Publisher: Phoenix Online       Developer: Icarus Games       Release Year: 2014

Archaeologist Suzanne Kheer goes on a hunt to find her kidnapped archaeologist boyfriend, Michael, who had stumbled upon proof of a lost civilization's contact with alien life forms. This game is apparently a remake of an older point and click adventure game called Nibiru: Age of Secrets. Apparently, the gender roles were reversed, hidden object scenes were added, and the difficulty was stripped down. I'm not sure if the story was altered, but Lost Civilization's is rather goofy and dull. You don't actually get to explore a "lost civilization" until almost the very end, some elements don't make sense (Suzanne needs to find an undiscovered temple hidden in the rain forest, so she drives her jeep right to it??), the plot is riddled with cliches, and you learn almost nothing about the aliens that are supposed to be the focus of the archaeological find. Truly, there are better HOG's than this, but I'll help you with the puzzles anyway.

Type: Weight Balancing Puzzle

Comment: Though it looks like a bookshelf puzzle, this is actually a weight balancing ordeal. When you move the books to the lower shelf, the weight on each half should balance out so the globe in the middle rests on the angel statue's hands. Here is what it looks like solved. Yeah, someone went to a LOT of trouble to hide a ball of yarn.

Type: Jigsaw Puzzle Variant

Comment: To find the combination, you'll need to assemble three numbers. For each number, you're given six possible scraps of paper, but only one will fit. Here is all three of them solved.

Type: Simon Says

Comment: Duplicate the machine's flashing pattern by pressing the buttons along the bottom. Note: Do NOT pay any attention to the letters or the numbers. The only thing that matters here is the colors. Assuming this is not randomized, here are the solutions:

1. Yellow, Red, White, Green, Blue

2. Green, White, Yellow, Red, Blue

3. Green, Blue, Yellow Red, White

4. Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, White, Green

5. Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Green, Red

Type: Stealth Mini-Game

Comment: Suzanne needs to sneak around the soldier and get into the mine (that light sticking out of the lower right corner of the grid) via this strange mini-game. When you move Suzanne, the soldier moves in tandem. If you run into the soldier or any of his searchlights, you'll have to start the mini-game all over again. The trick to this is to move in such a way that you get him stuck up against the bushes so that you can eventually move Suzanne behind him. Once you're behind him, his searchlights can't get to you, so you're home free.

Type: Symbol Matching via Swapping Tiles

Comment: Match the symbols to the numbers based on what they are. They will turn white if placed in the correct spot. The answers are:

I. Mobius Strip

II. 2 Eyes

III. Triangle

IV. 4-Leaf Clover

V. Pentagon

VI. 6-Sided Cube

VII. 7-Point Star

VIII. 8 Arrows

IX. 9 Small Triangles

X. 10 Fingers

XI. Domino

XII. Pie with 12 Slices

Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Jigsaw Puzzle

Comment: Fit the pieces together to form a triangle. Here it is solved.

Type: Symbol Matching

Comment: Recreate the symbols on the buttons in the top row by clicking on the symbols that comprise them.

For example, recreate the first symbol, click the up arrow, the dot, and the down arrow.

For the next symbol, click the left bracket, the square, then the right bracket.

Because this is rather self-explanatory and by the time you're done, you'll have clicked every single button, I won't show the solutions for the rest, but here is the order in which I clicked every button.

Type: Math Puzzle

Comment: To open the lock, turn the dials so they point to numbers that add up to the highlighted number on the sheet. Here are solutions for the 9, the 15, and the 21.

Type: Jigsaw Puzzles

Comment: This scene is a hidden object scene combined with three simple jigsaw puzzles. The only thing that really makes it tricky is that there are three separate puzzles, and the pieces for all three are strewn about the scene, but only one of the puzzles is active at a time. Start by finding all the pieces of the sun puzzle and put them together on the wooden box. Here is what it looks like solved.

The trickiest of the three. Put together the pieces of the map. Here is what it looks like solved.

The last one is the easiest because it's only four pieces and that's all that's left. Here is what it looks like solved.

Type: Story Advancing Puzzle

Comment: This is a weird take on the dollhouse/advance the story type puzzles. Prepare for a long explanation...

Start by placing the Mayan symbol (the bottom one) on top of the pyramid.

You'll be transitioned to this screen.

Put the cat on the line.

Give the spear to the warrior.

You'll be transitioned to this screen. Put the things that look like three water drops in front of the chief.

Give the spear to the warrior.

This will make a river appear on the ground, and now you're given a choice of a book, rock, or bowl. Give him the bowl.

You'll be transitioned to this screen.

Give the hoe to the guy that's leaning over.

Put the basket on the head of the guy in front of him.

Give the pot to the other guy.

You'll be transitioned to this screen.

Take the torch that matches the others and place it in the empty slot. That ends this puzzle for good.

Type: Color Matching via Rotating Parts

Comment: For the final puzzle, match the colored gems to the lights by rotating the rings and moving them into the empty slots.

This is easier than it may seem at first. For the most part, you can just move them in and out through the middle ring. Sometimes you might have to turn an outer ring to free up some space. Just remember to turn it back if you moved a gem away from its proper resting spot.

When you have them all in place, move them towards the center of the rings to activate the second part of the puzzle.

The second part is a very simple light beam puzzle. Simply click the triangles to redirect the beams back into the middle of the rings, as shown in the screenshot. Congratulations, you're done.



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