Now's the time to set things right
Turn around...don't back away tonight
The night is calling out to you
You can fight, if you believe it's true

There's a star that will guide you through
It's that fire of life inside of you

Fires of the earth have stained the sky red
The whole world lies on your shoulders
You've got to look ahead
A light inside your heart
Will shine right through the night
The whole world's falling apart
A storm begins to rise

Stand your ground and never look behind (remember)
We're going down, but I'll be by your side (forever)
Time is running short
Everything is out-of-sorts
It won't be too long
Now that forever is gone...

Now, I see what's meant to be
I believe this is my destiny
Watch as I break all the rules
This will be the earth's finest duel

Fate has taught me to realize
My past cannot deny a future prize

Stars have realigned
We're hanging by a thread
I've broken the ties that bind
The moment is ahead
Channel all my strength
My inner power shines
I will go the entire length
End this for all time

Powers from within begin to flow (remember)
The ice is getting thin, but here I go (forever)
Closing every door
On all that's come before
It won't be too long
Now that forever is gone



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