Update Log

NOTE: Some links on this page may not work, and some may link back to the old Geocities site, as existing material in this section is merely an archive of old updates and is not altered in future versions.

Update: 12/16/01
Updated the reviews for Overlord, Rad Racer, Ring King, River City Ransom, and Section-Z. Added some midis to the Rad Racer, RCR, and Section-Z reviews. ~FO

Update: 12/15/01
Updated the reviews for Legend of the Ghost Lion, Mega Man 2, Monster Party, Ninja Gaiden, Operation Wolf, and Over Horizon. Added midis to the reviews for Ghost Lion, Mega Man 2, Monster Party, and Ninja Gaiden. Updated the links page; added links to the Minibosses, CaptainN.net, Nesfiles.com, and the new 8-Bit Toaster site. Added some midis to the Message Board jukebox. ~FO

Update: 12/12/01
Well, it's been awhile since I've done anything really new, here. I was working on a new game shrine, but my old PC decided to crap out on me, so I have a new one...but it's put a huge halt on updating my site. I haven't been doing nothing, though. I added a cool MIDI jukebox to the message board, so even if you don't go there to post, I highly recommend going and checking out some of the best game music in the world, and then some! =) Anyway, I'd also like to announce that this site will be going on hiatus for awhile. I'll be going to Ohio in January, to prepare to move there permanently. I will most likely not be updating the site during this time, and I do not know how long it will be before I'm able to get back on-line, or how much time I will have. I will at least try to get some updating of old reviews done this weekend, and hopefully, add those submissions for toughest game bosses that I never got around to doing. ~FO

Update: 11/22/01
A Thanksgiving Day update! First of all, I updated the reviews for Kabuki Quantum Fighter, Karnov, Kickle Cubicle, and Kid Icarus. My opinions on those games didn't really change, but I just wanted to clarify a few things, and in some cases, such as the Karnov review, eliminate parts where I rambled on way too much. I also added a MIDI to the Karnov review and added a few MIDIs to the Kid Icarus review (which were actually just taken from the MIDI section of the KI Shrine.) Finally, you'll notice a new section has opened up - A GameBoy review section!! Check out my first Game Boy review of Azure Dreams! To those who submitted more entries for the "Toughest Game Bosses", I'm sorry I don't have them up, yet, but I should get to it this weekend! Happy Thanksgiving, everybody! ~FO

Update: 11/11/01
A lot of things happening, here! I completely redid the Journey to Silius review. I rewrote it just a bit, upgraded it into the new review format, and added some MIDIs. I also archived all the guestbook replies, and created a whole new section for that. You can now sign the guestbook, again! I am also working on few things for this site, including a review of GBC Azure Dreams and a new Game Shrine! ~FO

Update: 11/8/01
No new updates just yet. I just wanted to note that, thanks to a bug in the password-protecting system, the Game Pond has reopened. However, due to some confusion it has caused, I've made it my decision to keep my ezboard as the "official" message board of this site. The only reason I made the Game Pond the "official" board before was because my board was dead and I didn't feel like trying to start it up again, and I post more often at the Game Pond than anyplace else. However, since the GP's closure, my board seems to have become a bit more active, and unless I have other commitments, I'll try to check on it at least once a day, now. If you still like going to the Game Pond, that's allright! I'll still be going there, too. There is still a link to it on the Links page, under the Ezboards section. ~FO

Update: 11/4/01
A lot of changes here and there. First of all, I updated the Ikari Warriors review. In my original review, I think I made fun of the game too much, and I believe there is a huge difference between "making fun" of a game and "reviewing" a game. I added some new submissions to the Toughest Game Bosses and Weirdest Game Music sections. However, the future of that section of the site is now in question, because of the next major change. And that change is that the Game Pond is no longer the "message board" of this site. If you still wish to talk to me, I have "reopened" my old ezboard, and it is now linked where the Game Pond button used to be. I am also working on fixing the situation with the Guestbook. ~FO

Update: 10/27/01
Made a small adjustment to the "About FO" page. I also updated the links page a bit. No new sites added...just removed a few that are closed and changed some to reflect the correct titles. Finally, updated the Ice Hockey review, and added some midis to it. ~FO

