The Magic of Scheherazade

All music originally composed by Neon Kidd

Sequenced Midis

Note: All of these midis came from If you are the sequencer of one or more of these midis and do not wish for them to be used on this page, contact me at the email address on my homepage and I'll remove it asap.

  • Evil Magician Sabaron - Sequenced by Amber Ritchie: Not to be confused with Sabaron's Theme, this is the music for the overworld in Chapter 5, which is called "Evil Magician Sabaron". It is also the music for when spring returns if you used RAINCOM in the desert or SPRICOM in the winter areas.

  • Goragora's Lair - Sequenced by Timothy Peters: Bowed strings guitar version of the Dark World theme, the game's very final area.

  • Level 3 Future - Sequenced by Timothy Peters: The winter area theme. This is a really good arrangement. I'm glad someone else had an appreciation of this game's soundtrack.

  • Overworld Theme 1 - Converted by ???: Someone converted this with NSF2MIDI, but I do not know who. (Glad I figured out the trick of hex editing my name into the file info on my own conversions.)

  • Overworld Theme 2 - Sequenced by Sarita Appavu: Nice orchestral harp version of the overworld theme used for when you travel back into the past.

  • Party Combat Theme - Sequenced by Timothy Peters: Great rendition of the random (command-menu) battle theme!

  • Sabaron's Theme - Sequenced by Timothy Peters: This one is AWESOME! Great arrangement of the music heard when talking to Sabaron, the game's archvillain.

  • Title and Prologue - Sequenced by Timothy Peters: More great orchestration by Timothy Peters. Stupendous arrangement of the title theme, one of my favorite songs in the game.

  • Town Theme - Sequenced by Quincy R. West: Squarewave version of the town music.

  • Waltz - Sequenced by Timothy Peters: A simple melody that I absolutely adore. This is the Time Door/Password entry theme.

    Conversions by Flying Omelette

    Note: I converted all of these midis with NSF2MIDI. In some cases, they are not as good as the hand-sequenced midis, but I was able to get midis for songs that no one has yet done. They are also good for listening if you want something that sounds fairly close to the actual game songs.

  • Battle Theme - Magic of Scheherazade is one of the first RPG's I played that lived up to their reputation of having really good soundtracks. Here is the really great battle theme. This is the music for the random battles that are fought with menu commands.

  • Boss Theme - Chapter Boss Theme. If this doesn't give you the feeling something big and evil is coming your way, I don't know what will.

  • Casino Theme - Swingin' music for when you're inside a casino.

  • Cave/Maze Theme - This is the music for those dark underground mazes with the weird camel-like enemies that appear and disappear. I don't mind listening to this for a couple of loops, but to be honest, I sometimes got so badly lost in those caves that it started to drive me nuts after awhile.

  • Chapter Interlude - Between the chapters there are cinema scenes of your party flying around on a magic carpet and talking to each other. This is the rather cheerful music used for those scenes.

  • Dark World Theme - Ominous music for the very ominous and surreal final area of the game. I'll always remember how weird that whole thing with the pillar that separates the light and dark worlds was.

  • Demon Palace Theme - Short song, but it's very good!

  • Desert Theme - There is no better music for being lost in a consuming desert than this solemn piece.

  • Ending Theme (Version 1) - Super-happy ending song that also made my Top 50.

  • Ending Theme (Version 2) - Same song as above, but I did a slightly-different conversion. This one has more piano.

  • Fanfare (Title Reprise) - This short version of the title song is heard at the ending of the game, right after you beat the final boss and meet the king.

  • Field Battle - When you run into a gang of thieves, grim reaper, or other strong overworld enemy. This sounds very similar to the battle music Neon Kidd did for the Hiryu No Ken series.

  • Game Over - It is oh-so-short, but one of the saddest-sounding Game Over themes I've heard.

  • Lava World Theme - Celestern is the setting for the last two chapters of the game, but in Chapter 4 it's been totally devastated by the fire demon, Salamander. Here's the creepy music for the overworld.

  • Level Up Fanfare - Gaining an experience level is worth celebrating with this happy music.

  • Magic Carpet - Short piece heard when you use a Magic Carpet item.

  • Mosque Theme - This is the music for when you're inside a mosque or talking to a really important character.

  • New Party Member Joins - Very short interlude used for when a new character joins your party.

  • Overworld Theme 1 - The overworld theme. A happy traveling tune. I always thought this music sounded as though it was in surround.

  • Overworld Theme 2 - I don't really know what to call this. It's the overworld music for when you travel back many years into the past. It's one of my favorite songs in Scheherazade's soundtrack.

  • Princess Theme - Same song as the ending song, but much slower, more melodromatic and emotional. It's heard both when you complete a chapter and rescue a princess, and also over the end titles.

  • Sabaron's Theme - Dark music for when you're talking to the blue one, himself.

  • Shop Theme - And the award for the most middle-eastern-sounding song in the game goes to...

  • Spring Theme - When spring returns after winter or if you make it rain in the desert, this song overtakes the current overworld theme.

  • Through the Time Door - Spinning...spinning...spinning...gonna hurl!

  • Time Door/Password Theme - The 3-step waltz music that's playing when you find a Time Door or also when entering your password.

  • Title Theme - What a fantastic title theme! It reminds me a lot of the Dragon Warrior title theme, or something from the Zelda series.

  • Town Theme - Happy waltzing town music.

  • Underwater - Short bubbly underwater melody.

  • Victory Fanfare - Nearly identical to the Level Up Fanfare, the only difference is in the first few notes. This is for winning a menu-driven battle.

  • Winter Theme - One of the saddest melodies in the game and also one of my favorites.

  • Wizard Battle - One of the most hectic pieces of game music around, this is for those really nerve-wracking wizard battles that you encounter in some of the palaces.


  • Magic of Scheherazade Sountrack in NSF Format

    This is the game's entire soundtrack in NSF format. You'll need Winamp and the proper plugins to play it. NSFs are ripped directly from the game, so unlike the midis, these will sound exactly like the game music. This file originally came from Zophar's Domain.

    Track Listing:
    1. Underwater
    2. Winter
    3. Spring
    4. Normal Battle
    5. Overworld 1
    6. Title
    7. Party Battle
    8. Princess
    9. Wizard Battle
    10. Lava World
    11. Chapter Boss
    12. Ending
    13. Desert
    14. Title Reprise
    15. Chapter Interlude
    16. Dark World
    17. Through the Time Door
    18. Town
    19. Demon Palace
    20. Shop
    21. Mosque
    22. Casino
    23. Game Over
    24. Battle Fanfare
    25. New Party Member Joins
    26. Flying Carpet
    27. Overworld 2
    28. Underground Maze
    29. Time Door/Password
    30. Sabaron
    31. Level Up Fanfare

    Note: The game does not appear to have any unused tracks.

  • Ending Theme in MP3 Format - I have an mp3 of this one available because it was used for the Game Ending Songs Tribute elsewhere on the site.

  • Princess Theme in MP3 Format - Same as above.

  • Celestern Music from Super Ninja Boy - This is the version of The Magic of Scheherazade's town theme that's used in the SNES game, Super Ninja Boy. (MP3 Format)




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