (In that sense, it's VERY similar to the Mr. Coffin enemies in the Ninja Boy games.)
BOULDER - Giant rocks that fall in groups of three in the desert and other areas. You cannot destroy them so just try your best to avoid them.
VAMPIRE WASP - Starting in Chapter 3, some of the Giant Wasps you hit with your sword or rod will transform into a bat-like creature with a single eyeball. Grim Reapers often show up on screens with these monsters if you don't kill them fast enough.
GRIM REAPER - If you stay on certain overworld screens for too long, the Reaper will show up and start chasing you around. The only way to get rid of him is to kill him because he will follow you from screen to screen. Even if you go into a town, he'll still be waiting for you when you leave. He's tough, but will often drop money bags when defeated.
LOG - Same as the boulder, they also fall in groups of three and cannot be destroyed. The only difference is that you find them in forested areas. (Not that it makes much sense why there are falling logs...)
EVIL TREE - When Sabaron cut down the original Cimaron Tree, which served as the King of the Forest, the other trees became loyal to him. As such, you'll have to fight these bouncing botanical monsters in many of the deep parts of the woods.
LARGE TREE - When hit with your rod or sword, this large tree splits into a bunch of smaller bouncing trees. But don't let him wander around for too long before you attack him because he can freeze your movement.
DJINNI - A genie-like creature that rides on a cloud and hangs out at the very edge of the screen. He shoots a blast of air and leaves out of his horn at you. The wind can prevent you from being able to move and the leaves do damage. Kill him with the rod. He'll drop money bags, but most of the times they'll land where you can't reach them.
BLUE KIBRA - These are a little stronger than the red type. They move faster and shoot bullets.
CHANGARL - A wizard that appears in certain rooms of some palaces. He does a wild take and carries forks in his hands. Try not to get hit by more than two of the little bombs he spits about because they will change you into a cake (which probably explains the forks). If that happens, you could get killed instantly by Changarl's helpers.
CHANGARL'S HELPER - Another creature like Gilga that has an eyeball inside a toothy mouth. These things only appear alongside the wizard Changarl. If Changarl changes your form, you could get killed instantly by touching one of them.
MARDUL - A wizard that appears in certain rooms of some palaces. He spins around and turns into a tulip. Try not to get hit by more than two of the petals he shoots at you because they will change you into an inchworm. If that happens, you could get killed instantly by Mardul's helpers.
MARDUL'S HELPER - Someone must have been a fan of Fantasia because the "sorcerer's apprentices" in this case are dancing brooms. If they hit you while Mardul's magic has turned you into an inchworm, it spells instant death.
BLUE DRAGON - A segmented serpent that appears in some rooms of the palaces to guard certain doors. You have to kill it to open the door. Its body is made of eyeballs and it shoots bullets from its mouth. It bounces back and forth rapidly and can be hard to hit if you're not a Magician. (He also bears a really strong resemblance to the Hewdraw boss of Kid Icarus. They're both legless serpents that bounce in arcs across the room and they have the same color palette.)
IFRIT - Dances about wildly while encircling itself with a ring of fire. It can expand the radius of the ring, so try to get inside of it to minimize damage. It will often drop money bags upon defeat.
SANDBEAST - These things are freaky-looking as hell. They camouflage themselves in the ash that's formed in the lava and magma that surrounds the Salamander's Palace. They don't move until you step into the ash and disturb their slumber.
WARHAMMER - Another one of the palace wizards. This guy can turn you into a helpless skull if he hits you too many times (or if you just take too long beating him). Take him out quickly so that his hammer helpers don't smash you flat.
WARHAMMER'S HELPER - Warhammer's helpers are exactly what you'd expect - giant hammers.
BARZIL - Another one of the palace wizards. This one is the toughest of the bunch. He can turn you into a helpless bouncing ball and worse yet, a Moniburn Rocket! His helpers are tough to destroy, although they will fizzle out after awhile. Kill this guy as quickly as you possibly can.
BARZIL'S HELPER - Barzil's helpers are giant living flames. They are tough to destroy. Ignore them and concentrate on Barzil himself.
SKULL DEMON - Skeletal monsters that inhabit the palaces in the final chapter. They are pretty much the same as the Thieves in their manner of movement and attack patterns.
RED DRAGON - Not sure if there's any difference between this and the blue variety, but I don't think it's an issue with the NES's color limitations since I've seen both appear on identical backgrounds. I'm guessing the red is supposed to be stronger than the blue, but you're so powerful by the time you see one that they die in the same amount of hits.

