The Magic of Scheherazade

These are the Non-Player Characters who will (for the most part) help you along in your quest.

Generic Characters
IMAM - The Mosque Leader. Look for a building in the towns with a lot minarets on top. He will help you by reviving dead allies, changing your class, or giving you a new password. Sometimes, he will ask for a small donation in return for his services.
SHOPKEEPER - This guy sells all kinds of useful items that will help you on your quest. Look for a door with the letter "S" outside of it. You can try bargaining with him to lower the prices. Sometimes, he'll comply and other times he'll get really mad and throw you out. If he does the latter, he'll also take some of your money, so be careful about haggling too much.
INNKEEPER - Looks the same as the Shopkeeper (when he isn't pissed off), but this guy runs the Hotels instead. Look for a door with the letter "H" outside of it. By staying at a Hotel, you can restore all of your HP and MP, but you cannot revive dead allies.
PHILANTHROPIST - Occasionally, you can find a hidden door with a woman inside who will give you 50 Rupias to help in your quest to defeat Sabaron. She will only do this once, though.
FIELD CARETAKER - This woman is the caretaker of the Magic Field. Plant a Rupia's Seed here during the Solar Eclipse, then travel to the future to reap its harvest.
CASINO HOST - The host of the Casino, who else? He'll let you play a game for a chance to win some money. You'll have better luck during the Solar Eclipse, though. Look for a fancy building that actually says "CASINO" on it.
ASSISTANT - This woman works at the Magic University and will help you select courses. The university is sometimes in plain view, but oftentimes it's hidden, and you'll either have to use OPRIN to find it or work your way through a maze.
TEACHER - This is the guy who actually teaches the courses at the Magic University. (Friendly-looking fellow, isn't he?) It's best to always take every class they offer. You'll not only learn valuable things about certain spells, but you might get an important item for passing the course.
WISE MAN - There is a Wise Man hidden in each chapter. If you find him, he will grant you use of one of the Great Magics. However, you will only be able to use the spell during the Alalart Solar Eclipse. Once the magic is used up, you can return to him and get the spell again if you'd like.
RUPIA TREE - If you plant a Rupia's Seed in the past and go to the Magic Field years later, you will find the Rupia Tree has grown! You will get lots of money from the harvest. You can also make a special Rupia Tree grow by using the Great Magic MONECOM.
Important Characters
JAD - A strange fellow who lives in the town of Rudoria in Chapter 1 and talks in rhymes. The townspeople think he's a little crazy, but he swears his story is true. It is. He's actually giving you a clue to the location of Mooroon's Time Door.
DOGOS - Okay, the game says this is a woman, and indeed she's wearing a woman's headdress, but she has a mustache and beard! Anyway, Dogos is an old fortune teller who might seem a little off her rocker, but what she tells you about how to jump off the North Cape without dying is absolutely true. She lives in the town of Poponoll in Chapter 1.
BECKAL - To call Beckal an "important character" is stretching the definition of "important", but I just had to include him because of how funny he is! You'll meet this guy in Chapter 1 in Horen in the past. Despite the fact that the town is sinking into the Moving Lake, he declares that he will never leave his home, no matter what. Well, does he? Go visit the sunken Horen in the present to find out...
ASHELATO - Ashelato is the first of the four princesses you will rescue. She is being held by the demon Gilga in the Aqua Palace of Chapter 1. She is the oldest daughter of the King Feisal.
SABARON - The evil mastermind of the game's story, Sabaron kidnapped the four princesses and the king, and unleashed the demons from the underworld. (He also apparently shares beauty secrets with the Emperor from Return of the Jedi.) The Hero attempted to fight Sabaron, but the evil magician erased his memory and sent him spinning through time. Sabaron will show up occassionally to taunt you. He is currently preparing to resurrect the great demon Goragora from the Dark World.
ZAINAB - She lives in the town of Copanes in the present world of Chapter 2. She will give you some information about Supica, the flying monkey who can guide you through the Maze Desert. (It's odd that they bothered to name a character for this task since the old man sitting to her right will give you a much more direct and blatant clue about him.)
LAH - You can find Lah in the town of Alart 500 years in the past of Chapter 2. The townspeople are upset because Lah has locked their beloved flying monkey Supica up in a dungeon for stealing his bread. You must get Gun Meca to join you before you can understand the Peke Peke language that Lah speaks. Once you can understand him, Lah will give you important information on finding Supica, as well as the Magic long as you are nice to him.
ISHUTAL - Ishutal is the second of the four princesses you will rescue. She is being held by the demon Curly in the Dark Palace of Chapter 2. She is the second-oldest daughter of the King Feisal.
MOHAMMED - Mohammed lives in the town of Kasimeel in the present world of Chapter 3. When Sabaron cut down the tree that was the Forest King, all the trees became loyal to him. Mohammed buried a Cimaron seed that will grow up to be the new king, and he will tell you where he buried it.
CIMARON TREE - This is the tree that grew from the seed that Mohammed planted. He will become the new King of the Forest. He promises to give his first-born son to a Saint in the future. Change your class to Saint and find him in the future to get the Cimaron's Fruit.
SUPAPA - Supapa is an old dollmaker who lives in the town of Nubia in the future world of Chapter 3. (He is like this game's version of Gepetto from Pinnochio.) He can turn the Cimaron's Fruit into a living doll. Bring it to him to get Pukin into your party.
ROXANNE - Roxanne is the third of the four princesses you will rescue. She is being held by the demon Troll in the Frozen Palace of Chapter 3. She is the third-oldest daughter of the King Feisal.
FEISAL - King Feisal is the ruler of Arabia and father of the four princesses, including Scheherazade. He was taken prisoner by the evil magician Sabaraon and has been locked up in the Yufla Palace, 3000 years in the past. You will meet him when you beat the Salamander at the end of Chapter 4.
KAJI - Kaji guards the Light Armor that belonged to Isufa many years ago. He lives in the town of Pao in the present world of Chapter 5. You will have to prove that you are Isufa's true heir by bringing him the Legend Sword before he will tell you how to find the armor.
SCHEHERAZADE - The lady love of the main character and the youngest of King Feisal's daughters. She was kidnapped by the evil magician Sabaron and he is holding her prisoner in his palace. You will meet her after you encounter Sabaron in the final palace of Chapter 5.


Random nameless townspeople that you can talk to for various hints, story information, and even some humor.




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