UPDATE: 12/19/08

And two more questions answered in Q&A.

UPDATE: 12/15/08

I answered two more questions in Q&A.

UPDATE: 12/06/08

My day's not going so well. My 2006 Chevy Malibu, which you may remember was turned into a character in the RAU Gallery, was rear-ended today by a Lexus SUV whose driver lost control on the ice. I was stopped at a red light waiting to make a left turn, and I noticed a large grey vehicle filling up my rearview mirror and thought, "Oh shit!", but it was too late. (I don't know what I could have done anyway - the light was still red and cars were coming, so I couldn't have pulled farther into the intersection to avoid her.) She took out the driver's side taillight and the bumper is misaligned. It could have been a lot worse, I know, but I'm still rather upset about it.

In better news, the cat I adopted is doing really well.

This is what Caramel looked like when we first brought her in off the street. She doesn't look terrible, but she's noticeably dirty and raggedy.

This is what she looks like now. Much cleaner and fluffier and brighter eyes!

Caramel demands a lot of attention. As if my updates weren't slow already, they might be even slower for a little while.

A few weeks after we took in Caramel, another stray cat showed up on our parking lot. This one was in terrible shape - she was starving and had a huge gash on her back. I would have taken her in, too, but I didn't know what caused the gash, and was afraid that if a wild animal had attacked her, she might be carrying a disease that she could spread to Caramel or even us.

So, we took her to a no-kill shelter and left her in their care. I just checked on her a couple of days ago, and she's doing almost 100% better. The gash was a burn from trying to get warm inside a car, and besides that and being malnourished, she has a clean bill of health. She's also already spayed and declawed (although I wouldn't have declawed her if she wasn't), and she's about as friendly as friendly gets. So, she must have been someone's pet that was abandoned and had no idea how to fend for herself (and she probably couldn't without claws, anyway). When she saw me, she strutted all around her cage, purring, and rubbing up against my hands. Right now, she's still undergoing treatment for her burn, but I plan to adopt her back when she's ready, so I'll finally know what it's like to live with 2 cats.

In other news, I finally finished up adding music to my Music Downloads "R" Page for now, including:

  • Radical Dreamers - Added Day of Summer, and The Girl Who Stole the Star.
  • Robotrek - NEW! 9 songs.

    UPDATE: 11/30/08

    I reviewed Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure.

    UPDATE: 11/29/08

    Random Hoo-Haas is now hosted as a subdomain on FlyingOmelette.com, so I've changed the links to reflect that. (Google, get your crawl on, now.)

    I added music for Ranma 1/2 and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure to the Game Music R page. Yeah, my "R" page is getting a lot of massive updates lately.

    UPDATE: 11/27/08

    I created a page dedicated to my kitty, Caramel. (This will be accessible from the Museum.)

    I added music for Rise of the Robots.

    Another addition to NES & SNES Nudity for Rise of the Robots. (As if the world needed another reason to be put off by that game.)

    I added music for Willow and Rock n Roll Racing.

    UPDATE: 11/25/08

    First of all, music for Bill & Ted's Excellent Video Game Adventure in the Downloads section.

    Secondly, a new page of Random Reader-Submitted Oddities.

    UPDATE: 11/24/08

    Update #2: As promised, a new page detailing unused sprites and character animation frames in Secret of Mana.

    Update #1: I updated Q & A.

    UPDATE: 11/23/08

    I might do a stream of updates today. I'm going to attempt to clear out some of my email backlogs.

    Update #4: Added a Rope Glitch sent in by a site reader to the Secret of Mana Oddities article (very bottom of the page). Those of you who go to the forums know I have more in store for that article. Eventually, I will get to it.

    Update #3: Due to popular demand, I added some more Transformers Animations to that article. Actually, all I did was link to a folder on my site that contains a number of flipbook gifs I did that didn't turn out as well as the featured ones. Astute observers of this site might recall I actually had all of those up once before, but every time I saw mention of them in my site tracker, people complained that they sucked, so I took down the bad ones and only left the good ones up. However, I occasionally get emails asking if I have more Transformers animations and when I say that what's in that folder is all I've got, I'm always told I should just put them up, too. Well, I did, although I'd still like to keep them "separate" from the better ones by just linking to the folder.

    Update #2: Added an entry to the NES & SNES Nudity article for Taboo: The Sixth Sense.

    Update #1: First of all, a new entry for Diddy Kong Racing in the Unused Game Music article.

    UPDATE: 11/16/08

    While I don't plan to do this for every old crappagory review I've written, I updated my Heroes of the Lance Review. I wanted to get a better review of that game up because I believe I'm not only one of the few people who has finished it (multiple times at that), but I also know the game inside and out pretty well. I only reused a few lines from the old review, this is more of a complete rewrite.

    (The old review was so rambling and chaotic that it practically proved that writing in category format does not necessarily organize things better.)

    UPDATE: 11/15/08

    I added a video of me beating Heroes of the Lance in 13 minutes without dying to the Videos Page.

    UPDATE: 11/12/08

    New music downloads for Heroes of the Lance.

    With help from site reader KungFuFurby, I updated the composer information for Azure Dreams, Castlevania 2, Deadly Towers, Demon's Crest, Lord of the Rings, Power Blade, Thunder Force 3, Tin Star, Ultima 3, and Uniracers.

    UPDATE: 11/10/08

    First the review, and now music downloads for Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales.

    UPDATE: 11/09/08

    There is a new review for Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tales.

    UPDATE: 11/03/08

    Wanna whole lotta purr?

    Crawl and I adopted a stray kitty that had been hanging around our apartment complex for about a month. She's a wonderful cat. Very friendly and well-behaved. She likes to sleep on our computer chair, as seen in this picture.

    UPDATE: 11/01/08

    A new Switched at Birth? article. This one was composed entirely of emailed submissions. My backlog on emails was pretty huge, so I thought I'd knock some of them out.

    I also have new Ninja Gaiden Trilogy music in the downloads section.

    UPDATE: 10/29/08

    UPDATE: 10/27/08

    Today's episode of The RAU Gallery: Chance Tomasaro is Real!

    UPDATE: 10/26/08

    Today's episode of The RAU Gallery: In Soviet DHN, Forum Trolls YOU!

    Also updated Q & A.

    UPDATE: 10/18/08

    My finger injury is almost healed. I should be able to get back to drawing in a few days, I hope. In the meantime, enjoy these updates to the "U" Music Page:

  • Ultima 6 - Added Bard's Song, Battle Theme, Catacombs, Gargoyles Realm, Harpsichord Song, and Rule Britannia.
  • Ultimate Fighter - NEW! 5 songs.
  • U.N. Squadron - Added Forest Fortress.

    You might start noticing me putting some more game music that I don't very strongly recommend except for either people who have already heard it and would like a download for it, or people who liked all the other music I put up from a certain game and wouldn't mind hearing more. This is because there is a lot of game music I like and it's convenient for me to have it readily available in MP3 format.

    UPDATE: 10/14/08

    I have an injured finger that's making it difficult for me to draw or play games right now, so I'm working on the music section instead.

    For now, my "P" Page is pretty much complete. I added the following music:

  • Plok! - Added Beach, Cavern, Overworld, and Title. Replaced the 1-loop Akrillic and Plok's House with 2-loop versions.
  • Populous - NEW! 1 song.
  • Power Blade - NEW! 9 songs.

    I'm terrible at keeping the RSS feed updated.

    UPDATE: 10/11/08

    A new episode of Switched at Birth? today at FlyingOmelette.com. 25 new and exciting entries for the archive.

    I also added four more entries to the RAU Gallery SAB Part 3.

    I added three more entries to the Knights of Justice SAB.

    If you've seen the ongoing SAB topic on the forums, then there won't be anything in these updates that you didn't see there. The next time I update SAB, I'll use emailed submissions, too. But for now, I just didn't want the forum topic to get too backlogged.

