The Rec Room

Welcome to the Rec Room! This is where I showcase some of my favorite games. It's like a combination of the discontinued "Game of the Month" feature and the old Top 100 Favorite Games list. The features on these games will include descriptions, screenshots, official artwork, and music downloads. A good way to think of this section is like a "best and worst" gallery. What games are my favorites? What games disappointed me? What changed the way I look at videogames in general and raised my expectations? What are the most overrated? Are there games I admit aren't exactly great, but still hold a special place in my history for specific reasons? These are the types of questions this section will explore and hopefully answer to the best of my ability.

  • Rec Room Spotlight #1: Star Fox (Super NES)
    A marriage of hardcore shoot-em-up challenge and space opera theatrics.

  • Rec Room Spotlight #2: ActRaiser (Super NES)
    Sidescrolling and simulation collide in an epic retelling of the birth of humankind.

  • Rec Room Spotlight #3: Robot Rescue (Apple II)
    A game that took almost three decades to find.


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