Update: 10/21/01
Ugh! I haven't been able to do much with this site, lately, as I hurt my leg and I still have a stupid cold. On top of all of this, I've lost my appetite, and can't eat very much right now. Okay, enough of that, here's what I HAVE done: I added a few links. That's it. Some really good sites that you should check out. Oh, and my guestbook is full, I noticed. I saw a Geocities guestbook that had far fewer entries than mine and I tried to sign it, and it said it was full, so I tested mine for the helluvit, and sure enough it's full. Oh well. I'll worry about getting another one later. And those who have been emailing me submissions to this site - You have not been forgotten. As long as I don't break anything else or get sick again this weekend, I should be able to get in those updates! That's all for now. ~FO

Update: 10/14/01
The following has been done to this site, today:

  • Updated the "About FO" page
  • Updated the "NES Reviews" index page (NOTE: because I am rewriting many of my reviews, some of the scores on the index page may not match up with the actual reviews. I am working to fix this asap, so there's no confusion.)
  • Updated the reviews for Abadox, A Boy and His Blob, AD&D Heroes of the Lance, Adventure Island 2, Air Fortress, Alpha Mission, Athena, Batman, Castlevania 2, Castlevania 3, Disney's Rescue Rangers, Gradius, and Hydlide
  • Added some MIDIs to some of the reviews I've updated
  • Changed the "Levels" section of the Kid Icarus Shrine to make it much easier to read and fixed a few typos
  • Azure Dreams Shrine no longer has a "fixed background", because I thought it was irritating
  • Updated the NES Oddities a bit. There's no new material, but I made the layout a bit easier to read, and I added some alt tags to the pictures
  • Changed the layout of the "Opinions" section a bit. I plan to be updating these, soon, and adding some new ones, so if you have any submissions, feel free to send them to me!
  • Changed the layout of the SNES Reviews index page
  • Made minor changes to the NES Rip-Offs section and made a small, inevitable announcement in that section, too

    If you're wondering why I've made these changes, I'll be adding a new section to the site, soon, that will hopefully explain everything. ~FO

    Update: 10/14/01
    This site is going under heavy reconstruction, so you may see a lot of broken images, and maybe even a broken link here or there. Please be patient, as I'm working on getting everything back up to speed as soon as possible. ~FO

    Update: 10/13/01
    Changed the layout a bit, and completely redid the links page. I also added quite a few links. This site is going through a major overhaul, and I have some big things in the works. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I am not only making huge changes to the site that aren't ready to go public yet, but I'm also sick with a stupid cold! That's all for now. ~FO

    Update: 9/19/01
    Finally...finished...the Azure Dreams...Monster Shrine...Phew! I also added a link to a new Rocket Knight Adventures fanpage! ~FO

    Update: 9/18/01
    Nothing new. I am gonna wrap up the Azure Dreams Monster Shrine, soon, since I now possess pictures of the remaining monsters. Also, there is no 117th Monster, even though I had indicated a spot for it in the Shrine. ~FO

    Update: 9/15/01
    Added some more monsters and a few more character faces to the Azure Dreams Shrine. Added a few links to the Links page. Added a new graphic to this part of the main page. (See it up there? Looks cool, doesn't it?) ~FO

    Update: 9/13/01
    Sorry, but this site is officially closed. Yes, I know I've said it before, but this time, it's the real deal. I no longer have motivation to write game reviews. I can't handle the pressure, anymore. At some time, in the future, I may decide to move the Kid Icarus and Azure Dreams Shrines to another web hosting service that offers more space, and I may move the NES Oddities, too. But, sorry, no more reviews. ~FO

    Update: 9/7/01
    Added a whole bonanza of monsters to the Azure Dreams Shrine. Far too many to list! ~FO

    Update: 9/4/01
    Added No. 013, 027, and 054 to the Azure Dreams Shrine. ~FO

    Update: 9/3/01
    Wow! Check out the Game Shrines section for something completely different! ~FO

    Update: 9/1/01
    I am under suspicion that I may have been misinformed about my friend, although I do not know for sure. (My friend is someone I've only known on the internet, so I have no real way of knowing what happened to him, except by what people who know him IRL have told me.) Anyway, I'm not sure what to think at this time...I am going to update the links page today, and I've begun work on a new section for this site...actually, it's another game shrine, but a less detailed one than the Kid Icarus Shrine...Well, you'll see when I get it up! ~FO