    UPDATE: 10/10/08

    I have a huge music-related update tonight. I completely cleaned up my "P" Music Page. I also added a ton of new music, including:

  • Paladin's Quest - Crystal Labyrinth, Dungeon Battle, Godom Lullaby, Lennus 10000 Years Ago, Ropeway Station, Temple, and Title Theme.
  • Panzer Dragoon - NEW! 5 songs.
  • Perfect Dark - NEW! 1 song.
  • Pilotwings - NEW! 2 songs.
  • Pocky & Rocky - Battle in the Sky, Enchanted Forest, Ending Theme, Haunted House, The Forbidden Castle, and Title Theme.
  • Psychonauts - NEW! 6 songs.

    Also, I finally decided to upload my front page for a Drakkhen Shrine that I started a long time ago. To be upfront, this is a future project, and I don't plan to start updating it right now. (I still have the Equinox Shrine to finish and AT6 to finish first.) So right now the only links that work are "Music" and the "Oddities". "Oddities" links to the existing Drakkhen Oddities page (although once the shrine gets underway, it will eventually be replaced with a more complete Oddities page, the same way I did with the Equinox Shrine).

    The Music section contains the complete soundtrack in mp3 format. I also included the midis I converted with SPC2MIDI awhile ago (there will be more in the future). Also, I made available a remix album that site reader DethKlan sent to me a long time ago. That was the main reason I decided to go ahead and upload this thing - I felt bad that he went through the trouble of making those remixes and sending them to me only for me to never get around to building the Drakkhen Shrine. At least that much will be done for now.

    Speaking of the Equinox Shrine, I added a painting of Glendaal and SungSung that forum moderator CodieKitty made to the Scans section. (Under Equinox, "Other, Miscellaneous".) That was another thing that was submitted a long time ago, but I never got around to adding. I've said this before, but I expect I'll have more time for updating in the winter when it's too cold to be outside on the weekends and it gets too dark early to be outdoors at night.

    UPDATE: 10/03/08

    Another Site Tracking Adventure. Yes, I feel like I'm finally starting to revert back to being that horrible, mean, destructive person I was in 1998.

    UPDATE: 10/01/08

    Tell me where on this earth can I stand
    Just an ordinary man in this storm of confusion?
    Sooner or later, no debate,
    You're on the ice and in the hands of fate.

    Way out in space, lost in flight,
    Like an arrow in the night, just fly on 'til you lose us
    Beyond the point of no return,
    You can never cross the bridges that you burn

    So, tell me what do you say when all is said and done?
    I can see it in your eyes, there's thunder in the sun
    Where do you sleep forever on the run?
    Love may come a stranger to you and I
    Deliver us from this danger, it's do or die
    Any fool can see it as they walk on by
    I'm leaving the lights on
    Vacant possession...vacant possession

    Time rushes by like the wind and it leaves us standing here
    In this room full of memories
    And as I watch the snowflakes fall,
    Your love turns cold like a shadow on the wall

    Night after night in this room,
    I feel the walls are closing in
    They just squeeze my existence
    Neither you nor I design,
    The bullet cuts the joker every time

    So, tell me what do you say when all is said and done?
    I can see it in your eyes, there's thunder in the sun
    Where do you sleep forever on the run?
    Love may come a stranger to you and I
    Deliver us from this danger, it's do or die
    Any fool can see it as they walk on by
    I'm leaving the lights on,
    Vacant possession

    I'm ready to land, but I cannot see the lights
    I wanna bring it in, and I'm tired of this endless flight
    So oh, help me like a pilot in the night
    Love may come a stranger to you and I
    Deliver us from this danger, it's do or die
    Any fool can see it as they walk on by
    I'm leaving the lights on,
    Vacant possession

    Love may come a stranger to you and I
    Deliver us from this danger, it's do or die
    Any fool can see it as they walk on by
    I'm leaving the lights on,
    Vacant possession...vacant possession

    -Greg Lake, Keith Emerson, Cozy Powell
    (Lyrics transcribed by Flying Omelette & Crawl and 1000)

    UPDATE: 09/26/08

    Updated Q & A.

    UPDATE: 09/21/08

    An all-new Site Tracking Adventure in The RAU Gallery tonight.

    UPDATE: 09/19/08

    I expanded my Favorite Video Game Box Art article into a 2-page feature with some new additions.

    I also added Jurassic Park (SNES) music to Game Music Downloads

    UPDATE: 09/14/08

    Inspired by a forum topic over at Sweetbee's Game Hive, I put together an article showcasing some of my Favorite Video Game Box Art.

    This article will be accessible from the Museum section.

    UPDATE: 09/13/08

    Three reviews in one shot today, all for the Atari 2600: Dark Cavern, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

    I'm glad to finally have E.T. and Raiders out of my hair.

    UPDATE: 09/08/08

    I have Heroes of Might & Magic 4 music in the Game Music Downloads section!

    UPDATE: 09/07/08

    A Farewell to Forums in today's RAU Gallery.

    In other news, I cleaned up the sections for Legacy of the Wizard, Omikron, Willow, and Xenogears in the Game Music Downloads.

    Also updated Talon Kyradius's scrapbook page with the Who's Who information. I'm almost done all of these...

    UPDATE: 09/01/08

    A couple of days ago, I had the following search term in my site tracker:

    calzoun the cuddly

    I have only one of two guesses as to what you were searching for:

    1. You were confusing Honen Calzoun with Nucleo McRaven and were looking for that picture where Nucleo told Starla Wildflower, "I'm what humans call a 'mountaindevil', but I'm really quite cuddly."

    2. Something completely unrelated to my characters, though "Calzoun" is probably not the name of the thing you're actually searching for.

    When I created Dr. Honen Calzoun many years ago, his name was something I just came up with out of the blue. I didn't think the first name sounded like a real name, but thought the last name did. As it turns out, "Honen" is a real first name, but "Calzoun" does not appear to be a real name at all, as the only other relevant result for it on Google is a character from Saturday Night Live called Rodney "The Zipper" Calzoun (played by Jimmy Fallon).

    It's kind of funny that two different people came up with that same name, probably for the same reason that it sounded like a real surname. It's also funny that the other show that would use the name was one that influenced my work (though not those sketches in particular as I've never seen one with that character.)

    UPDATE: 08/31/08

    I've broken off my long hiatus of game review writing to bring you one for the Atari 2600 game, Adventure.

    UPDATE: 08/26/08

    The Nine Inch Nails concert we saw last night was amazing. Trent was supposedly sick, but he still sounded great and I wouldn't have noticed had he not mentioned it near the end of the show.

    Is this what Honen and Zumo would look like if they were in a 1930's cartoon?

    UPDATE: 08/24/08

    I completely cleaned up the "P" page in the Music Downloads section.

    I completely cleaned up the Killer7 section in the K Music Downloads. I added "Heroic Deeds" because I already had it uploaded.

    I completely cleaned up the "I" page in the Music Downloads section. I added new songs to Illusion of Gaia, including China's Great Wall, Dark Gaia, Dungeon, Great Pyramid, Larai Cliff, Overworld Map, Sadness, Sky Garden, South Cape, and Title Theme. Also added a section for Itadaki Street 2 with a neat remix of the Dragon Warrior overwold theme.

    My Google and Youtube Videos page has been changed so that all videos are now embedded instead of linked.

    I was going through old oddities and noticed something I had never caught nor had pointed out to me before: In Oddities 6, the line at the bottom of the Puss n Boots section said, "The Puss N Boots game was actually based on a very obscure anime, which was in turn, based loosely on the Jules Verne novel, "Around the World in 80 Days", and Pero's name was "Perrault" in the Japanese version, named for the "Around the World in 80 Days" author Charles Perrault." Oops!! That second "Around the World in 80 Days" should have said "Puss in Boots". That's been fixed.

