Late at night, a bell is tolling
Nothing's right
Can't you hear me calling?
Calling out to you
Through the long cold wintry blue

Snowflakes fall on my windowpane
I hear the wind call your name
Calling out to me
Through the stormy skies
And the white sea

Half past one and I hear the bells
I know the tale it tells
With each ring I pass a different test
I need to know what's next
The stained-glass windows hide my pride
From the truth inside
All that's left are footprints in the snow
Where can I go?

Half past two, a bell is tolling
It's too soon, but I'm still going
Going out alone
Into a world that's unknown

Half past three
And the snow's still falling
It's never seemed so enthralling
There's nothing left to say
The snowmen have melted away

There's a wall that's made of ice
I've seen it once or twice
When the moon has cast its shadow full
Over a landscape cruel
It's that wall that I hope to scale
I'll find my Holy Grail
There's a ray of light somewhere ahead
That's where...I'm led



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