Yes, I'm caught up in the past
The future's fading fast
The solution's from a time long gone
There's nowhere even now
To seek the answers out
There's gotta be a way to right this wrong

So, I'll take a journey back
I'm not sure where just at
But I think I can find the key
As months turn into years
And days just disappear
The search must start immediately

Although it was so many long years ago
I remember like it was only yesterday
There's no way to relive forgone days
But I would give just about anything
If I could have those days back

So, I'll journey to the past
I hope to get there fast
I will keep my goals in sight
Even as I reminisce
Of times I surely miss
I won't forget to carry on this fight

I'd build a time machine
To wipe those pages clean
Of history that won't resolve
But let's be reasonable
It's just not feasible
Another way, this puzzle must be solved

All those sweet memories may be changed or erased
With the ebbing of time and the flowing of space
Can we sacrifice what we cling to so dear?
If only we lived twice, maybe it would be clear
What the right answer should be

So, I'm caught up in the past
I hope to get there fast
If I can keep the road in sight
Although I reminsce
Of days I surely miss
I'll find a way to make this wrong go right



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