    More to come...

    UPDATE: 08/22/08

    More updates to the Magic of Scheherazade Shrine.

    More oddities contributed by site reader Timothy Rankin and corrections to the section on characters that can be skipped. Apparently, it's been confirmed that only Supica and Gun Meca can be skipped.

    UPDATE: 08/21/08

    We have some updates to the Magic of Scheherazade Shrine.

    First of all, some more oddities contributed by site readers Timothy Rankin and SethraShnoo.

    And a slight correction to Epin's WHISTLE description on the Spells page.

    UPDATE: 08/19/08

    Let's focus on something more positive and more in the natural spirit of this website.

    This is some really fascinating stuff if you like game oddities and/or Final Fantasy 4.

    UPDATE: 08/18/08

    Three more questions answered in Q & A.

    For those just tuning in, yeah, I figure it might be a few days before this whole webcomics forum shit blows over, but that doesn't mean we can't have some fun with it in the meantime.

    Forums come and go. A good joke is forever.

    UPDATE: 08/17/08

    Folks, one of my pet peeves are forums in which members proudly proclaim that they aren't like other forums because they don't flame or harass people. EVERY single time I have EVER been to a forum where someone makes this claim, I end up getting harassed or flamed within a few hours. This one took two days. Want to know what it was about?

    I posted a picture of myself from 1993 and some more from 2008 in a topic for posting pictures of yourself. Someone got angry with me for not posting anything in-between those years. Seems a VERY strange thing to get angry over, but I complied and posted some more from the era in-between. Instead of being satisfied, the person gets even angrier with me and accuses the photos of not being from within the past seven years. At first, I think this must be a joke, or maybe he's got a mental disorder of some kind. But then I get an email from a one, "Lizeth Marry" claiming to be a moderator who told me to "delete my posts, get the fuck off the forums, and never come back again. We don't want your kind here."

    Yes, folks, this is the depths people are willing to plunge to in this day and age just to get on someone's case and flame. People are so used to getting upset over every stupid little thing on message boards that not posting pictures of yourself from a certain year is cause to get angry with you and kick you off the board.

    May I add that this was a webcomics forum? I have dealt with all kinds of matter of stupidity from gaming forums, but this eclipses all their worst efforts combined, and this is coming from someone who witnessed the original 1998 N-Sider.

    Anyway, wrote an RAU Sketch about it. Although I'm refraining from naming the place by name, I'm not letting them get off completely scott-free, either.

    EDIT - Forgot to log myself out from that place, so I went back to do that and discover my username is banned. Yippee! I guess people don't realize that saying "I'll see you again on judgment day" generally means you aren't coming back anyway.

    UPDATE: 08/16/08

    Christopher: LOL! Redesign!

    UPDATE: 08/15/08

    Answered another question in Q & A

    Cleaned up the music sections for HyperZone and Journey to Silius.

    I have to figure out what's going on with me right now. I'm feeling like I want to get back into playing and reviewing games again, but it's difficult to juggle that between writing and illustrating the RAU Gallery, and everything in my personal life. I suspect I'll have more time in the winter when the weather is too bad to be outside. There are still many things that need to be cleaned up with this site. Projects that still have to be finished include:

  • The Equinox Shrine - I've decided I will not finish the Equinox Shrine until after the Archaeology storyline of the RAU Gallery is completely finished. Once that entire series is done, I will pick up work on the Equinox Shrine again.

  • Game Music Downloads - Not all sections have been upgraded into the new format yet. I probably won't add anything new until this task is completed. I do a few here and there as I feel like it and have time, so eventually it should be done.

  • The RAU Gallery Scrapbooks - I've almost got all of the Who's Who information combined into the Scrapbooks, but once that's all done, ideally I'd like to organize every scrapbook like I did to Cory McRaven's. Again, this is something I'll probably just do one every now and then until they're all completed.

  • The Switched at Birth? Archive - I know I have a backlog of submissions for this, but honestly, right now I'm not that interested in updating it. I'm putting it on hiatus for awhile. If you find some you really think are good and deserve to be in a future update, your best bet is to post them to the Feedback Forum under the ongoing "Switched at Birth" topic. Hint: If you use the Yuku image-hosting system, you don't have to worry about finding any other place to host the pictures, and you never have to worry about them getting deleted or not showing up due to hotlinking bans.

    UPDATE: 08/11/08

    Updated the music sections for Ironsword and Paladin's Quest.

    Added the scrapbook information for Calico King and Karma to the RAU Scrapbooks.

    I decided to get rid of the Site Directory (again). I thought I could keep it updated this time, but I fell so far behind again that it would take forever to figure out where I left off. There was stuff on there that no longer exists, tons of stuff that was missing because I haven't updated it in so many months. On top of that, if my sitetracker isn't lying to me, no one's using it anyway.

    I'm also starting to go through all of this site's old pages to perform a "link purge". I really don't like the idea of having a bunch of outdated and broken links lingering all around this site, even if they're in sections that are no longer updated. Websites come and go, change URLs, and disappear so much that it's impossible to keep them all up-to-date.

    Aside from that, I also no longer really like the idea of linking to large sites that everyone already knows about and that never give a link back. In the old "Game of the Month", for example, I don't think it's necessary for me to point people in the direction of ebay anymore. There have also been cases where I linked to an article on an outside site for further information, but I no longer feel that's necessary. I'm sure if someone read about something on this site and wanted more information in it, they'll look it up themselves. I shouldn't have to do Google's or Wikipedia's work for them.

    And that's another issue: I don't mind linking to Wikipedia articles if they've linked this site back. But lately I've noticed that Wikipedia (or someone editing it, anyway) has been going through a lot of their pages and removing fansites. I used to get a lot of hits from their Kid Icarus article because of my Kid Icarus Shrine, but not anymore since someone removed it. So why should I continue to link back?

    I'll keep any links that:

  • Link to any page on flyingomelette.com, including subdomains.
  • Link to any affiliated site with a valid link somewhere back to flyingomelette.com.
  • Link to posts on any of the forums in the Port Saiid Pipeline.
  • Link to outside articles that are absolutely necessary for the content of the article in question (example: Site Tracking Adventures).
  • Link to sites I've "borrowed" information, pictures, or music files from.
  • Link to my YouTube or Google videos, though I'm thinking of making these embedded instead.
  • Link to other sites of my choosing depending on relevance to the article it's linked to.

    Everything else will be removed.

    UPDATE: 08/10/08


    (Sethra, you'll be happy to know, Lizaki is in this one. Happy now?!?)

    UPDATE: 08/08/08

    I've noticed this in my site tracker for the past three days or so:


    I was going to reply to this directly at StumbleUpon, but it's too confusing a site for me. Even after registering, I could not figure out how to get to the exact location of this article on there, nor the Roleplaying Games category it was supposedly put in. So, I have to do it here...

    It's not that I don't appreciate the extra hits, because I do...My question is, why would you put THAT article, of all things, on StumbleUpon? That article is over 4 years old, wasn't even written by me, and even *I* don't think it's that good.

    Why not put something like this on StumbleUpon that not only have I actually written myself, but is still updated, has gotten a lot of acclaim from people who have read it, and (sorry to toot my own horn) is actually funny? If the thought of reading the entire archive seems a bit intimidating, then here are some suggested places to start:

    In Case of WTF, Break Glass - Largely considered to be the single best sketch I've ever written, although it might possibly take some prior knowledge of the Honen Calzoun character to fully understand it.

    Hazy 80s Daze - I've been told by at least three different people that this one was "pure genius". Whatever that means...

    Dr. Honen Calzoun Teaches a Class of Breath of Fire 2 Cats - This one is arguably the most popular sketch and is the one that gets linked the most often.

    I can even post some examples of my better writing in other areas of the site later, but right now I have to go to work...