    Update: 8/28/01
    I don't know what to think. I know my friend would not have wanted me to quit working on this site, but right now, I just can't. I am currently playing the fabulous GameBoy Color version of Azure Dreams. I'd like to open up a section on this site for Game Boy reviews...Maybe, once I finish it, I'll feel well enough to come back and launch that new section with a review of Azure Dreams. Anyway, I also noticed that Geocities has a new program that will allow you to buy your own domain and get extra storage. I've been wanting my own domain for so long, and I knew I would need more storage space, someday...Therefore, this could be a sign that this place just isn't ready to die, yet. But...I need the time off for now. ~FO

    Update: 8/27/01

    A dear friend of mine has passed away recently from cancer. This person was the entire inspiration for this site. Without him, I am lost and inconsolable, and I have absolutely no motivation to do any more with this site. It's been fun. But for now, goodbye. ~FO

    Update: 8/22/01
    Well, I'm finally back to begin work on this site again. However, before I add anything new, I'd like to point out that I'll be doing something I thought I would never do - Updating my reviews! When I first began this site, I had written up several game reviews in about 15-20 minutes, and those were the first ones I had posted on this site. Now, I'm beginning to realize that those reviews are not really that good, and my opinions and feelings on some games have changed since writing their reviews. I think that from now on, I'm going make a much better effort to present reviews that most accurately describe the games and my true feelings on them. Today, I made an update to the TaleSpin review. I didn't change any scores or opinions, but I just reworded some things and added a few sentences here and there to make the points I made a little clearer. That's all for now. ~FO

    Update: 8/12/01
    I added a link to the Links page, and generally cleaned up that page a bit. I'm sorry, but those long site descriptions were taking up too much space, so I cut everything back to one sentence. Also, it should be noted that this site will once again be taking a temporary hiatus. My boyfriend is going to be visiting me again for the next week and a half, and I most likely will not be updating the site during that time. Until then, see you around! ~FO

    Update: 7/29/01
    I added a review for Heroes of the Lance in the NES section. I also added some links to the links page, and added a new section for non-game related sites to the links page. ~FO

    Update: 7/23/01
    Added a review for TaleSpin in the NES section. ~FO

    Update: 7/22/01
    Good news! The Kid Icarus midi shrine is back up! I've seen plenty of other sites on Geocities that use midis, so I guess everything's okay with them. I also added the names of the midi sequencers to the page, and I apologize for not including that in the first place. Well, apparently, it was a bit ambitious of me to think I would get all the reviews converted in one day, but I did get a good number of them done. I've begun work on a new review that I'll get posted sometime, soon. ~FO

    Update: 7/21/01
    Added a link to the Sub-Con Lair! I highly recommend checking it out! Tomorrow, I hope to finish converting all the reviews over to the new format so that I can begin new work on this site, again. ~FO

    Update 7/16/01
    Hello, again, everyone! Sorry it's been awhile. I needed a small hiatus from this place, because my personal life has been so busy, lately. Anyway, I'm still in the process of converting all the old reviews over into the new format. Also, the MIDIs section of the Kid Icarus shrine has been temporarily taken down. The reasons for this are as follows: I had signed up with another free webpage service a few weeks ago, and uploaded a bunch of midis for a midis page. I came back later to find my site removed, and warez error in its place. Now, another site that I used to like to visit, which was on a completely different webpage service, has also been taken down and there is now a warez error in its place. The only thing I, and my friends who liked that site, can think of that he had besides text, html, and picture files were midis. Someone needs to kick these services in the @$$ and explain to them that midis are NOT warez!!!! I am not sure what Geocities policy on midis is, and I cannot find anything in their terms of service about them. But until I know for sure, the Midi Shrine is off-line. Also, if I do ever put it back up, I want to "fix" it a bit so that the composers of the midis are given credit for their work. ~FO

    Update: 7/13/01
    If you saw the announcement that was up here for a few days, I'm happy to say that the situation with "Troy" has been resolved. He has agreed to never do anything like that, again. The website he was posting at should be removing the stuff he stole from this site, soon. ~FO