MELDO - I have no idea what this monster is supposed to be. Attacks in small groups and can call allies. Can use PAMPOO to restore their HP. Total HP: 004
SAMRIMA - Weak salamander-like enemy. Attacks in small groups and can call allies. Total HP: 003
AMARIES - A fish monster with four arms. It appears to be pulling its mouth open with its arms, revealing that it has eyes inside. It can sing a song that causes a wave to hit your entire party, dealing damage to everyone at once. It forms the Basido Squad with the Corsa enemy. Total HP: 012
CORSA - A four-eyed, grinning blue ghoulish-looking creature. It usually appears alongside Amaries in the Basido Squad or Pandarm in the Air Squad. It can use a Magic Rod and the SEAL spell that blocks your magic. Total HP: 016
CURGOT - A robot that has a somewhat-strong attack, but no special abilities. Magic does not work on them. Total HP: 010
BLIMRO - It just wouldn't be an RPG without a slime enemy, would it? Very weak, but it can call allies, and you'll lose some MP if it shouts. Forms the Magic Squad with the Medusa enemy. Total HP: 003
MEDUSA - The famous mythological Gorgon sister with the snakes for hair and the look that can turn a man to stone. She quite often appears in the underground mazes and uses a Magic Arrow. Forms the Magic Squad with the Blimro enemy. Total HP: 024
PANDARM - An eagle-like monster carrying a large club. This enemy can be quite a pain because of its ability to fly into the air. When they're in the air, they cannot be hurt by physical attacks, although magic will still work. They have a good ability to dodge physical attacks even when on the ground. They can also use the GILZADE spell. Forms the Air Squad with the Corsa enemy and the Gilas Squad with the Romsarb enemy. Total HP: 016
ROMSARB - Looks like a lion with bullhorns (a Chimera, maybe?). It can use the SEAL spell, and it can also restore its HP with PAMPOO. Forms the Gilas Squad with the Pandarm enemy and the Magma Squad with the Gazeil enemy. Total HP: 054
CYTRON - Looks like a cross between a lizard and a walrus. Cytrons are capable of casting the FLAMOL1 spell, which can hit your entire party. They are very vulnerable to the TORNADOR magic. Forms the Fire Squad with the Megarl enemy. Total HP: 024
MEGARL - Stronger version of Corsa. It can use SEAL and MYMY to freeze your movement or magic, restore its HP with PAMPOO, and fire a Magic Rod. Forms the Fire Squad with the Cytron enemy. Total HP: 042
KAKKARA - Stronger version of Samrima, but it's still pretty weak. Attacks in small groups and can call allies. Total HP: 012
DALZARK - Stronger version of Curgot, but still has no special attacks. Magic does not work on them. Total HP: 032
PHARYAD - Stronger version of Pandarm. Along with all the other lovely capabilities Pandarm has, this one can use BOLTTOR3. Forms the Gilas Clan with the Miniyad enemy and the Air Division with the Zahhark enemy. Total HP: 054
MINIYAD - A baby Pharyad, these things always appear in a Gilas clan with their Pharyad leader. They're very weak and easily dealt with, especially if you use STARDON magic on them. Total HP: 012
GAZEIL - More powerful version of Cytron, these guys can cast FLAMOL3. Forms the Magma Squad with the Romsarb enemy. Watch out for their combined Firebolt magic! Total HP: 036
WAZARN - More powerful version of Amaries, they still use GILZADE and can sing a song, but they also summon the rain. Forms the Basido Division with the Zahhark enemy and the Zodor Division with the Razaleo enemy. Watch out for the Basido's combined Firebolt magic! Total HP: 054
ZAHHARK - More powerful version of Corsa/Megarl, and they're still using those SEAL and MYMY spells. Be careful about using magic on them because they can also use SILLEIT to turn themselves into mirrors that reflect it back! Forms the Basido Division with the Wazarn enemy and the Air Division with the Pharyad enemy. Note: Although the Cygnus formation was strong against the Basido Squad from earlier chapters, it is useless against the Basido Division. Use the Dragon Formation instead. Total HP: 076
GANGAR - More powerful version of Cytron/Gazeil, but Thundern usually takes them out with one hit. Forms the Magma Division with the Razaleo enemy. Total HP: 054
RAZALEO - More powerful version of Romsarb. These guys use SEAL to freeze your magic. Forms the Zodor Division with the Wazarn enemy and the Magma Division with the Gangar enemy. Total HP: 111
GIGADAN - More powerful version of Amaries/Wazarn. These guys can use FLAMOL3, so be careful. Forms the Fire Party with the Derol enemy. Total HP: 072
DEROL - Stronger version of Meldo, but still pathetically weak. Forms the Fire Party with the Gigadan enemy. Total HP: 012
GORLA - The strongest robot enemy. Magic still does not work on them. They appear in the Light Palace in Chapter 5's past, but they seem to be rare. Total HP: 062
GORGON - A more powerful version of Medusa. She can still use the glare attack that turns you to stone, freezing both your magic and movement. Other attacks include a Magic Arrow and BOLTTOR3. Total HP: 088
GORGON - It pretty much has the same attacks as the other Gorgon enemy, but this one looks different, has more HP, and only ever appears alongside the Berlahs in the Magic Squad. Total HP: 122
BERLAH - Same as Blimro, only a little stronger, but it's still pretty darn weak. Forms the Magic Squad with the Gorgon enemy. The Magic Squad doesn't appear to have any form of combined magic. Total HP: 012