    UPDATE: 08/03/08

    Just got back from a weekend of camping. I haven't been doing much with the site online because everyone I'm working on for it has to be done offline. Expect more updates to The RAU Gallery in the near future. (I didn't forget about the AT6 storyline, but I haven't been able to work on it for awhile). Here are some technical updates I've made recently:

  • Combined the Who's Who information with the Scrapbooks for Droma.

  • Cleaned up the Game Music sections for Demon's Crest, Disney's Rescue Rangers, and DoDonPachi. The DDP times and filesizes were all wrong, so I corrected them.

    UPDATE: 07/29/08

    Words from a TRUE GENIUS in today's episode of the RAU Gallery!

    UPDATE: 07/15/08

    Site reader Andy Thorley (who was a regular contributor to the Cameos Database back when it was still in operation) put together and submitted an awesome article documenting hidden oddities in Chrono Trigger that can only be found by peeling away backgrounds with an emulator.

    I also added Watler's World to the Links Page.

    UPDATE: 07/14/08

    Two more emails answered in Q & A.

    I also added the Who's Who information for Aira and Spyre to the RAU Scrapbooks.

    I cleaned up the sections for Indiana Jones & the Infernal Machine and Deadly Towers in Game Music Downloads.

    UPDATE: 07/13/08

    Someone must be redoing the internet woodwork, because all sorts of things have been crawling out of it lately.

    Today, I just learned that, by virtue of our inferior female chromosomes, me, CodieKitty, DH and SethraShnoo, are "less skilled in the realms of hand-eye coordination, memorization, mental quickness and several other factors that contribute to video game playing ability", according to one Justin Bostian, despite that we all mysteriously agree that the difficulty of Contra and Super C (even without the extra life codes) is grossly overrated.

    Mr. Bostian, I am sure you have conducted plenty of research on this subject and based your claim on proven scientific theory and facts, despite not referencing any of it in your article, and that you are not just a typically clueless male gamer who has probably never even seen a member of the opposite sex. No, I won't accuse you of being that. But despite the hard evidence stacked against us, I believe I can still speak for all of us when I say:

    Addendum: I'm curious to know if Mr. Bostian has figured out the easy way to beat the last part of the Turbo Tunnel (Level 3) in Battletoads. (I'm not talking about taking the warp zone, I mean actually finishing that part.) Because in all my years on the internet, I've only known one other person besides me who figured it out on her own and that person was Kiera Lordens, who imparted the secret to her friends.

    If he hasn't, then it looks like that secret will die with this community because I sure ain't telling!

    UPDATE: 07/12/08

    Quote: "In regards to Site Tracking Adventures #3 and #4, watching you make such eloquent rebuttals to people like that is such a joy to read that it ALMOST makes me wish people would make stupid criticisms of your site more often."

    Yo, DB! You got your wish!

    In other news, I added the "Who's Who" information to the RAU Scrapbooks for Cykada, Leohtiss, Kin-Liu, Frizz, Miyoko-8, Nexis Fried, Zara, and Blooper.

    I also cleaned up the sections for Lagoon, Kagero, and TMNT 4 in Game Music Downloads.

    UPDATE: 07/07/08

    Some general site maintenance.

    I changed the Links Page slightly again. Instead of removing old sites that are no longer updated, I made a separate section for them. I only kept sites if they are owned by friends, have substantial content, and still have this site linked on the links page. Sometimes I get nostalgic and want to revisit old favorites, and they also serve as good inspiration for anyone who is interested in making their own website.

    I added the "Who's Who" info to the RAU Scrapbooks for Lukyan, Loro, Snakeroot, and Roadkill Harry.

    I cleaned up the sections for SaGa Frontier and Zanac in Game Music Downloads.

    UPDATE: 07/01/08

    So the moral of Wall-E is that humans spend too much on junk and are getting too fat?

    You know, Disney/Pixar, you're absolutely right. I'll take the two hours I would've spent sitting on my ass in the theater watching your movie and exercise instead. I'll also make sure that anytime I catch myself about to purchase any Disney/Pixar merchandise, I instead donate the money to charity or use it to buy some delicious health food.

    I recently heard that it was said on the Tyra Banks Show that you should stop playing video games after the age of 13. Here's something else you can stop doing after the age of 13: Watching the Tyra Banks Show.

    UPDATE: 06/30/08

    I added NESHQ.com to the Links Page

    I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who's given me feedback on AT6 so far. Though I feel comedy is my true calling in life, I still had a lot of fun scripting a more action-oriented series, and I'm glad that you're enjoying it, as I was a bit concerned that the shift from comedy to drama might have been offputting to some. Once again, thanks everyone for your input. I'll hope you'll stay for the ride.

    UPDATE: 06/28/08

    I finally have AT6: Scene 2 up. Now to begin work on the scenes for Scene 3 and hopefully it won't be so long before I get it done this time.

    UPDATE: 06/22/08

    Just a little update on my situation. I'm feeling a lot better now, although occasionally I'm still getting abdominal pains. Not sure if it's just something that comes with getting older, or if it will be a problem in the future, but I'm not worried about it right now.

    I should have AT6 Scene 2 done by the end of the week. Almost all of the pictures are drawn and I just need to do the final traceovers.

    For anyone who was ever curious what I was referring to when I mentioned Psykosuma on some of this site's pages a long time ago, you can now read the reviews as they've been archived at Deathamster's Nest.

    And now another exciting episode of...


    Included in today's search terms was: "griffey snes big lips".

    I have no idea how that led to my site as I'm pretty sure I didn't previously have anything related to that. In fact, I think the only mention of the Ken Griffey SNES games on this site was in the Cameos Database where someone pointed out that the end credits song on Major League Baseball is Joe Satriani's "Speed of Light". What I have an even far less idea of is why someone would be searching for that.

    But far be it from me to not give the fans what they want, so here you go:

    UPDATE: 06/15/08

    I apologize for the lack of updates and once again getting behind schedule on AT6. I have been very sick the past week. This morning I vomited several times, I have severe abdominal cramps and nausea, and I feel very weak. I'm debating if I should go to the emergency, but I can't really afford to right now so I'm going to tough it out until I can call my doctor tomorrow.

    I did manage to do a few things, though they are not much.

    I added the Who's Who information for Cody, Gionne, Stefan, Gordon, Leona, and Deuce to the Scrapbooks. I also added a Species Primer to the RAU Gallery. I realized that by eliminating the Who's Who section, I no longer had a primary resource on the different Phainein races, so I made a new one. Finally, nothing new, but for convenience, I added my Equinox videos to the YouTube Video Page.

    UPDATE: 06/09/08

    Oh man, I have the worst stomach flu I have ever had in my life today. I didn't go to work, but I did manage to do some things for the site between the bouts of nausea and other problems best left unmentioned here.

    I finished that redesign of the Game Reviews page. Gee, that turned out so well, it almost makes me want to review games again. It's too bad a lot of my older reviews are a crapfest.

    I also answered three more letters to Q&A.

    UPDATE: 06/08/08

    I updated some of the music descriptions for Final Fantasy 8, with help from a site reader.

    I also redesigned the front page of the RAU Gallery. Thanks go to Crawl for helping me with the banner image of Nucleo and Cory.

    Next, I'll redesign the game review listing page...

    UPDATE: 06/03/08

    Only on the internet can someone ban you from their message board, delete all your posts, and send you a mysterious email calling you "immature" for no explained reason, and continue to hit on you!! (Or so my site tracker sources tell me.) ...

    The greatest part of it all is that the person of which I speak about doesn't even read this site, which is a good thing since he'll never see that I added more pictures of myself and Crawl to the About FO page. Make that, I added pictures of myself, Crawl, AND Bubu! (And this time, it's REALLY Bubu, not a stock photo or my wobbly first attempt at hand-drawing him.)