    Update: 7/7/01
    Sorry, it's been awhile since I last posted something here, but you may have noticed that I have been working on the site. I've been switching all the reviews over into a new and improved format. I'm about halfway done at this point, and I won't be writing any new reviews until I get that finished. I also made a small update to the Gradius review, and I changed the "Mewkies" logo so that it now matches the black background. I'd also like to take a moment to ponder th future of this site...I have neglected a few areas of this site. Most notably, the NES Rip-Offs and the Opinions section. I had also planned to do some more Game Shrines, beginning with a Ninja Gaiden shrine, and expand the Oddities section and give it a better layout. I also wanted to do a MIDIs page with all of my favorite game MIDIs...However, what has prevented me from doig anything about all of this? Simple. Space. I wouldn't exactly say that I'm running out of space here, yet, but the truth is, I will, eventually. I'm not sure what to do about it. Geocities' option to buy more disk space has not been available for a very long time. So, I guess what I'm saying is that I'd either like to move the site to someplace that offers more space, or pay to get my own domain. I think I'd rather opt for the latter, since most other places are beginning to charge you for their services or cutting back on the amount of free space they give you. However, I don't know what to do about it at this time. I am a complete idiot when it comes to the internet, and I wouldn't know the first thing about getting my own domain. But rest assured that I will continue to work on this site as long as I can, but just don't expcet anything new until I get everything switched over into the new format. Trust me, it's worth it. Check out any of the reviews at the top of the alphabet, and you'll see what I mean! ~FO

    Update 6/25/01
    Happy 2-Year Anniversary, Game Pond!! Yes, that's right! The Game Pond Message Board is now 2 years old, this day! Congratulations to everyone for making it such a great community to be a part of! As for this site, I fixed a small problem that I noticed on the Kid Icarus "Other" page. That must have happened when I made that small update to it, but I just didn't notice it until now. ~FO

    Update 6/24/01
    Well, you know me, I desperately need a break, but still I persevere! I now have a review of Section Z in the NES Reviews section. ~FO

    Update 6/22/01
    Ugh. Please forgive my recent ramblings in this section. If you must know what's been going on, there's been a ROM vs. Import argument going on someplace I like to visit on the 'net, and I've been fed up with the whole thing. I'm sorry if I insulted or offended any ROM or import users. Anyway, I do plan to come back with some new reviews, eventually, and my next one will probably be for Section Z, which I'm now working on. But I need a small hiatus from all of this. Thanks for visiting my site, and...wow! The Boy and His Blob Review now has over 200 hits!!! Maybe I should make a shrine for it...~FO

    Update 6/19/01
    I added a review for Over Horizon in the NES Reviews section. ~FO

    Update 6/18/01
    I deleted the Site FAQ. Why, might you ask? Because I felt it was a waste of space and not really necessary. If you have any questions about this site, just email me! ~FO

    Update 6/10/01
    I'm going to be working on the Links section throughout the day. I know I've promised some people to add their links, and I haven't forgotten. Also, I removed some ezboards that look abandoned to me. If I removed yours, and you want it back on there, please just email me and kick my @$$ and tell me to put it back up there, but before you do...If all the images are broken, please fix them, first! That way, I know your ezboard is not abandoned. ~FO

    Update 6/8/01
    Added a review for Overlord in the NES section. I'm still working on the links page. I have a few more sites to add, and a few more to remove. ~FO

    Update 6/4/01
    I added something to the "Other" section of the Kid Icarus Shrine. I'll work on the Links page, later. ~FO

    Update 6/2/01
    The Links section may look a little strange right now. I'm in the process of removing links to sites that are gone, now, and links to some of the larger video game sites that I just don't want on there, anymore. The reason for this, is that I want my Links section to showcase mainly fan sites, and I feel that large sites take attenion away from them. I'm also implementing a 5-star rating scale for the sites that I link. I also changed the About FO page a bit. That's all for now. ~FO

    Update 6/1/01
    No big updates, yet. Just a small announcement. I'm going to be redoing the links section. I'm only going to keep sites that I really like. The Friend's sites will stay, the sites I really like and use a lot will stay, and any site that has mine linked also will stay, but I sort of think my Links section is a bit disorganized. Some places aren't even there, anymore, so those links have to go. Finally, I will no longer be submitting reviews to GameFAQs.com, and I've requested removal of them from the site. A further explanation can be found in the Site FAQ. That's all for now ~FO