Chapter 1 Aqua Palace:
Water Demon GILGA

Gilga is the boss of the Aqua Palace at the end of Chapter 1. His first form is a bunch of sleepy eyeballs. Just like with all bosses, you will fight him hand-to-hand and you'll need to use the Rod against him. His first form uses a Thunder attack. You can't avoid it, but if you're the Magician Class, you can take out the eyeballs before they have a chance to cast it.

When you've damaged him enough, he'll reveal his true colors = three giant mouths with eyeballs inside of them. (This guy certainly has eyeballs to spare.) Now he attacks with bullets from each eye as they follow your movement left and right. He can also use the Stone Spell, but since you got the Mirror Shield from Kebabu, and you needed to recruit Kebabu to get this far, you'll automatically bounce it back.

When you hit the eyeballs with your rod, an image that looks like Satan himself briefly flashes in its place.

Chapter 2 Dark Palace:
Dark Demon CURLY

Curly is the boss of the Dark Palace at the end of Chapter 2. I am positive her name is a mistranlsation of "Kali", the Hindu goddess. I also find it rather mind-blowing that Culture Brain got away with her being VERY OBVIOUSLY bare-breasted, considering Nintendo's strict censorship rules of the era. If they tried to hide it by saying she was a male demon then I could understand it, but the game clearly and always refers to her as being female. Anyway, the first form uses a falling star spell that causes a lot of damage. Pound her with FLAMOL1.

When you've damaged her enough, Epin will blow his whistle to reveal her true colors. The multiple arms in this form are what solidify my theory that this demon is supposed to be Kali. The arms (or more particularly, the crystal balls she's holding) will also be what you want to aim at. Curly can heal and regenerate her arms, so try to take her out as quickly as possible.

Chapter 3 Frozen Palace:
Winter Demon TROLL

Troll looks very much like the demon that briefly appeared inside of Gilga's mouth. A row of Trolls appears for his first form and the one that's vulnerable to your rod or sword turns red. The red troll switches around so much that it's nearly impossible to keep up with it. So just situate yourself between two of the Trolls so that when you fire up, your weapon will hit both of them. He counterattacks with Thunder when hit, but there's nothing you can do about it.

When you beat the first form, Mustafa will reveal the real Troll. This one breaks free from the lineup and stomps about the room. It isn't hard to beat him, but keep your distance. He can turn you into a hamburger and if he steps on you while you're in that form, it's instant death.

Chapter 4 Yufla Palace:

When Salamander first rises up out of the darkness, right in front of the Hero and Rainy, it's a truly breathtaking moment. He is one awesome-looking boss. He can be a little tough to beat if you're not prepared or underleveled. Fire up at his middle eyeball with the rod. When he makes the Fire Field, Rainy will break it again, but if he does this too many times, Rainy will become exhausted and you'll have to leave and try again. Salamander is the only boss that does not have more than one form.

Chapter 5 Sabaron's Palace:

A Janus-like creature, Goragora is the Pure Evil and the game's final boss. He'll move in quickly to attack you and if you don't get out of the way, he'll inhale you into his large central mouth. That spells instant death if that happens and you'll have to start the fight all over again. He can also change your form and will use FLAMOL spells on you. Hit him with BOLTTOR3 enough times and he'll go into Phase 2.

When Goragora's head explodes, he turns into a couple of balls and spins wildly around the room. Shoot them with the ISFA Rod. This is the only way to drain his life meter. The balls can't attack, but eventually they will reform the head. If it doesn't look like you're going to be able to take out the balls in one shot, then back away from them so that when the head reforms, he doesn't immediately inhale you. When Goragora goes down for the count, the game will be over and you can sit back and watch the ending sequence.




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