    UPDATE: 06/02/08

    Oh, fudgenuggets. I know I said I would try to get AT6, Scene 2 done by the end of the week, but Crawl and I ordered a new bed and we have to get the house cleaned up by Saturday so that the workers can come and assemble it. (Sleeping on a futon is killing my back, so this was a necessity.) Anyway, I won't have time to work on it this week, but I won't allow your RAU appetitie to go completely unsatiated, so here are a couple of Forum Archive Sketches:

    Don't say I didn't warn you about this one.

    A collection of 10 short sketches from the forum archives. (Edit: Fixed the Link)

    I also added the Who's Who information for Felona, Zephyr, Banshee, and Darkona to the Scrapbooks.

    UPDATE: 05/30/08

    EDIT: And we have a new Switched at Birth article! The last two were all email submissions. This one's all forum submissions, although I almost could've titled this one "Muppet Show Edition".

    I finally put up the results of the last Caption Contest, but I'm suspending further contests until notice.

    I also combined the Who's Who information with the Scrapbooks for Samantha, Jaeger, Gaelia, and Shnoo.

    I'm going to step up production on AT6. My goal is to complete one scene for it each week. Who knows if I'll be able to meet that goal, but I'll give it my best shot.

    UPDATE: 05/25/08

    EDIT #2: Aaaannnnd...Cartoon Corner gets the same overhaul treatment as the Oddities and Shrines. (Wish I had more in that section...)

    EDIT #1: I've made two more changes: I changed the FeedInformer to include the RSS feeds from all of my friends' Yuku forums. Any new topic made at CB007's Forums, CodieKitty's Forums, Deathamster's Nest, The Game Pond, ShnooWorld, and Sweetbee's BBS will now show up in the Port Saiid Pipeline. NOTE: If you do not want your Yuku board included, please let me know and I will remove it. However, I would like to request that I at least keep The Game Pond and ShnooWorld on there, as I "watch over" those places, and having them on the feed will help me know if and when new topics are made there without having to check every single day (helps protect them against spam and attacks).

    I also changed the "Random Link" button to now include all pages on Deathamster's Nest and Crawl's Review Site.


    I did the same thing for my Game Shrines page that I did for my Oddities page. I felt the old layout was ugly due the varying sizes of the game title images and the shrine descriptions were too vague. I also listed a couple of things on there (the Kirby 3 guide, the Secret of Mana oddities) because I put so much work into them that they practically became miniature shrines of their own.

    I also added RVGFANATIC to my Links page.

    I also combined a few more of the Who's Who pages with the Scrapbooks. To this point I haven't really said which ones I did, but the following are completed: Aurora, Chance, Chester, Christopher, Cory, Crow, Honen, Image, Jack, Kado, Kiini, Lizaki, Nucleo, Ogrin, Preston, Raymond, Robin, Sesa, Taura, Tomi, Victor, Wildclaw, Zumo, Bazil, Daris, Desiree, Eddy, Ghestov, Grimms, Jade, Kraken, Marissa, Pibby, Rick, Rodney, Roxanne, Serpentina, Seth, Shaddah, Shadow, Starla, Ulysses, Zimosa, Bino, Mini & Vinny, Mongoose, Mr. Frimpet, Wyvern King & Nebula, Beorthe, Cynoss, Drago, Harken, Moonshy, Spectre, Swan.

    I got so caught up in working on AT6 that I forgot to end the last Caption Contest. I'll try getting to it this weekend, but I'm going to suspend further contests for now. Thanks all for your submissions.

    And now for another exciting episode of...


    Yesterday I had this in my search strings: guns n roses nac nac ever on the store

    Today I have this: nac nac nac ever on the store guns roses

    Dude. It's Knocking on Heaven's Door. The original was by Bob Dylan.

    Hope that helped.

    UPDATE: 05/14/08

    My Oddities Section continues to be extremely popular, and after looking at it, I realized I was a little embarrassed by its crappy, barebones layout. I'm of the mind that a site's content is more important than its layout, so long as it doesn't look like TimeCube or is overloaded with popups or anything else that makes navigation or reading difficult, and I think the continued success of that section is a good argument for Content vs. Design. However, I didn't feel a little change would hurt in this matter, and while it's nothing spectacular, I did fix it up a bit.

    No new content, but I also linked a bunch of other articles from around the site on there that basically count as "Oddities" articles, too. I imagine some people might just discover the oddities and read through them, and then decline to peruse the rest of the site, so you'll find out what you were missing if you did that. I also removed the old version of "Equinox Oddities" because the new one on the Equinox Shrine obsoletes it.

    Back to work on AT6...

    UPDATE: 05/13/08

    Those of you who go to the forums already know this, but due to the size of the sketch and the amount of drawings I need to complete for it, I made the decision to release Part 6 of the RAU Gallery Archaeology storyline in pieces.

    AT6: Stranglehold, Scene 1 is completed.

    I will continue to add the new scenes as the drawings for them are finished.

    Also added "The Seikens" to my Links page.

    UPDATE: 05/04/08

    Final stuff for today:

    Some new information on the runes in the Book of Eld for the Knights of Justice Oddities page.

    A submission for Yoshi's Island on the NES & SNES Nudity article, which is probably the single most bizarre case of it I've yet seen.

    Another page of random reader-submitted oddities.

    With that done, I am almost cleared of my email backlog. More recent SAB submissions will be compiled on a future page along with entries from the forums.

    UPDATE: 05/04/08

    New stuff today:

  • Another Switched at Birth? page compiled from old emails. Please note that I'm not ignorning the forum submissions. I just want to cut through all of my old emails so I never have to peruse them again.

  • Those Equinox Scans I promised awhile ago, courtesy of Equinoxfan82. I now have the European and Japanese manuals, cartridge scans for all three versions, the Japanese box scans, and an Equinox magazine advertisement.

  • The NES Kid Icarus manual in PDF format added to Kid Icarus Scans page, courtesy of a site reader who wished to remain anonymous.

  • A small note added to the Final Fantasy 7 section of Reader Oddities 3 concerning Red XIII.

    Still have a few more things in the works, I'm almost done with the backlog.

    Since I'm a little busy right now, I'm going to suspend the Caption Contest for at least a week. If I don't end the current one sometime today, I'll do it next weekend.

    UPDATE: 05/03/08

    I added another Special Password to the Kid Icarus Codes page, thanks to yet another site reader.

    I also added some more stuff to the Breath of Fire Oddities page. Looks like we found where the cinema scene data is stored via the magic of the DrWarp.

    I have some more stuff I'm working on. When I get through the rest of my email backlog, I'll post everything else.

    Things I will NOT be posting to the site at this time:

  • Music requests - I put these in a separate folder for review later. When I get around to updating that section again, I'll look them over. But until I get RAU Gallery AT6 done, the music section is on hiatus.

  • "Things We've Learned From RPGs" - I have a folder of new submissions for that article, but it might be awhile before I'll update it. It needs an overhaul. I think there are some redundant or cryptic entries that need to be cleaned up or removed.

  • Cameos - I appreciate that readers are still taking an interest in that portion of the site, but it's dead, Jim! Dead!

    Also added to the Links Page:

  • Egger Land (Adventures of Lolo fansite)
  • The Gamer's Journal (General Gaming Site)
  • NES4ever (German language NES fansite)
  • Retro Warp (New up-and-coming NES fansite)

    UPDATE: 04/27/08

    I added some "Special Challenge Passwords" to the Kid Icarus Codes page, thanks to site reader Joshua Cain who broke the game's password system awhile ago.

    UPDATE: 04/27/08

    Here are some more minor updates to the site:

    I fixed all the broken links in the Earthbound Insanity article and also added a minor note concerning the bathroom symbols.

    Added a note to Breath of Fire Oddities clarifying that you can still use the DrWarp to enter Nanai even after it's destroyed. There's also now a code to take you directly inside the bar.

