I'm enchanted
Lost and stranded
You tell me it's not real
But I feel so unsure

I relive forgotten days that don't exist
I can't explain just why...
I believe these reoccuring dreams are memories
Formed by my mind

Why can't you see what I mean?
It's not hard
Why have you treated me so cruel?
I've been a fool...

It seems our time's been rough
But once is quite enough
I can't take back what's done
So, now I'm on the run
In this enchanted dream
Where nothing's what it seems
I'll run away from you
To look for someone new
Someone who will love me...soon

I'm enchanted
Hopelessly stranded
I don't understand why I've lost
All memories of roads I've crossed

I've begun to realize all the answers
To those "hows?" and "whys?"
Now I need to compensate
For all that lost time

I can't pretend
That my heart will soon mend
I need to heal slowly still
Without you, I think I will

You've put a spell on me
But I will soon be free
This hell just cannot last
I won't repeat the past
I know that it's been rough
But I've had quite enough
Of this enchanted dream
The nightmare that it's been
I won't come 'round here...again



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