UPDATE: 12/26/09

Today I have music from Lemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings (PS1).

The RAU Gallery also now has its own RSS Feed.

UPDATE: 12/23/09

I've recently played over 160 levels of Lemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings and this is what happens when I need a break from it:

Site Tracking Adventure #15

UPDATE: 12/09/09

Wow, those Evil Zone songs I put up got a lot of hits last night! I didn't realize Evil Zone music was in such high demand.

Now that you've heard the soundtrack, read the Evil Zone review!

UPDATE: 12/08/09

After a lengthy hiatus, I have some musical updates for you:

For the "E" page, I now have music from Evil Zone. I highly recommend the songs I gave the most Alfadors to. I also completely cleaned up that page so that it's entirely in the new format.

For the "P" page, I added almost the complete Puss n Boots soundtrack. Not all of the soundtrack is as good as the Game Over theme, but I like specializing in obscure stuff.

For the "S" page, I added some SNES Scooby Doo music, basically for people who are looking for Scooby Doo music because the SNES songs are pretty faithful to the cartoon. The "S" page still needs a lot of work, but it's too much for me to do right now.

Yeah, our shed has been painted, so hopefully the city won't try to make us take it down again. My mother says that it's not that unusual to get letters like that. She's been a homeowner for years and has gotten citations for utterly random things, such as a boat that was parked on her own property, far away from any sidewalk or driveway, that they claimed was "impeding the walkway".

This is what you'll see if you sit or lie down on a futon at my house.

UPDATE: 11/20/09

Well, crap! I went right from working insane amounts of overtime to being laid off again! This will probably result in some updates, although I have other life issues to attend to at the moment.

For now, I created a Dreams Archive for all of the dreams I've posted in the dream thread on the forums. That's something I've been wanting to do for awhile.

Blog Entry Time!

The house that Crawl and I moved into a few months ago came with a little storage shed in the backyard. It's a nice shed and looks to only be about a couple of years old. The paint looks good, the roof is in great condition, the inside looks brand new and it shows no signs of deterioration anywhere.

So imagine our surprise when we find a letter in our mailbox from the city building inspection commission saying that our shed is a "public nuisance" and we must "rehab or demolish" it. WTF?!?! How is a shed on a private residence a public nuisance??? Rehab it? What, do they think my shed is wandering off at night and getting drunk in the street or throwing wild parties or doing drugs or something?

The letter is extremely vague, but seems to imply it needs to be painted. Well, the paint, as I said before, looks new, so the only thing we could figure is that the trim around the door and corners isn't painted, so maybe they want us to paint that, but why not just say that?!?! Why leave it for us to guess what the hell they're talking about??

May I also point out that right within viewing distance of our back yard are a garage in a neighbor's yard that has a caved-in roof, and a huge barn-like garage that is made of wood and has absolutely no paint on it anywhere. Not to mention that there is an abandoned trailer park down the block that is full of old trailers, many of which have smashed windows, rust, and are filled with garbage/junk or falling apart. With eyesores like these, they're seriously worried that a few planks of wood on an otherwise beautiful little shed aren't painted??

We have had a housing inspector, an insurance agent, and several people who work in home repair visit and look over the premises and none of them said anything about there being a problem with the shed. However, after we got our new furnace and A/C unit installed, a city inspector (as required by law) came by to inspect everything, and he was in the backyard to check the A/C unit, where he could have easily seen the shed. Is it a coincidence that we get this letter about a week later? I doubt it.

Crawl thinks it was a neighbor who complained about it, although I still stand by the City Inspector theory. But just in case, I'm going to put up a "No Trespassing" sign, because really? Why the hell are neighbors walking up onto our property to look at our shed?

UPDATE: 11/18/09

Through a series of strange events, I recently happened upon this random webpage. An excerpt from this page caught my interest in particular:

"Another great example-also brand-new to me-comes from another new friend, Don Hauptman who asks in the very first line of his book, Cruel and Unusual Puns:

"Have you heard about the inner-city video game called Super Barrio Mothers?"

As with all examples of implied chiasmus, half the fun comes from figuring out what's being reversed, and the rest from admiring the creativity involved in crafting the observation in the first place. (For the one or two of you out there who may be in the dark about this one, it's based on a popular video game called Super Mario Brothers)."