    Wheeljack is now correctly listed as a "Lancia Stratos" on My Favorite Autbots page. Thanks to everyone who pointed out that error.

    Added some more screenshot comparisons to The Krion Conquest vs. Mega Man article, sent in by a site reader.

    UPDATE: 04/27/08

    I was cleaning up old emails and in the process of going through them, I put together another Switched at Birth?. This one was put together completely from emails that were sent to me, so there's nothing from the forums in it. I expect I might even be able to throw another one together (yes, I'm that backlogged). I tried to stick with only the best entries that were sent. Rejected submissions include:

  • Emails with no pictures.
  • Emails with pictures that are too small, blurry, pixelated, and/or difficult to see for some other reason.
  • Character comparisons that weren't close enough for my eyes.
  • Entries that are already in the database (please stop sending me the Sora/Sion one, folks).
  • Generic anime-to-anime comparisons. I only accept these if the match-ups are particularly unique/funny/uncanny. Otherwise, I end up with pages upon pages of "girl with black hair from anime X vs. girl with black hair from anime y", and that gets boring real quick.

    I also added two more entries to the bottom of the Arc the Lad SAB.

    UPDATE: 04/25/08

    I nuked my Links Page. WARNING: Long blog post to follow:

    1. I no longer see the point in linking to websites that I'm not affiliated/friends with. Most of them are large sites that everyone already knows about. In cases when I need to link back to a site for reference, I do it on the actual page that contains the referenced material.

    2. If I removed your site and you want me to put it back on there, feel free to contact me. HOWEVER, make sure your site meets the following conditions first:

  • First and foremost, make sure I'm linked on your links page, or in the case that you don't maintain a links page, your front page.

  • Make sure the URL is www.flyingomelette.com, NOT www.geocities.com/flyingomelette.

  • Make sure your links page is easily accessible. If looking for your links page makes me feel like I'm an 1840's prospector, it doesn't count.

  • Make sure your site has been updated at least once within a year's time. I cut some slack for people who I'm close friends with or for sites I know for a fact have sporadic updating schedules but are indeed still active. But I no longer see the point in continuining to link to sites that haven't been updated since 2002-2006 and show no signs of revival.

  • If the only thing you update on your site is an off-site blog (like a livejournal, blogspot, or myspace), then my site must be linked on the blog. DON'T MISUNDERSTAND THIS RULE. If you update both a site and a blog regularly, then you don't have to worry about putting my link on the blog. But if your actual website has been sitting untouched for over a year, but you're still updating a blog, then the link must be on what you're actually updating. Why? Because chances are, no one's going to your site anymore, they're only going to your blog.

  • Make sure I'm not banned from your message board.

  • In regards to the above, I can't control what my friends do at other sites (nor would I want to), so I can't help them if they get themselves in trouble at other forums and end up banned. If they pull a prank or blatantly disregard some rules, and it has nothing to do with me, then it's their problem, not mine. However, when I'm directly in the middle of a situation and you start banning my friends for no good reason, it's same as banning me. Capice?

  • If your site suffers from POP-UP OVERLOAD, I removed it. There were at least two sites I removed that had such massive POP-UP OVERLOAD that they crashed my browser. For the love of all things unilateral, if you plan to continue working on your site, move it to a pop-up free server. It's not really that hard to find one in today's internet.

  • Q: But, FO, my site meets all those criteria and yet it was still removed? Why?

  • Possibility #1: I removed it by accident because I'm not the most careful person in the world when it comes to coding HTML. Contact me and I'll put it back up.

  • Possibility #2: Some of the members of your site have been repeatedly harassing me and the forums lately, mostly because of a 7-year-old scene war grudge. (You know who you are, my site tracker does not lie.) I was going to say that I'd really hate to break off an association with an entire website because of a few people who are ruining it for everybody, but I have to be honest here, and that'd be a lie. I just don't really care anymore. I've pretty much withdrawn from the "gamer" community anyway and the fewer ties I have to it, the better for me.

    On a side note, I've also done away with the "Golden Ridley Award of Excellence". Almost every time I give it out, either the site stops updating completely, the admin goes bonkers, or some other problem comes up. (I think the only exceptions so far are AlmightyGuru, CodieKitty, Random Hoo-Haas, and Sweetbee.) So, I'm beginning to think it's cursed. Only time will tell if I decide to bring it back again, and if you've already won it, feel free to keep displaying it, but just don't don't hold your breath waiting for it to be given out again.

    UPDATE: 04/20/08

    Caption Contest #13 has ended, but there is a new one now.

    UPDATE: 04/19/08

    Now to make my Non-Update for today:

    Issue #1: I combined some more of the old "Who's Who" entries with the RAU Scrapbooks.

    Issue #2: I made some more "Quick Access" tables on the Game Music Download pages. (I am not doing this for any page that only has one game listed on it.)

    Issue #3: I'm working on fixing pages that have fixed backgrounds so that the backgrounds will stay in place for Firefox as well as Internet Explorer. These include pages in the Knights of Justice Shrine, Kid Icarus Shrine, Magic of Scheherazade Shrine, and Kirby's Dream Land 3 guide.

    Issue #4: The Memory Card. Next month, I am going to initiate a clean-up of it. Sites that will be removed are ones that haven't updated in over a year and *cough* ones I'm banned from. One of the reasons I keep the Memory Card is to have quick access to sites I like to visit daily. The problem is that if you haven't updated within a year, chances are I've already seen everything your site has on it and if I'm banned from your site, then I think it's reasonable to assume you don't want me there.

    So here's the deal if you want to stay on there: Either (1) update your damn site or (2) unban me and my friends from your board, then contact me to let me know you have. Doesn't mean we'll come back to your forums and I can guarantee you *I* won't, but at least I'll know everything's a-okay between us and we can just admire each other's work from a distance.

    UPDATE: 04/16/08

    I deeply apologize. I know that some of you are clamoring for me to get AT6 done, but I am having difficulty finding time to work on it. The sketch is written, but I haven't even begun any of the drawings for it yet. The problem is that every single time I have some free time to work on it, something comes up, and I'm just going to have to put my foot down and say, look, I planned to work on this tonight. I'm going to work on it.

    Sometimes I think I should just say, "No updates guaranteed at this time", because even though I said I put the Equinox Shrine on hiatus, I have a few updates for it. (I felt bad about falling behind on AT6 and HAD to do something to make up for it, so...)

    Equinoxfan82 has given me permission to embed his YouTube videos on my Equinox Shrine pages. Each part of the walkthrough that is completed now ends with one of his videos that demonstrates how to get all 12 tokens in each dungeon. As I continue to work on the walkthrough, I will add his other videos to those pages.

    Equinoxfan82 has also sent me a bunch of high-quality Equinox scans that I will get posted to the site shortly.

    UPDATE: 04/15/08

    Despite the fact that I'm supposed to be on hiatus, I have several updates in store, and I forgot to end the Caption Contest, so I'll get around to that but probably won't start a new one until the weekend. I'm a little behind schedule on The RAU Gallery: AT6 sketch, but I'll try to get working harder on it now.

    In the meantime, Christopher Paladin has written his own RAU sketch to help entertain you and keep you busy until AT6 is done. I don't have time to look it over right now, so I hope it's a good one.

    UPDATE: 04/12/08

    I forgot to update Q&A last night, so I did it this morning. Three more questions answered, and I dumped 141-160 into an archive.

    I guess I should have made it more clear what I meant by saying I was putting the site on hiatus. I'll still run the Caption Contests and answer Q&A, but I won't be doing much else. There definitely won't be any updates to Game Music Downloads or the Equinox Shrine during this time.

    UPDATE: 04/06/08

    Caption Contest #12 has ended, but there is a new one now.

    I've decided that I've had a long enough break from the RAU Gallery, so I'm going to focus my efforts on completing Part 6 of the Archaeology storyline. Therefore, I am putting this site on hiatus until it's done because I have a lot of work to do.

