Oddities 1: Bizarre NES Plots

Bad Dudes

The President has been kidnapped by Ninjas. Are you a Bad Enough Dude to rescue the President? The Best NES Plot:

Let me start by saying that it is against the laws of nature to have an NES-related site and not mention something about Bad Dudes. In particular, the Bad Dudes opening story. Now who needs overbloated, 100+ hour RPG dialogue, when you have storytelling as original, thought-provoking, and well-written as this? The President has been kidnapped by Ninjas. Is the government going to call on the FBI or the CIA? No, that just wouldn't be Nintendo Logic, now would it? Instead of being treated as a National Crisis, the kidnapping of the President will be turned into a contest for all people across America to prove that they are a "bad enough dude" to rescue him! So, ask yourself...Are you bad enough?! 

Blaster Master

The Best Cinema Sequence:

Okay, who among us doesn't recall the single greatest NES Cinema Sequence of all time? Forget Ninja Gaiden. The theatrics of a teenage ninja hero out to avenge the death of his father could never compare to the melodrama of a young boy whose dear pet frog is horribly mutated by radioactive poison, then is lost in the depths of the earth. Let us relive those hearfelt moments (with commentary by yours truly):

"You're mine, Fred! All mine!"

"!@#$ off!! I'm outta here, loser!" "No, Fred, don't go!!"
"Hmm...I think I'll head right for that big box over there..."

Upon coming in contact with the box, Fred grows to super size.

Your radioactive frog just fell down the hole. Whaddya do?

You do what Nintendo Logic tells you to do - Jump in after him!!

Jason finds the most amazing things in his backyard...

There you have it, folks! The most infamous cinema sequence, ever!


Most Accurate Prediction of Earth Events:

Ahh, Crystalis! A true classic, and one of the greatest RPG/Adventure games of all time! I think everyone who's played this game will remember turning it on to find out that October 1, 1997 would be...the END DAY. I have to wonder why SNK chose that specific date? There are lots of other NES games that predict certain doom for the future, but most put the date well into the 2000's or don't specify a year at all. This game was made in 1989, so this wasn't even 10 years ahead! And while I'm sure some of us hid in our basements wearing asbestos underwear on that fateful day in 1997,  as we all know, nothing came of it...At least...I don't think anything came of it. Did anything even happen in 1997 that really stood out? I don't remember. To me, 1996, 97, 98, and the first half of 99 all seemed alike. Well, then there was that Y2K scare, but that still hardly counts as a "savage war engulfing the world". Of course, with the way things are, if that even happened, I'm not sure anyone would notice...And, hell, we've had mutants walking the earth for years! How else do you explain John Tesh, Dennis Rodman, Dick Clark, and the New Kids on the Block? UPDATE: It is rumored that Bill Gates bought the Flying Tower, thereby forever changing the course of history. *Sigh* Such as life...

1997, October 1, the END DAY
Savage war engulfs the world...Civilization is destroyed
Update to the Crystalis Mystery!

I think I may have solved the mystery as to why SNK chose "1997" as the apocalyptic date for Crystalis. In the Terminator movies, The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgment Day, 1997 is when the earth was supposed to have been devastated in a nuclear war, just like the world in Crystalis was. It is very possible that SNK got the idea for using that date from the Terminator movies. And doesn't "END DAY" kind of remind you of "Judgment Day"?



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