(Written by Kiera Lordens, Co-Written by Flying Omelette)

My life has been spent making a descent
Into the depths of my mind's darkest ends
Fighting the sins of the demons within
There was no cure anyone could recommend

Now I am torn like paper through thorns
Since I was born, I'm a nearsighted soul
I must sustain all feelings of pain
All the same, I am losing control

I cannot stay, take me away
Words I can't say going 'round in my mind
I've lost my sight of all that is right
Through the night I am stumbling blind

I have paid the price of my dreams
Only nightmares come true anymore
Oh, I can feel my spirit's torn

Why can't you see what you've done to me?
Suddenly, I am lost in these halls
I cannot wield the sword or the shield
So I must yield to your beck and your call

I realize I've been hypnotized
I close my eyes, but I still see your face
I'm down on my knees, my heart has been seized
By memories that I just can't erase

I have paid the price for too long
I'll walk alone these halls to the end
I'll never look behind again

I wonder why there's no reply
Whenever I cry for help in this maze
Now I am sure there's nothing more
No rewards for surviving this phase

I can assume the walls of these rooms
Are the tombs of others like me
But I have become stronger than one
A champion of my own destiny

I have walked this world for too long
Can no longer be told otherwise
On my own faith, I will rely



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