Videogame Oddities: More Random Reader-Submitted Stuff

Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits (PS2)

Submitted by Vik.

When you are in Milmarna and you go to Foh's chamber, watch her dog for a bit it will run around. It will run to the corner and lift its leg and wimper in relief. O.o Thought you might be amused by that.

FO's Comment: The wonders of that game never cease. I don't remember noticing that. Guess I didn't stay in Foh's chamber long enough.

Blaster Master (NES)

Submitted by H-Seiken.

Seeing as how I didn't have a messload of games growing up, I'd play quite a few of them quite frequently and run into stuff like an annoying glitch you haven't mentioned for Blaster Master.

On Level 5 when you must traverse underwater with Jason swimming alone, there's a cave with a top and bottom entrance going left, spread about 2 or 3 screens apart. After you beat the crab and backtrack, on about 4 or 5 occasions, the game has "misdrawn" the map, in a way that made it look like it scrolled super fast for a frame or two, which would put you right in the middle of rocks, with no way of killing yourself. You'd have to reset the game. This would happen coming out of the top entrance going right. It happened to me at least 3 times that I remember, which pissed me off so bad, I stopped trying to beat the game for a long while.

FO's Comment: I've never had that glitch happen. Sounds interesting, even if annoying. I did one time get separated from my tank (I think near the end of Level 4) and couldn't get back to it. I know it's possible for that to happen in Level 5, too. It's a great game, but needed a little more checking for things like that.

Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest (NES)

Submitted by Seth Koopa.

Castlevania 2 has 3 endings. Ending number 2 goes around Simon not having survived his wounds. However, in the very last block of text, it says how the people have to hope for another man to rid "the city" of Dracula's evil curse. I could be wrong, but surely a land or a region, composed of many small towns amidst endless forests and marshes, is not considered a city as an individual unit (at least not in those times).

FO's Comment: It's either a translation quirk or "country" wouldn't fit in the space provided. Here's another interesting observation on Castlevania 2's endings; The "black and white" ending that you get for taking a really long time to beat the game is generally regarded as the "worst", yet based on the text alone and what happens, it's the most neutral in tone. The second ending is more colorful, but clearly states that Simon dies. The third ending is colorful, longer, and Simon survives, but Dracula comes back to life.

Chrono Trigger (SNES)

Cholesterol? Submitted by Alexandre Lemieux.

"In 600AD, you can buy some jerky for 9900G and give it to the king of 1000AD after he had a fight with Marle, but he'll say this and he'll lock you out of his room. I don't know why they put this in the game since it has no effect on it. Whatever."

FO's Comment: HA HA HA HA! That's great. I don't think I ever knew about that before. I thought the only purpose of the jerky was to get the Sun Stone. I love finding out new things about old favorites, especially when I thought I'd seen everything there was already.

Ayla has a skill with the name Rock throw. The skill has nothing to do with rocks, it's more like an adjective to make it sound prehistoric. In fact, the skill has Ayla throwing an enemy.

Its descrption is pretty weird. This must be the stupidest translation error ever. EVER.

FO's Comment: It's not the dumbest translation error I've ever seen, but it certainly doesn't describe what that attack does.

Killer Instinct 2 (Arcade)

Submitted by Rolinda Nez.

Rare seemed to have removed Jago's "Spirit Move" from the transition from KI2 to Gold. In the arcade you could perform a move that would remove some life from you. However, if you were defeated, Jago would "rise from the grave" and continue to fight as a transparent version of himself. The move was basically worthless, as you "rose up" with the same amount of life that it took away from you, but was a cool move, nonetheless. Also, the animation was Jago turning toward the player and praying while a green (mist, light?) something swirled around him.

FO's Comment: Unless there's some added benefit to the "transparent" form, I can understand why they didn't bother to put it in the N64 version.



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