    Update 5/30/01
    Oops! I put up a River City Ransom review a few days ago, but I forgot to make an update announcement about it! Sorry! Well, I didn't like RCR as much as the general populace does, and you can find out why in the NES Reviews section. That's all for now. ~FO

    Update 5/26/01
    Heh. For those who didn't notice it, the Equinox review, was indeed, put up in the Super NES section! I also updated the two pages of the Opinions section, and will be adding two more pages sometime, soon. ~FO

    Update 5/25/01
    I just made a small adjustment to the "About FO" page. I removed the picture of Ryoko (since I don't really look like her), and I removed the list of my ezboard usernames, since I hardly use any of them anymore. In case you're wondering where I've been the past few weeks, I've been addicted to an incredible SNES game called "Equinox" (the much-improved sequel to Solstice.) I finally beat it, and a review is in the works! If all goes well, I may even have that review up later in the day! ~FO

    Update 5/21/01
    No updates, yet, I just thought I'd share an observation: Okay, this is just insane! The Boy and His Blob review is getting many more hits than any other review on this site! Until I put that review up, the Earthbound review got the most hits, but A Boy an His Blob has now surpassed it, and the hits keep coming! I had *no* idea so many people liked that game, because many of the reviews I've read about it have been pretty bad...Well, I liked it more than those reviewers did, anyway. Glad y'all like it! And thanks for visiting the site! ~FO

    Update 5/20/01
    Just a quick note: I decided to get rid of the 0 and 0.5 scores in the reviews. My reviews are now entirely based on a 1-10 scale. This is partly because I think I went overboard with handing out zeros to games that I do not like, and partly because I just don't think the scores of 0 are necessary. This does NOT mean that all games' scores will be adjusted up a notch!! I reviewed all the scores I have given to all the games, and I feel that everything else is quite fair and accurate, as far as my opinions go. I also fixed a number of typos and grammatical errors in some of the reviews. That's all for now. ~FO

    Update 5/10/01
    I added a review for Kickle Cubicle in the NES Reviews section, and added a link to a cool Strider site in the links section. ~FO

    Update 5/5/01
    Added a review of ActRaiser to the Super NES reviews section. Please note that I will not be updating any of the "humorous" sections of the site for a little while. This is because of a family-related issue, and I'm just not in a humorous state of mind right now. I will continue to write reviews and work on the Opinions section. I am also beginning work on another Game Shrine, but that won't be finished for awhile. Anyway, thanks for all of your visits! I appreciate your support. ~FO

    Update 4/29/01
    Added a Ninja Gaiden review in the NES Reviews section, and added a link to Gamer Spirit.com in the Links section! Please check them out! ~FO

    Update 4/28/01
    I updated the Site FAQ. New questions begin below the one about the Kid Icarus Shrine. ~FO

    Update 4/23/01
    We have a new background on the main page! This one was taken from Street Fighter 2010. For those who miss the Power Blade gears, I left those on the other pages. I also updated the Opinions section. There are now alot more entries on the Tough Bosses page, and a new page, for weirdest game music! I also added a review for Street Fighter 2010 in the NES Reviews section. Finally, by the time you read this, I will have updated the "About FO" page, too. ~FO

    Update 4/20/01
    I added a review of Alpha Mission to the NES reviews section. On the Links page, I fixed the link to the NES Retreat, and I removed two links for sites that appear to be gone now, one being the Kid Icarus Coliseum. It would now appear that my Kid Icarus shrine is the only site on the 'net dedicated to that game, now. ~FO

    Update 4/15/01
    Well, GO.com finally went to that big web portal in the sky, which means I lost the guestbook for this site. I have all the old entries archived, minus the pictures and links. I'll make an archive of that sometime in the future. I have put up a new one. I don't like it as much as the old one, but, hey, what're you gonna do? If you signed the old guestbook, you may want to sign the new one, because it has different fields, and I think some of the old entries had outdated information. All signatures are appreciated! ~FO

    Update 4/14/01
    Semi-huge update! First of all, I added a few links and fixed one that wasn't working. One of the new sites, Killdoza's Krib, was made by my friend, Hobbes, and it is ~hilarious~, so I hope you check it out! I added a review for Operation Wolf in the NES section. Finally, you'll notice a new section called, "Opinions". This is where I'll be archiving different opinions on game-related subjects from the many people at the Game Pond message board! I hope you enjoy these updates! ~FO

