Oddities 26: Breath of Fire Hidden Music and More!

Believe it or not, there is an unused song in Breath of Fire that was programmed into the game, but you will never actually hear it anywhere in the game. There is, however, a way to access it. To do this, you'll need to get the DrWarp into your inventory, but despite it being shown in the game's manual and being on the item list that came with the game, it doesn't exist during normal gameplay. But it can be hacked in. I only know how to do it with Pro Action Replay, not Game Genie, but if you use ZSNES, here's what to do:

Enter the cheat code 7E514036

Start a new game.

Get the V.PTN out of the burning chest. You'll need at least one item in your inventory. The first item in your inventory will change into the DrWarp when the above code is activated.

Technically, you can do this trick now, but the screen will be flashing red the way it is in the opening cinema. In order to escape that annoyance, let the beginning sequence play itself completely out. If you do, then you must leave the town and get into a battle. You can either fight it out or run away. The reason you have to get into a battle is to break the looping overworld song. Once the overworld song starts playing for the first time, it loops endlessly until you get into a battle, so if you don't break the loop, you won't hear the secret song in the hidden room.

Once that's all completed, I recommend either saving or making a save state. Now go into your inventory, use the DrWarp. A number will appear. Set it to 0023, like this:

You will warp to inside Nanai during the day - this is something that you could never see in normal gameplay. Only one guard is in town during this time, so just avoid him. Now you can get into all of those buildings that you could not get into at night because guards blocked them. The one you're interested in the most is the bar (it has a sign with a glass of beer on it.) Here's a screenshot:

At night, there is a guard blocking the door to this building, so you'd have no way of getting into it without the DrWarp. You will be in this room:

You will hear a song in this room that is not heard anywhere else in the game! Here's a midi and an MP3 of it:

Breath of Fire Lost Track Midi by Joshua Rosen

Breath of Fire Lost Track in MP3 Format

It's an upbeat, jazzy piano piece. I wonder if Capcom planned for there to be more bars in the game, and this was supposed to be the "bar" theme music, but they scrapped the idea for whatever reasons and this is all that remains of them? The screenshot below suggest another theory:

Was it originally planned for Nanai to be rebuilt sometime during the course of the game, same as Nabal is? Possibly!

And in case you're wondering what that woman in the secret room says to you:

One more interesting thing...There's a building in the upper left part of Nanai that you could not get into in the normal game. With the DrWarp, you can, and this is what it looks like:

It appears to be an incompleted room. Again, maybe one that was supposed to be finished for Nanai's reconstruction. In addition to the this, the DrWarp will allow you to warp anywhere in the game, and even to places that don't actually exist in the normal game (usually in the form of blank or scrambled screens.) Try experimenting with it and see what you can find!

UPDATE 04/27/08: A number of people wrote it to inform me that you can use the DrWarp to go to Nanai and the bar even after Nanai is destroyed. However, the people in the bar will be gone and the town will be empty except for the shopkeepers. You can also use 0043 to go directly to the bar. (Thanks to Jonathan MASUR for the exact location code.)

UPDATE!: Here's a discovery sent in by site reader Matthew Brewer:

"I looked on your site recently and checked out the oddities about the Breath of Fire hidden music. I did the hack on zsnes that gave me the DrWarp and I put in the numbers 71. I thought you should check it out and maybe tell me what this is?"

It looks like it might be an unfinished portion of the game that didn't make it into the final version. The outer area appears to be a ruined Dragon Shrine.


The interior of the shrine has several stairs going up and down, and two side chambers that both have a set of stairs leading up into a small room with a treasure chest that cannot be opened. This area also has blue Slime enemies roaming around in it.


The upwards stairs in the main chamber lead to a room that has an altar with nothing on it. But if you search the altar, the game freezes. It seems likely that it would've been a save point, but the Dragon Lord statue is missing. The downwards stairs of the main chamber take you to a scrambled room. You can walk all around this room, except you can't seem to walk through the really dark blue spots. If you reach the edge of this area and walk off into the blank screen, you end up here...


Push the blocks out of your way and exit the chamber and you're in Scande Tower! But it's empty except for an innkeeper and a Dragon Lord save point. If you try to re-enter the scrambled room, you'll end up at the place where you have to dig a hole to enter Obelisk:

UPDATE: 05/03/08

Here's another discovery sent in by site reader Cherry:

"I did a random Dr warp and I pressed Nr. 0066, suddenly I was out of nowhere with a man! Looked like a cinema. When I tried to go off screen the game suddenly froze. I pressed 0066 again and instead of the "cinema man" it was just scramble. When I again tried to go off screen that was way down, was the worldmap in a scrambeled form. I finally reached the end and it kinda looked like the overworld, but it wasn't, so I wonder if you could see what this is."


It looks like 0066 and nearby memory locations is where the game's cinema scene data is stored. I don't really know why scrambled overworld graphics start showing up if you wander too far south, though.


For some reason, there are two different variations of Sara's head.


It's even possible to walk around the title screen with the DrWarp codes.

Here are some more Breath of Fire tidbits for you!

Arthur from Ghouls n Ghosts

Chun Li from Street Fighter 2

Two Capcom cameos! In the above left picture, the face in the painting is Arthur from the Ghouls n Ghosts games. This can be found in various houses around the game. In the above right picture, Chun Li can be found in the town of Bleak. Enter Bleak at night, and talk to the thief in the back building on the left side of town. Pay him the money to see his trick, then answer no twice, then yes. You'll see Chun Li doing her lightning kick move.

In my opinion, two outstanding examples of RPG dialogue.



The Rudra and Agni cinema scenes



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