Update Log

NOTE: Some links on this page may not work, and some may link back to the old Geocities site, as existing material in this section is merely an archive of old updates and is not altered in future versions.

Update: 12/31/00
I now have reviews of Hydlide and Solstice in the NES section...I think I'm going to need to start reviewing some better games before long...

Update: 12/30/00
HUGE update! First of all, the "Links" button now works! I now have a page linking to all my favorite videogame sites and some game-related message boards! In the NES reviews section, there are now reviews for Abadox and Kabuki Quantum Fighter. (I've actually had the Abadox review up for about a week, now, I just never mentioned it in th e updates until now.) I also now have the very fist Super NES Review posted! After playing around with the debug menu in EarthBound, I decided to give the game a review. Phew! That's all for now, but I might update again tomorrow!

Update: 12/25/00
Great news! The "About FO" button now actually works! This site now has a page that tells you a little about myself! There is also now a review for TMNT2: The Arcade Game in the NES reviews section. I also fixed some typos in some of the other reviews. Thanks to Crawlie Smoosh for pointing those out! Happy Holidays, everyone!

Update: 12/20/00
There's now a Monster Party review in the NES Reviews section! Check it out!

Update: 12/16/00
I bet you thought it was time for an update! Well, you thought right! I now have reviews for Batman and Mega Man 2 in the NES Reviews section! Click the button to go there, as I'm too lazy to post a link!

Update: 12/8/00
Check out my sprites!! I think I'll use those instead of a banner! They look cooler, and a banner will take too long to load, anyway. I've made alot of changes to my message board, too. Check it out! I'll be putting up more sprites, later, to fill out the whole row.

Woo-hoo! A whole new look! Now I need to work on a banner...

Update: 12/3/00
I put up the Castlevania 3 review! I also decided to just transfer the guestbook from my old site to my new site, since I like those guestbooks.

Update: 11/29/00
I got the Uninvited review up! Please check it out!

Update: 11/27/00
I forgot that I had to work overtime for the next few nights, so I won't be getting that guestbook until the weekend. I did, however, get my reviews for Ice Hockey and Rad Racer up! Check out the NES Reviews section to find them! That's all for now.

Update: 11/26/00
Well, what can I say? After my doomed attempt at creating a site elsewhere, I have decided to try Geocities. If you've seen my other site, you've probably come to the conclusion that I was in a rather silly mood when I made that. Hopefully, this will turn out to be a much more serious site, but don't expect me to not go a little crazy once in a while! =P Sorry, but I don't have a guestbook, yet. I'm looking for one that I really like. That will probably be taken care of in the next update. I'm not putting a hit counter on this site, because it's been my experience that they never seen to work right, and they cause lag when loading the pages. For now, enjoy my reviews, visit my board, or the Game Pond!

Update: 4/6/00
I fixed the table at the bottom. It shouldn't force people to scroll anymore. I also added two new boards to the BBS list (I actually did this a few days ago, but I forgot to make an update about it.) I also fixed the link to Pero's Forums for the Incredibly Bored on the BBS list.

Update: 3/31/00
Got some more changes! I added an email icon, and I lined up the guestbook, email, and hit counter icons on the bottom. I also fixed the problem with the background in the guestbook, and I fixed Aussie's picture link! :p Finally, check out my new "About FO" section! AHOrheorhoarho!

Update: 3/31/00
Another major update! Some major changes have been made to my BBS! I appointed several new admins, and I added their names to the admin list on the forums. I changed the admin's names so that they link to their profiles. All of my board's graphics are now hosted on this site, because of Geocities' stupid remote loading rule, and this place is better, anyway. I also changed the contact email address on the board to my new yahoo account. (Please do not email me at the old comic.com account, anymore.) To view my BBS, click here!

Update: 3/31/00
Major update! As you can see, with the help of my Crawlie Smoosh, I added a permanent table with links to all of my site's other sections! (Not all of them work yet, but they will as I continue to build.) I changed the background color on the BBS links page to black and I changed the font face back. (For some reason, it was normal, but it all messed up. I fixed it, anyway.) I also reduced the size of the update font. Finally, I got rid of the personal info, since that will go on my "About FO" section, and I got rid of the hotlist, because those boards can be found on the BBS links page. That should be enough for now!

Update: 3/27/00
I changed the background of the guestbook to match the background of the rest of the site. I also changed the font of the page title to match the rest of the font on this site.

Update: 3/26/00
I added a few more boards to the BBS Links page. Also check out my new page of site links: Site Links

Update: 3/24/00
First of all, I changed the background color to black, so that the text isn't unreadable while the background image is loading in! Please check out my new page of BBS links!



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