Now, gee, I wonder where Mr. Don Hauptman got that "great example" of "implied chiasmus" from. Hmmm, I just don't have a clue where it could have possibly originated, but I certainly trust he credited the proper source.

The Internet: Your one-stop source for all your plagiarizing needs.

In other news, yeah, I had some unexpected downtime due to a computer problem at work, so despite the hiatus, I finally finished Slimer, Come Home. I think the hardest episodes to review are the ones I'm not really fond of, but don't outright hate, either. This one took me a lot longer than the others, not just because of the hiatus, but also because I felt like I was forcing myself through it. Your love for an episode or your hatred of it can fire your passions and make you want to talk about it, but when it's just so-so, it's hard to stay motivated to the end of the review.

UPDATE: 11/15/09

I added a complete map of Solstice to the Equinox Maps page. This map was created by Rob Budrick and is used with permission.

I'm on hiatus until further notice. I'm working a lot of overtime right now and I don't really have much time to update the site. Also, my hard drive is dangerously close to being full, so I need to find some means of backing it up before I can create a lot of new content. Basically, any updates within the near future will be things I've already got on my hard drive and just haven't put up to the site yet.

UPDATE: 11/1/09

I added the Afralona map to the Equinox Maps page. I also updated the information on the Atlena high jump in the Codes section and the Galadonia-Afralona warp glitch in the Oddities section.

UPDATE: 10/30/09

The Afralona Guide for the Equinox Shrine has been completed. I also updated the Monsters and Items sections accordingly.

UPDATE: 10/24/09

C'mon, people, stop that. It's really not that fascinating. Really.

But on the other hand...

THAT, I do want to see.

UPDATE: 10/18/09

Real Ghostbusters Episode 3, Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood has been covered on today's Cartoon Corner.

UPDATE: 10/13/09

At long last, I put up the Quagmire map in the Equinox Shrine Maps section!

Yeah, I know, you were all just dying for that update. So, I also have a few new things in the Codes section, too.

UPDATE: 10/10/09

Real Ghostbusters Episode 2, Killerwatt has been covered on today's Cartoon Corner.

I also added a link to Old-Wizard.com on the Links page.

UPDATE: 10/6/09

This is something I've been meaning to throw together for some time now. A collection of Unsolved Gaming Mysteries in the Oddities Section.

UPDATE: 10/4/09

I added Cartoon Corner back to the menu on the left of the main page. I originally took it down and relegated it to the Museum because it didn't have a lot of content and I wasn't sure when I'd update it again. However, I've begun work on a new project that I think will help justify it being there.

A Real Ghostbusters Episode/Review Guide, starting with Episode 1, Ghosts R Us.

Each review will have a brief synopsis of each episode complete with screen captures, along with my thoughts, opinions, and some trivia at the end.

UPDATE: 9/29/09

I updated the Links page. I dropped a few links to sites that either no longer had mine linked or appeared to be gone for good. I added a few new links, including Dracula's Curse: The Page!!! (aka Castlevania Forever) and Obscure Gaming.

I added a new section for "My Other Sites/Projects". These are links to other sites and things I own around the internet. Right now it just has links to Port Saiid, The RAU Gallery subdomain, and my YouTube Channel. That's probably all it will have for now.

I also added Galbadia Hotel back since my browser is no longer telling me it's an "attack site" when I visit it. Last but not least, I put the OPCFG back up since SiteAdvisor FINALLY changed Kontek's red rating to a green rating. It's about damn time!

You might recall that several years ago, a douchebag by the name of Darth_Yoda was accusing me of "associating with malicious websites" because I was linking to David Wonn's Unique Glitches on Kontek. I said back then that I was seriously doubtful that David Wonn's site had anything malicious on it, regardless of what SiteAdvisor said. The moral of the story is, Flying Omelette is always right!

UPDATE: 9/24/09

I updated the Knights of Justice Shrine.

Downloads & Miscellaneous: I added links to Ladyabaxa's Livejournal and YouTube pages, and also a link to Kevin Pun's blog, who did the in-game artwork.

