In a world full of confusion
It may seem there's no solution
And you feel there's nothing left for yourself
But your dreams are still your mind

There is a star to guide you through
A world that turns its back on you
I know it's hard to understand
But things don't always go as planned

Thinking back on all those times
When you thought you hadn't
Done what you knew was right
And now it's over...but soon you'll see
What is meant to be will be
I don't know what is wrong or right
But no one ever does

You must learn to free yourself
Or the darkness will consume your mind
I know it can be hard to find
That undefined...dream behind...
The closed door...

I'll be on my way...
Don't ask me to stay...
I see you're not okay...
So this is my last say...

So here we you believe
The future is so hard to see?
And now things...begin to turn
Tell me, was it really unforeseen?

You just can't...
Accep the ways in which things change
But I believe...the more you learn
Will make things less strange

I know it's hard to keep from crying
When all the world around you is dying
You wanna hang onto each part
I know that changes can be so hard

There's another world that calls
You know that it's the place
Where you've always belonged
Watching all your dreams dissolve
Can't be satisfying
I believe there are better things
There always are

You may wonder how to get there
That's the one thing that I can't reveal
I've told you all you really need to know
That world is real...unconcealed...
You know it's true

There is nothing more
It's all been said before
I'll tell you no more
Now forever more



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