    UPDATE: 04/05/08

    I updated my scrapbook for Cory McRaven. I organized all of the pictures into sections based on concept art, old storyboards, and modern sketches. I also added some stuff that wasn't previously in there before, and I added her "Who's Who" information. Ideally, I'd like to eventually have all of the scrapbooks reorganized like that, but I have too many characters for it to happen right away.

    The current Caption Contest ends tomorrow, so if you have a caption to submit, do it now!

    UPDATE: 04/01/08

    I never know whether I should update on April Fool's Day or not because I never know if people will think it's only a joke, but anyway...

    I thought my Music Page for the Letter U looked a little bare, so I added music for U.N. Squadron, Uninvited, and Uniracers. I also completely cleaned up that page.

    UPDATE: 03/30/08

    Here's something I'm sure you were expecting:

    Knights of Justice Oddities has been updated! The following changes have been made:

  • I discovered more Unused Dialogue in the game's ROM. They look like leftover system messages from development, but I added them into that section anyway.
  • Information on the area shown in the "Impossible Screenshot". Thanks to the codebreaking skills of Helder from The GSHI, I was able to hack into that area, as well as the Cave of Glass, and take some screenshots.
  • Information on the mysterious Mr. Cow. Yes, you read that correctly, Mr. Cow.

    Unsolved Mysteries still remain: Does the Blackwing boss still exist in the ROM? Where was it meant to be fought? And what is that giant blue pile in the middle of the Stone Gardens?

    Unless someone who worked on this game would like to contact me for an interview, I guess the world might never know...

    UPDATE: 03/30/08

    Ninja Gaiden music in the game music downloads section. (Yes, the NES game, not the Xbox one.)

    UPDATE: 03/30/08

    The Caption Contest has ended, but there is a new one now. I didn't do this for the past contests, but I've decided to pick a winning entry for the new ones. You won't get anything for submitting the winning entry except the satisfaction of knowing you made me laugh the hardest, but I thought I might as well pick a winner since I kind of regretted not doing that with the old contests. (My own captions are ineligible to be the winner.)

    UPDATE: 03/29/08

    New Metroid music in the Game Music Downloads including the Norfair and Title Themes.

    New Equinox Shrine updates:

  • Added the Monsters for Quagmire, and also decided to integrate the overworld monsters into their respective dungeon area sections. Too many werebats in a row looked rather ugly.
  • Added the Sword and Zap spell to the items section.
  • Added the Guide for Quagmire.
  • Some more on "Mysterious Rooms With No Purpose" in the oddities section.
  • A note on a simple cheat you can do with an emulator in the codes section.

    The Caption Contest will be over tomorrow, so if you have any captions to submit, do it now!

    UPDATE: 03/26/08

    Super Ninja Boy music in the Game Music Downloads. (You're welcome, Sethra.)

    UPDATE: 03/23/08

    Added the map for Atlena to the Equinox Shrine. Even though I'm taking a break from working on the shrine, I was visiting some of Crawl's relatives for Easter and couldn't really do much during that time, so I worked on the map and got it done.

    UPDATE: 03/23/08

    Here's something we haven't done in a long time. There is a new FlyingOmelette.com Caption Contest open now! Be sure to post or email your captions before next Sunday, March 30th!

    UPDATE: 03/23/08

    I've been feeling a little burnt out on this site lately, so I'm taking a break from updating the Equinox Shrine and the RAU Archaeology series. I will get back to both eventually, but I thought I'd work on some easier things for awhile.

    I've still been slowly and steadily combining the old "Who's Who" information with the RAU Scrapbooks. I completed my page for Kraken, and I added all the pictures of him that I could find in my archives. (I'm still missing quite a few. Maybe some will turn up later, but for now that's it.) Ideally, I would like for all of my scrapbooks to be as organized as that one, but it's going to be impossible for characters I have more pictures of. With Kraken it was easy because he was only in two episodes and I knew exactly what drawings were from each.

    UPDATE: 03/21/08

    Three more questions answered in Q&A.

    UPDATE: 03/19/08

    Updated Q&A.

    UPDATE: 03/16/08

    The guide for Atlena is up.

    UPDATE: 03/15/08

    Equinox Shrine updates:

  • There is now a full explanation of the lost Room 07-02, complete with screenshots, the code for accessing it, save state download, and YouTube video demonstration.
  • Added the American and European front and back box art to the Scans page.

    I'll be working on the walkthrough for Atlena next.

    UPDATE: 03/15/08

    Missing Room 07-02 in Equinox has been found!. There will be a formal site update on this matter sometime today after it's daylight here again. Right now I have to get some sleep.

    UPDATE: 03/10/08

    Equinox Shrine updates:

  • Added the monsters from Atlena. Also decided to add the different overworld monster variations, even though they're all palette swaps and just take more hits to kill but are otherwise the same. But, hey, I did that for the other palette-swapped enemies, so why not those ones?
  • Added the items from Atlena.
  • Added the map for Deeso.
  • Added more info and screenshots to the "Graphic Glitches" section of the oddities. I also added a new section to that page called "Memory Management".

    UPDATE: 03/09/08

    I archived another forum topic to the RAU Gallery. Although that sketch is not a continuation of the current storyline, it still fits the continuity. It'll be awhile before I get the next chapter done, so that's something in the meantime.

    UPDATE: 03/08/08

    Equinox Shrine updates:

  • Added the guide for Deeso.
  • Added the monsters from Deeso.
  • Added the items from Deeso.
  • Added the map for Tori.
  • Added more "Mysterious Rooms" to the oddities. I also removed the part about the rocks not appearing in Sung Sung's death animation in the Japanese version. I played that level again on the Japanese version and this time those rocks showed up. So it was either a graphic glitch in the game or a problem with the emulation. (Didn't notice any changes in the Deeso dungeon between the versions, either.)

    UPDATE: 03/05/08

    Awhile ago, my better half, Crawl debunked the mystery of the Graveyard Duck in Castlevania 2 on his site.

    I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to do one of my own.

    Edit: And thanks to a site reader, I've already got an update to it!!

    I've been cleaning up the Music Downloads pages, but the only thing new I added tonight was the main theme from Deja Vu.

    UPDATE: 03/02/08

    New updates to the The Equinox Shrine:

  • The guide for Tori is complete.
  • The Oddities page has a new section on "Mysterious Rooms with No Known Purpose".

    A note on the Game Music Downloads situation. I probably will return to updating it once a week. What day of the week I choose to udpate it and whether the update will include new material or just fixing up old sections will depend on my mood. I didn't really need to update it this past week anyway since the Equinox Shrine Music Section contains plenty of new Equinox and Solstice stuff to tide you over.

    UPDATE: 03/01/08

    New updates to the The Equinox Shrine:

  • Added the monsters from Tori.
  • Added the items from Tori.
  • Added more information to the oddities about the changes from the English versions of the game to the Japanese version.
  • Added a detailed description of what causes the disappearing graphics glitches.

    UPDATE: 2/26/08

    And now to unveil the first major project I'm working on:

    The Equinox Shrine!!

    Here's the lowdown:

    All site sections are mostly complete except the Guide and the Maps. I only have maps and a guide for the first dungeon (Galadonia) so far. I will continue to update the Guide and Maps sections as I play through the game.

    UPDATE: 2/26/08

    I am pulling the Game Music Downloads section out of retirement because I think I just proved a point to everyone who was complaining to me about certain issues regarding it. But this time, let's try to get a few things straight:

    #1. I have always welcomed suggestions from readers, but ultimately I have the final say in what gets put on the site. That has always been and has never changed.

    #2. If you really don't want to download or listen to anything because it was suggested by a reader and not 100% by me, then please just don't. From now on, I will always make it clear when something was suggested by someone other than me.

    #3. I've decided to keep the Ending Songs Tribute Article, but it will remain as an archive only and will not receive any further updates. Any new game ending songs will be added to Music Downloads only.

