Goblin Cutscene Glitch

Take the Girl Into the Goblin Cutscene!!

I had heard several years ago that this was possible, but I never saw any explanation for it. I had tried a few times to figure it out on my own, but couldn't get it to work, so I assumed that if it was true, then those who did it must've used game enhancer codes or experienced a weird glitch that couldn't be manually duplicated. Well, after several more attempts, I finally discovered that it can be done without any type of game enhancer codes, as the trick relies on doing a few sequences of events in a very particular order. However, I should note that this will be extremely tough to pull off at a low experience level, so you might want to level up a bit before trying.

This glitch is based on two factors of Secret of Mana's coding for the early sequences of the game:

1. In the beginning, you normally cannot enter Pandora or progress to any location past it (such as Gaia's Navel or the Haunted Forest) until after you've spoken with Jema and Luka in the Water Palace. Before you have spoken with them, a guard will block entry into Pandora and the Cannon Travel Service man will only offer a flight to the Water Palace. However, due to an oversight in the way the scenario was coded, it is possible to go farther than you should be able to before talking with Jema and Luka and get the Girl into your party.

2. The other factor is the trigger for the Goblin cutscene. There are two conditions that must be met before the scene will occur - You must keep talking to Dyluck and his soldiers in front of the Water Palace until they leave AND you must talk to Jema and Luka in the Water Palace. If both of these conditions are met, you will be captured by Goblins as you walk south from Neko's place.

Here is the exact sequence of steps you must follow to cause this glitch:

Step #1: Play from the beginning of the game all the way up until you meet Dyluck and his soldiers. Keep talking to them until they leave the screen. Whatever you do, do NOT continue north to the Water Palace.

Step #2: Instead, turn around and head back to the Cannon Travel Center. Because you didn't talk to Jema and Luka yet, you can safely pass by where the Goblin attack should occur without anything happening. Now here is where the oversight in the programming is: The Cannon Travel Man should not let you go to Gaia's Navel before you've talked to Jema and Luka in the Water Palace, but for some reason, just talking to Dyluck and his soldiers triggers his event dialogue to change. Go ahead and take the Cannon to Gaia's Navel.

Step #3: After arriving in Gaia's Navel, head north and take the teleporter to the Haunted Forest. Keep going and take the teleporter that's just past where Neko is standing.

Step #4: You will be sent to the Werewolf battle. Beat them, and then talk to the Girl to get her to join your party. This part's going to be REALLY hard if you're not strong enough, so I hope you leveled up.

Step #5: After she joins you, leave the Haunted Forest the same way you came in. Go south onto the screen that has all the pink flowers and an old man walking around. Take the east path on that screen and you'll end up at another Cannon Travel Center. Have him send you back to the Water Palace.

Step #6: NOW you'll want to enter the Water Palace and talk to Jema and Luka. Completely play out the entire cutscene there. Then leave and head south.

Step #7: Now that you've met both conditions of talking to Dyluck and his soldiers and talking to Jema and Luka, you will trigger the Goblin cutscene as you walk south from Neko's place. The net effect will be that both the Boy AND the Girl will be taken to the Goblin village, and a SECOND Girl will show up to rescue you. Only one character will be thrown into the stewpot, the other will pace around aimlessly. But if you want to see something REALLY strange, switch control to the Girl before you get the Goblins to attack you...

If you're controlling the Girl, then the GIRL will be thrown into the stewpot! However, all the dialogue being spoken will still come from the Boy.

The weird thing is that the Girl's facial expressions and movements will change in the exact manner that the Boy's do when he appears in this cutscene.


Eventually, a second Girl will show up and pull you out like normal. When I did this glitch, the CPU-controlled Boy slid into the stewpot with the Girl at this point and both were pulled out by the second Girl at the same time.

When the cutscene is done, the Girl and Boy will say their normal dialogue to each other, and the second Girl will run off as usual, but the other Girl stays in your party.

But hold on! I'm not done with this glitch yet! To get even more bang for your buck, try making BOTH characters human-controlled right before the Goblins attack. (If you are playing on an actual Super NES, you will need a second controller to do that, of course.)

If both characters are human-controlled, then the Player 1 character will be the one thrown in the stewpot as usual, except...he/she will actually appear on the stairs IN FRONT of the stewpot!! He/she will continue to act as though he/she is actually in the pot, though.

What's even better is that you can use the second controller to move Player 2 around!! You can do this forever until you've gone through all the dialogue boxes.

The Goblins movement will be frozen. You can shove them around, but you can't kill them.

You can explore the village only a certain amount of distance each way because the game's mechanics don't allow you to travel too far from your partners. Unfortunately, you can't enter the huts.

If you keep paging through the dialogue, eventually the other Girl will show up. What's great is that when she pulls you out of the pot, since the character is dislodged from the normal location, it will look like she actually pulls you into it!

This line of dialogue still makes me laugh whenever I see it.

The trees on the right side of the camp aren't even finished.

The pot, totem pole, campfire, and bone pile sprites aren't used anywhere else in the game. You can enjoy them a little longer with this glitch. When you get your fill of exploring the Goblin camp, simply continue paging through the dialogue to end the scene as usual.

It should be noted that this glitch CANNOT be used to get a second Girl in your party. Once the phantom double runs off at the end of this scene, that is the last you will see of her.

It is also possible to take the Sprite into this cutscene, too (either alone with the Boy, or with the Boy and the Girl.) However, if you do that, don't save your game anytime after getting the Sprite. For some reason, if you already have the Sprite when you talk to Jema and Luka in the Water Palace, you won't get the Spear! (Probably because you earn a Spear Orb for beating Tropicallo right before the Sprite joins, so the game might "think" you already have it.)

If you do the version of the glitch that ensures the Sprite will end up in the stew instead of being dislocated on the stairs (switch control to the Sprite and leave the Boy CPU-controlled before getting caught by the Goblins), you will see that he is so short that only the very top of his head will be visible in the pot.



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