Once upon a memory of lost time
A dream had occurred within my naive mind
That I would find a better place
But that was not to be the case
What I thought I knew, I forgot
And now shadows are all that I've got

I need someone to help me travel
I can't go by myself
A mystery to unravel
In a book left on the shelf

Memories I have are never correct
Bound by the laws of cause and effect
They're like truths you can't quite believe
And that is why those feelings leave
Now here's the problem I must solve
So that this dream can still evolve

I'm lost in the heart of the shadow
There's no light here to see
No exit sign, no direction arrows
A guiding soul is what I need

Meadows where gentle winds blow
Frozen in time like white crystal snow
There is a star to guide us to
This place that's long been out-of-view
Where time flows like a river
That goes on forever and ever

Mountains grow ever higher
Snow-capped in icy cold
It could be our desire
To discover what they hold

Like thunderbolts searing the endless sky
Together, on a wild notion, we will fly
We'll take this dream to the end
Without ever looking back again
There is no point in trying to hide
What we're meant to be inside

Lost in the heart of the shadow
If you'd come along with me
We could fight through every battle
It's a possibility



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