Oddities: Slight update to the unused dialogue section (a link to Ladyabaxa's Livejournal for a few more bits of unused text), an unused character portrait (again thanks to Ladyabaxa), and an explanation of the Flower O'Innocent submitted by Erikat. I also fixed the link to Sweetbee's Game Hive and to the proper Achewood comic that mentioned the Staff of Life. I also fixed all the Wikipedia links so that they don't redirect (stop changing your URLs every few months, Wikipedia, cripes!!)

UPDATE: 9/22/09

I updated Q & A with something that just has to be seen to be believed.

UPDATE: 9/18/09

Not dead. I've just been very, very busy lately. When you buy a new house, there's a ton of things that need to be done and I'm slowly but surely pecking away at them, but it's eating most of my time. The only unfortunate result of having moved is that our new setup has pretty much rendered me completely unable to play any games that aren't emulated since the large TV has been taken over for TV and DVD watching purposes by someone else and there's no way in hell I can use the smaller portable TV we have to play games on because it's too hard on my eyes. I have no idea right now what to do to rectify this situation. It will probably result in me eventually buying a new TV, but I don't know when I'll be able to afford that.

I might need to do some site maintenance soon, too. Several years back there was a certain video game website that I sent a complimenting email to and they fired me one back saying they were going to wipe me off the face of the internet. Unfortunately, I no longer have the emails from that period, so I can't post their exact words, but they made several (quite laughable) attempts at it in the form of run-of-the-mill forum trolling and making a really weird, esoteric potshot at Nucleo McRaven and Image Arcane of the RAU Gallery. The reason I bring this up now is because I've noticed more and more articles from this site suddenly showing up in my site tracker lately, giving me unsolicited links back, and one of its members recently tried to submit something to the SAB section. I don't understand why, and quite frankly, I find it all rather creepy. I wonder if the confusion is stemming from the fact that I still have quite a few old submissions floating around in various sections from members of this site. It might be time to finally take those down.

Honestly, I wouldn't mind axing the entire Cameos Database section and at least 50% of the SAB section if they weren't such comedy goldmines for the search strings threads at Sweetbee's Game Hive. I still can see myself doing it someday, though. Those generally seem to be the two most hated sections of my site and over the years, I've come to agree that neither was a good idea to begin with. -FO

UPDATE: 8/23/09

Sorry for the delay in mentioning this, but I've been extremely busy lately. CB007's Videogaming Archive is the latest site to join the FlyingOmelette.com subdomain family. This site hosts an archive of all of the Port Saiid Game Progress Topics, as well as CB007's game reviews, and some Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, and Star Trek humor/oddities pages, so you should really check it out.

If you tried visiting Random Hoo-Haas in the past few days, you may have been greeted with a warning page saying that it could damage your computer or that it was spreading malware. Somehow, the site got infected with a virus that inserted an iframe code into HTML pages with filenames beginning with "index" and "main". The iframe was hidden and would open up (what appeared to be) some Russian website that would attempt to download malware onto your PC. I removed all the malicious iframe code from the site, and so far it seems to be running normally again.

Although I do not know the exact method in which RHH became infected, it seems like it either originated with some bad ad code that was left over from when a portion of the site was on a previous server (which I also removed) and/or a compromised FTP connection (which I changed the password to and upgraded to a SFTP account). The site should be okay and safe to browse now. Note that this virus only affected the Randomhoohaas subdomain, and nothing else on FlyingOmelette.com.

But in any case, it's a good idea to have some anti-virus/spyware application running on your computer at all times. I recommend Webroot Spysweeper, although it cost about $40 and you have to renew it every year. But it seems like it works better at finding more malware and stopping them before they even get on your PC than any of the free stuff I've tried.

UPDATE: 8/10/09

I added a review of Scooby-Doo to the SNES reviews.

UPDATE: 8/9/09

I've moved the RAU Gallery to its own subdomain:


There were several reasons for this decision. First, I felt the "sitetracking" URL was too long and outdated, since the section contains more than just the Site Tracking Adventures (though they will continue to be a part of it), and it also seems to confuse newer search engines. For example, while searching "RAU Gallery" on Bing does bring up pages from my site, they are mostly random scrapbook pages, and I'd rather my highest result for that be the index of the sketch comedy series. I'm guessing (hoping) that actually having "raugallery" in the URL will help.

