There was a time when I was young
I thought I figured out the world
But now I think of all those forgotten times
When I had left my dreams behind
And now I can think of only them
But I can never relive those days again

Going in circles
I can recall when I had it all
Now it's over
What happened to me?
It's so suddenly...
A change in seasons
Two hours became two years easily
And now those reasons
Look like nothing but excuses to me

I know that I must look ahead
I just relive the past instead
If I could take back and change just one moment
Would everything have been different?
If I should try as hard as I can
Could I become the person I think...I am?

What can I do?
Is it too late? I've lost all my faith
My world's all gone
Even my name isn't the same
Time in reverse
I can't amass the chances that passed
Could things be worse?
I do not know how long I can last



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