    Are we all clear on this?

    Although the section has been reinstated, it's still on hiatus right now. I've got too many other big projects I'm working on and don't have time for it at the moment.

    UPDATE: 2/18/08

    I've been watching a lot of music videos lately in an effort to lift my spirits out of this terrible mood I've been in. Nothing much was working...but I finally struck gold:

    Maybe it's because this video is so rare, but I'm really surprised 1:48 to 2:25 of this is not "legendary" by now.

    Seriously, Bob. It's a great song, but what the hell???

    UPDATE: 2/17/08

    The Game Ending Songs article will be retired and no longer updated.

    I will be working on a shrine for the SNES game Equinox as well as the remaining two (or three if I have to split it again) chapters of the RAU Gallery Archaeology storyline. The rest of the site is on hiatus.

    UPDATE: 2/13/08

    Game music downloads for today include:

  • Added a section for Contra 3 with 4 new songs.
  • I replaced the three Ninja Gaiden 2 mp3s with higher-quality versions and added "Fire Cavern" and "Unlimited Moment".
  • "Hyrule Field Main Theme" from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time had a weird "pop" in the beginning. I edited that out and re-uploaded the file.

    UPDATE: 2/11/08

    I updated Q & A.

    UPDATE: 2/10/08

    I finally finished Part 5 of the RAU Archaeology Sketch.

    UPDATE: 2/9/08

    Game music downloads for today include:

  • Cleaned up the sections for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Super Castlevania 4.
  • Added a new section for Silver Surfer with 4 new songs.

    I've also made some other changes to that section. First of all, I took the introduction off the "A" page and put it on the Main Music Page (see left table). I removed that part about WMA's because I don't actually have any WMA's anymore and forgot that note was even in there. I also implemented a personal rating scale for each song which is explained on the Main Music Page. (However, it will be awhile before I get a rating tacked onto every song. I'll just do a few here and there until I've got them all.) I've also started to put a "Quick Access" table at the top of each page, which you can see if you click that link to the "S" page right above there. I don't have every page done yet (I think just C, D, L, and S are done for now), but I'll eventually have them all finished.

    I started a 2008 Update Log. This is just a minor thing, but I actually found a copy of my old go.com page with some early 2000 updates. They don't make much sense now, but I stuck them in the 2000 Update Log anyway.

    UPDATE: 2/8/08

    I updated Q&A.

    I decided to take down the "Who's Who" section from the RAU Gallery. I had been talking about taking it down in favor of combining that section with the Scrapbooks. I was going to wait until the combining process was complete, but I just said the heck with it. The characters who are most important to know about already have entries on the RAU Gallery Cast page, not to mention you can learn more about them just by reading the sketches. I'll still slowly but surely finish combining the old Who's Who information with the scrapbooks (some of the scrapbook pages have already been altered and uploaded), but I probably won't mention individual changes in favor of waiting until it's all done to announce it. I think the extended character backgrounds are useful if you find you really like a character and want to know more about him/her, but it certainly isn't required reading. (That's the main reason I created a separate "RAU Gallery Cast" page with briefer descriptions, because I didn't want people to feel they had to read a novel before they could understand a simple sketch comedy.)

    UPDATE: 2/6/08

    Game music downloads for today include:

  • Added 3 new songs for Final Fantasy Tactics.
  • Cleaned up the sections for Kartia and Star Fox.

    I know I'm a bit behind schedule for Q&A. I'll get to it hopefully by Friday. I'm also still furiously working on that RAU sketch. I just have a few more scenes left to draw so I'm hopeful for a weekend completion date.

    UPDATE: 2/3/08

    Game music downloads for today include:

  • Added a new section for Conker's Bad Fur Day.
  • Added a new section for The Lion King (SNES).

    UPDATE: 2/1/08

    Game music downloads for today include:

  • Cleaned up the Alundra section.
  • Cleaned up the R-Type 3 section.
  • Added a bunch more Lufia 2 songs.

    I also updated Q&A.

    UPDATE: 1/28/08

    More Game Music Downloads, including:

  • Cleaned up the Akumajo Dracula X section.
  • Cleaned up the Dragon View section and added Fire Field, Sektra Temple, and Snow Field.
  • Added a ton of new songs to the Final Fantasy 8 section.
  • Cleaned up the Raiden Trad section.

    I also added a few more links to the Links page:

    1. Honestgamers.com, which I actually added several days ago but forgot to announce (well, up here, anyway, I did mention it on the forums.)
    2. NESworld.com, which I could've sworn I had on there but didn't.
    3. Super Sprites, which I just discovered via my site tracker.

    UPDATE: 1/27/08

    More Game Music Downloads, including:

  • Cleaned up the Castlevania 2 section.
  • Added a new section for The Castlevania Adventure with 2 new songs.
  • Added some more songs for Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.
  • Cleaned up the Ultima 6 section and the U page in general.
  • Added some more songs for Vagrant Story.

    I also updated Q&A.

    Still working on The RAU Gallery Archaeology Sketch Part 5...

    UPDATE: 1/16/08

    I updated Q&A.

    UPDATE: 1/13/08

    Another huge update to Game Music Downloads , including:

  • Added a section for The Addams Family with 1 new song.
  • Added a section for Bubsy with 5 new songs.
  • Cleaned up the section for Donkey Kong 64 and added Fungi Forest Day, Fungi Forest Night, Jungle Japes, and a version of The DK Rap without sound effects.
  • Added a new section for Killer Instinct with 9 new songs.
  • Added Grass Land 4, Ripple Field 1, and Ripple Field 2 to the Kirby's Dream Land 3 section.
  • Added Hometown Domina, Moonlight City Roa, and To The Sea to the Legend of Mana section. Also, the volume on some of those mp3s was too low, so I uploaded new versions with increased volume. The corrected songs include: Calmly Traveling, Cliff Town Gato, Leading into Prosperity, Memory of Running, Mystic City Geo, The Excitement of Both of Us, and Those Who Are Shining.
  • Added a section for Street Fighter 2 with 10 new songs.
  • Cleaned up the section for Super Mario Bros. 3 and added a ton of new songs. Almost every level theme and world map theme are available except for a few I skipped that I don't like so much. I also replaced the Ending Theme with a higher-quality version that has a fadeout, AND I added the Super NES All-Stars remakes of almost every song, too.

    I'll eventually have Hiryu No Ken, Castlevania, and more Mega Man 2 music up, but I really need to get back to working on Part 5 of the RAU Gallery Archaeology Adventure, so I can't guarantee it will be anytime soon.

    UPDATE: 1/12/08

    Several huge updates to Game Music Downloads include:

  • Cleaned up Battle Clash section, added mp3 for Scarab's Theme.
  • Added to Chrono Trigger section: At the Bottom of Night, Black Dream, Epilogue: To Good Friends, Memories of Green, Robo's Theme, Secret of the Forest, and Silent Light.
  • Cleaned up Equinox section, added mp3s for Atlena and Title Theme.
  • Added to Final Fantasy 5 section: mp3s for Battle With Gilgamesh, as well as the PS1 versions of Fate in Haze and Harvest.
  • Added a new section for The Guardian Legend with 8 new songs. Also replaced the old Ending Theme mp3 with a new one that has higher sound quality and a fadeout.

    UPDATE: 1/11/08

    I updated Q&A. Changed the link for The Center for Glitch Studies to Glitchi: The Glitch Wiki.

    UPDATE: 1/5/08

    I finally finished Part 4 of the RAU Gallery Archaeology Sketch.

    Because I had split the story up two more times than I originally planned to, I had to put that one through several rewrites. It would've been far too short if I had left it the way it was when I first wrote it. So I added scenes, dialogue, and rewrote parts of it to make it flow a little better, and I drew at least twice as many scenes as the script previously called for.



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