Also, while I've moved the sketches, fanart, casting page, and species primer to the subdomain, the scrapbooks will still be hosted here until if and when I can get them all updated the way Cory's and Tomi's were.

It will take me awhile to go through the entire site and make sure everything is working okay with this transition. You might find some broken links in the meantime (mostly in the Scrapbooks and Update Logs). Unfortunately, I don't have any new sketches to celebrate the occasion, but I did add an "RAU Q & A" section and a "Friends of the RAU" links page.

I should also have another game review completed before long, too.

UPDATE: 8/1/09

I added a review of Puss n Boots: Pero's Great Adventure to the Reviews page. What is it with the cheeseburgers lately?

UPDATE: 7/31/09

I made a slight update to the I am Error article. I basically just added a couple of related links: One to that RAU Gallery sketch and one to an excellent article written by Ragey over at Random Hoo-Haas.

UPDATE: 7/29/09

FlyingOmelette.com is now officially off hiatus. We'll start anew with a couple of Atari 2600 reviews:

  • Air-Sea Battle

  • Night Driver

    Also, Grey Bob's Igloo is the latest site to join the FlyingOmelette.com subdomain family. The site is new, so there's not a lot of content yet, but his his reviews, drawings, and other writings are off to an excellent start.

    UPDATE: 7/28/09

    Google, you are the weakest link, goodbye!

    In case it isn't yet apparent, Google has begun deactivating Adsense accounts en masse over the past couple of months, including mine. This, of course, has absolutely nothing (*cough*) to do with the current state of the economy (*chortle*), and is because we suddenly all broke something or other in their Terms of Service (*pfffft*), despite years of using Adsense with no complaints and no problems.

    In my specific case, I was informed that because my site's visitor population has a significant amount of loyal readers who have been going here for years, I pose a risk of "Click Fraud" since I could theoretically convince them to click my ads for me, even though I have never done such a thing in all the years I've used this service, never would, and I am quite confident in saying that my friends and loyal readers wouldn't either. (And we all know how tolerant I am of people who accuse me and my friends of fraud without substantial proof, whether it is a form letter or not.)

    I have also heard a rumor that they aren't very friendly to humor sites (*lol*), and although I'm having difficulty finding a lot of specific examples, that would make sense since they've never really been very supportive of The RAU Gallery. I'd estimate over 95% of the hits to that section come from sources other than Google, the ads wouldn't show up on certain sketches (even though the ads are supposed to be context-sensitive and there were plenty of pop-references), and it's mysteriously never listed amongst the subsections in the search results for "Flying Omelette". (Even weirder is that the reviews section, which is both a headliner and the site's flagship, was removed from those results and they put three links to my music section in its place.)

    I never made much money off of Google's Ponzi scheme ad service, so it's not really that big of a loss for me. In fact, here are The Top 5 Things I Can Now Do Since Google Dropped Me:

    #1. Promote start-up websites, since I don't have to worry that linking to a site with lower page rank will decrease mine. In fact, I can link to any site I damn well please without having to adhere to their ridiculous Big Brother-ish "no follow" rules.

    #2. Hopefully, never receive an email from a Page Rank Leech ever again.

    #3. Provide advertising space for companies that actually pay me for it.

    #4. When I think something sucks, I can say how much I think it sucks, no matter what it is, because I don't have to worry that Google's advertisers will be offended and pull out.

    #5. Never have to worry that spitting my crocodile bile on the idiots who end up in the Site Tracking Adventures will scare away their precious potential clients.

    So, there. I'll be removing all their ad code from all of my pages, and the staff of DHN has my permission to do the same. I'm going to look into other advertising options for the site. If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to them.

    Oh, and there's certainly no way this could have happened because my site took a slightly larger-than-normal increase in hits during July because of the new Transformers movie, the new Ghostbusters game, and the death of Michael Jackson, and Google just doesn't want to have to pay me for those extra clicks. No, certainly not.

    (Okay, I'll start the RSS feed on the next update.)

    UPDATE: 7/25/09

    We're finally completely moved into our new house and I have internet access again.