    Update 4/12/01
    There is now a review of Karnov in the NES reviews section. ~FO

    Update 4/2/01
    You know 'em! You love 'em! I've updated 'em! The NES Oddities are back! Judging from Geocities' Site Statistics feature, more people are looking at the NES Oddities than they are my reviews, but, ah well...You can now find a 5th page there. I don't really think I'm that good at humor, though, and not all oddities are really meant to be funny, anyway, but I think this installment may be one of the better ones! Oh, yeah, we have a new slogan: "Mewkies Are All Time!" - Mappy-Land. ~FO

    Update: 3/30/01
    I have begun work on a new section of this site - The NES Rip-Offs! If you know me from ezboard, then you probably know how much I like to talk about NES games that rip off other NES games and I thought, why not make a section on my site about this? However, please note that this section is a work-in-progress. Not all of it is complete, and if I waited until I completed the whole thing to upload it, it would be ages before my next update! Oh, yeah, and I also added a review for A Boy and His Blob in the NES Reviews section! ~FO

    Update: 3/25/01
    I haven't added any new material or made any changes, yet, I just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates. I just haven't been in the mood to write game reviews the past week, but I've begun work on a new one. Incidentally, I've noticed in the site tracker that alot of people are finding this place by searching "SNES reviews" on Google.com, so I may be "shifting focus" a bit. I think, once I get my next review finished, I'm gonna work on writing more SNES reviews for awhile. I want to try to get as many SNES reviews up as I have NES reviews. ~FO

    Update: 3/10/01
    I updated the Links page. Don't expect any more updates at all this week, since my friend is visiting me, and I won't have time. ~FO

    Update 3/5/01
    Uh...I don't know what's happening at GO.com, but they appear to be back up again, for the time being. Therefore, I stuck the old guestbook back up. (You can click the buttons to sign and view it.) I will still be archiving those entries and getting a new one, though, but you can continue to use that for now. Also, I notcied that the wrong graphic was being shown as the "Small Heart" in the items section of the Kid Icarus Shrine. (That's what I get for uploading without checking file names! =P) It should be fixed now. ~FO

    Update: 3/4/01
    I changed the layout of the "About FO" and "Site FAQ" sections, and also updated those sections with some more information. I still haven't resolved the guestbook issue, because I cannot find one that I like! When I get one, I'll put it up, and I'm working on archiving the old entries. ~FO

    Update: 3/2/01
    Well, what can I say? I have a new layout for the main page of the Game Kitchen! Incidentally, due to the problems at GO.com, I currently don't have a guestbook. Don't worry, I did save all the old entries to my hard drive, and I will archive them, and get them back up on the site this weekend. I will also put a new guestbook up in place of the old one. ~FO

    Update: 2/24/01
    I added a few more links, and added a new section - A Site FAQ. If you have any questions about my site, you might be able to find the answers there! I also added an Athena review in the NES section! ~FO

    Update: 2/20/01
    Added a link to the Video Masters Website. ~FO

    Update: 2/19/01
    I organized the Links page a little better, and I added a few links, including one to Radical Razor's Rate the Game - A site that is owned by one of my i-net buddies. The link to my GameFAQs contributor page can now be found there, too, and I also put a link to my old ezboard in the Ezboard links section. Finally, I added a Wanderers From Ys review to the Super NES reviews section! That's all for now! ~FO

    Update: 2/14/01
    Please disregard the "Special Announcement" from yesterday. Instead of axing the reviews altogether, I will begin work on a page explaining my reviewing system. I apologize for the delay in updates. I have been sick lately, and I've also been helping some friends move their sites that they had hosted on GO.com. As you may or may not know, GO.com will be closing down. I also have been working overtime to clean up my house, because someone I love very much will be visiting me in March, and I want the place to look nice! ~FO

    Update: 2/1/01
    I'm back from my short hiatus! There is now an Air Fortress review in the NES section!

    Update: 1/28/01
    Finally got Page 4 of the NES Oddities up! Please check it out!

    Update 5:00 pm - I added something to the bottom of the main page! I saw it on a site that had free animated gifs, and I just HAD to have it! Scroll down and take a look!

