The enemies, bosses, and ships of HyperZone. The bosses and some enemies aren't named, so I made up names for those. The other enemy names are taken from the ending and the ship names are from the manual.



C 01 - A red ball that does absolutely nothing. Shoot it or avoid it.
C 04 - A green triangle that also does nothing.
C 08 - A blue diamond that does nothing.
Ten - An orange star that does, you guessed it...nothing!
Ten II - This thing isn't named in the credits. It hides behind the Ten enemies, darts out, shoots bullets, and comes after you. It's the only Area 1 enemy (besides the boss) that actively attacks.
Board Y - The first set of these Boards don't do anything either, but the second set bounce up and down.
Box - It has a Halken logo on it, but it still doesn't do anything.


Zunko - Flies forward and shoots bullets.
Flame - Not named in the ending. These things are indestructible and form vertical barriers through tight spots. Be careful when flying through them.
Dislike - It bounces up and down, but that's about it.
Hidarma - Fireballs that bounce horizontally in an arc across the track.
Zander - Looks like a meteorite. A lot of these guys aren't even over the track.
Board B - More boards that move vertically and horizontally.


Egger - They bounce up and down, and sometimes they're upside-down.
Board R - A board by any other name is still the same.
S Ball - These guys move in a figure-8 pattern and are really fast.
Ton - Looks like a smaller version of the first boss. This is the first enemy that flies in from behind. You have to be careful because it's easy to get hit by them. They also shoot bullets.
Chin - Shortly after you're introduced to Ton, Chin will come flying in from behind, too. Nasty little things.
Kan - Kan appears in small groups, flies forward, and then away while firing bullets.


Nahoda - Flowers that fly forward and shoot bullets.
Musha - Mushrooms whose behavior patterns are identical to Egger. They bounce up and down and some are even upside-down.
Mumoky - Giant caterpillars that bounce up and down or move left and right and shoot bullets. Very hard to avoid. Take the left or right paths when available.
Hooky - Looks like pollen. Flies forward in big groups.
Nyock - They grow together in clumps and attempt to seal off the track. Use charge shots to clear them out.


Midarma - Pretty much identical to Hidarma from Area 2.
Chack - An odd little urchin with an eyeball that flies forward and shoots bullets.
Geyser - Not named in the ending. This thing is exactly the same as Flame from Area 2. It will form vertical barriers along the track and is indestructible.
Yufo - A UFO that flies forwards, fires bullets, and darts away. They can be very tough to avoid.
Rarge - A jellyfish that bounces up and down. Basically, this stage's Egger/Musha.
Tetra - This stage doesn't have a "board" enemy, but this Tetra thing pretty much acts like one.


Tank - An old disentegrating pair of (fuel or oxygen) tanks. Doesn't do anything. Just space junk.
Pot - More floating space junk that doesn't do anything.
Dust Box - A crumbling old micro(macro?)chip. It also doesn't do anything.
Yokabary - They sit just off the track and form a horizontal laser barrier across it. All of them can be avoided by staying as far down as possible, except the ones at the lowest level. They are destructible, but you'll have to sacrifice a bit of energy to go off the track to get them.
Dust Cannon - Name taken from the Japanese version because it's not in the American version's ending. It's a broken down Cannon that can't do anything.
Cannon - These things hide behind the Dust Cannons, dart out and shoot.
Board G - More boards that drift up and down, and left and right.
Box - A recolored Box with the Halken logo on it is in this level, too, but it still doesn't do much.


Oban - Looks like a blood cell and shoots bullets.
Womacy - A worm that flies around and shoots bullets. Very similar to Mumoky from Area 4.
Pycet - Normally they stay in one spot, but if you shoot them, they open their eye and fly straight forward. Best to just avoid them when possible.
Board W - Another level, another type of board.


Mega Ton I - The boss of Area 1: Material Factory is the only boss that you will not rematch in the final area. It's a fairly straightforward fight. Just avoid its bullets, fire back, and move on.
Fire Dragon - The boss of Area 2: Blast Furnace. It flies around the screen and shoots bullets. Hit it and dodge until it's gone.
SFC Controller - The boss of Area 3: Old Capital. It looks like half of a Super NES controller. The four buttons circling it are the same colors as the buttons on the Japanese (Super Famicom) controller. It fire rings from those buttons, so take them out with charge shots. When all four buttons are gone, it's a sitting duck.
Death Lotus - The boss of Area 4: Grass Land. The more hits it takes, the more petals it loses, and it will also fire more bullets, too. It's a real pain to finish off because without any petals, the middle is a small target to hit. This is one of the hardest bosses to beat without taking a hit.
Water Dragon - The boss of Area 5: Ripple Field. The main difference between this and the Fire Dragon is that it can disappear into the background. But this actually gives you time to charge up your shot while you're not being attacked.
Mega Ton II - The boss of Area 6: Neo Megalopolis. It's an upgraded version of the Area 1 boss. Destroy the four cannons on its spokes and then aim for the middle. It can be hard to avoid its bullets, so keep moving.
Brainworm - The boss of Area 7: Bio Plant. It looks like a worm made out of brains. When it flies towards you, it will not shoot, so hit it as much as possible.
Starfoetus - The boss of Final Area: Hyper Zone. A giant alien fetus in a egg/embryo/spaceship thing with an enormous exposed brain. Just what I always wanted to see. It has two phases of attack. During the first, it shoots bullets and tries to ram you. In the second, it only shoots bullets, but in alternating patterns.


BM 4 - Your first ship. It looks funny and it doesn't have a charge shot. You'll probably have to deal with it for the first two levels, though.
H Wing - HyperZone's answer to the X-Wing, I guess. This is the first ship to have a charge shot, but it charges really slowly.
P-7 - Slightly faster charge than the H Wing. This ship looks really weird. Something about it reminds me of a samurai helmet.
RW 91 - One of the more normal-looking ships in the game. Better charge than the P-7.
X 003 - Charges faster still.
BM 4 Reform - The final and best ship upgrade is a makeover of the first ship. It charges so quickly, it makes taking out all those bosses during the rematch a breeze.




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