    Update: 1/27/01
    Since I finished the shrine, I thought I may as well go ahead and post my review for Kid Icarus, which you can now find in the NES Reviews section. Sorry, I'm still not done Infamous Page 4, and partially because my MS Photo Editor suddenly stopped supporting PCX files, so I'm having a tough time making screenshots, now, since I have to do with with Imaging. Grrr..~FO

    Update: 1/25/01
    No updates, but I'm still working on the site. I apologize for all the delays, but I really haven't been feeling well as of late. Ever since I pulled that muscle, I haven't been right. If the stiffness and soreness doesn't leave soon, I may need to get it checked...BTW, I just happened to notice that the Kid Icarus shrine looks like crap in Netscape, due to the non-support of fixed background. If you're visiting via Netscape, you may find it hard to read...I apologize, but this site is best viewed with Internet Explorer. Even the table to the left looks a little odd in Netscape..~FO

    Update: 1/23/01
    Ayaiyaiyai! I still didn't get Page 4 done because my hard drive was almost down to 1 gig of storage space, which is greatly slowing down my PC! So, I had to spend most of the afternoon deleting unnecessary files. I really need to learn to start deleting stuff when I don't need it anymore! Well, I did create a new section, the Update Log, and I moved all the old updates there. That's all for now! ~FO

    Update: 1/22/01
    I took away the button and link to my message board. The reason is because my board is practically dead, and I hardly visit it, myself, anymore. I will leave the button to the Game Pond message board up, because I am an administrator there, and that is the main message board that I visit. If you want to talk to me, you can usually find me hanging out there. I still didn't finish part 4 of the NES Oddities. I'm having a hard time right now because I pulled a muscle in my back and neck while cleaning the refrigerator this weekend. Therefore, it's hard for me to sit at the computer and do very tedious work because my neck gets stiff. On a side note, I had so much fun making the Kid Icarus Shrine, that I think I might do another one! I really didn't think I'd be doing game shrines on this site, because I wasn't sure if I'd be any good at it. But since the Kid Icarus Shrine turned out so well, I think I'll being work on another one after I finish Page 4 of the NES Oddities. Don't worry. Eventually, I will get back to doing reviews, too. ~FO

    Update: 1/21/01
    I added a third page to the NES Oddities section, and changed the way the pages are linked, so it's easier to jump between them. There's a link to Page 4, but it's not quite ready to be uploaded, yet, so don't go there until I say so! =P

    Update: 1/20/01
    I haven't been in the mood to write reviews lately, especially since I spent all that time and effort making the Kid Icarus shrine. Instead, I decided to work on something else, just to add a little variety to this site! Check out the new NES Oddities section, accessible by the button on your left!

    Update: 1/18/01
    The MOTHER of all updates!! In case you're wondering where I've been for the past couple of weeks, click the new "Game Shrines" button, and you'll find out! I'd rather not spoil the surprise for you! Go there, now! =)

    Update: 1/14/01
    In case you're wondering where I've been, I thought I'd let everyone know that I haven't disappeared and I haven't given up on the site. I am working on something very special for the site, and it will take me awhile before I get it done. I may do a review before then, but I can't guarantee, since this project is eating up most of my spare time. Thanks for all your kind words in the guestbook! Keep watching for updates! ~FO

    Update: 1/07/01
    Uhhh...I put up an Adventure Island 2 review, yesterday, sometime after the JtS reviews, but just failed to mention it until now. Sorry, there's nothing else for now. I didn't feel like writing any reviews, today.

    Update: 1/06/01
    I now have a Journey to Silius review in the NES section. Finally! After reviewing four stinkers in a row, I finally get to review a decent game! Hmm..a thought..Could this game's title supposed to have been "Journey to Sirius", as in the constellation, "Sirius"? Maybe it's a translation quirk. For some reason, Geocities insists on corrupting the cinema scene image that I took of this game. I tried uploading it several times, but it still has red lines through the text, even though the image on my hard drive does not. Maybe I'll try again, later.

    Update: 1/03/01
    There is now an Ikari Warriors review in the NES section.

    Update: 1/02/01
    Happy New Year! All I really have to say right now is that my links page has grown in leaps and bounds! Lots of cool sites are now linked there. Check them out when you're done looking at mine!



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