    I cleared out my backlog of Q&A submissions and I finally fixed up my Links page.\

    PS. I'll start up the RSS feed again on the next update.

    UPDATE: 6/22/09

    I added my old "Game of the Month" articles for Kartia, Ogre Battle 64, Robotrek, and Rygar, as well as the "Rec Room Spotlight" feature on Star Fox to the Reviews Page. If you've already read those articles before, they won't have anything new for you. But since they were unique articles for games I hadn't yet given formal reviews, and the articles are practically reviews as they are, I thought I may as well add them in. (Also helps pad that section out a little more.) There won't be star scores for these games, although I still put the little emoticon next to the description that best describes how I felt about them.

    Crawl and I start officially moving tomorrow, so it may be awhile before I can update again. My Links page is kind of a mess right now. I'll try to get it fixed up soon.

    UPDATE: 6/21/09

    You know what I find amusing about doing these Site Tracking Adventures? Most of the times when I find offsite URLs in my tracking system, they stay in there for several days, no matter how many or few hits they bring in. But as soon as I do an STA for an URL, the very next day - boom, the URL vanishes completely. Not one more hit, nadda, even if it was previously getting hundreds. Coincidence? You decide.

    Anyway, I did some maintenance on the RAU Gallery sketches. I fixed up a bunch of problems and broken URLs that were pointed out to me by Doveblob from the Port Saiid forums. I fixed some spelling errors here and there and I changed all external links to open in a new tab/window.

    Also, I've been having difficulty for some time now in getting the Google ads to show up on the Hazy 80's Days sketch, and I've double and triple-checked my code, so I know the problem isn't on my end. C'mon, guys, with the sheer number of things I referenced in that sketch, you seriously can't find one relevant ad to place on it? Sheesh!

    And finally, this was the single best RAU-related email I ever received (the day after I wrote "In Case of WTF, Break Glass"):


    You are A GOD, Mr./Mrs./Miss./Something Flying Omlette! This is a REALLY COOL SITE!
    And I hate you so very much for being awsome.

    UPDATE: 6/20/09

    As promised, here are the other two new RAU Gallery sketches:

    Encyclopedia Globber

    Forum Archive Topic #11

    UPDATE: 6/19/09

    Though I'm still on hiatus, I still managed to find time to write another Site Tracking Adventure. With each installment of this series, I always think that at least it's not possible for people to get any dumber... and they always prove me wrong.

    Edit: I got myself on a roll and managed to complete the other Site Tracking Adventure. Bon appetit!

    I might have a few more sketches in the near future... Including another Forum Archive topic, and a sketch I actually wrote on paper during a slow day at work.

    UPDATE: 6/5/09

    Another Q&A update.

    UPDATE: 6/1/09

    I added a bunch of new stuff to the Super Mario RPG music section.

    I also decided to stop being lazy and update Q&A.

    Please be aware that I am still on semi-hiatus and I can only update when I've got time.

    UPDATE: 5/31/09

    UPDATE: 5/27/09

    UPDATE: 5/22/09

    Little Red Patch, Little Red Patch...

    A teeny, tiny tabby all stuffed with fluff!

    Little Red Patch, Little Red Patch...

    Teeny, tiny Pepper Pot Pie!

    (Yes, this cat is alive.)

    UPDATE: 5/6/09

    We've submitted an application for a loan and I've contacted a realtor about the house we're interested in. Now it's a waiting game. *sigh*

    In the meantime, Ikari Warriors music. Yes, Ikari Warriors. You want to make something of it?

    UPDATE: 5/4/09

    Still on hiatus while I get the house situation taken care of, but right now I have nothing to do, and there isn't really much I can do, so I uploaded a bunch of new stuff for Arcana in the music section.

    BTW, I'm not going to update the RSS feed right now. I'll go back to using it after we've moved and settled in the new place.

    UPDATE: 5/1/09

    Quick note: Sweetbee's Game Hive is the latest site to join the FlyingOmelette.com subdomain family. Check it out if you haven't already and if you have... well visit it again! It's definitely worth it.

    UPDATE: 4/25/09


    Due to situations beyond our control, Crawl and I have to move out of our apartment (hopefully) within the next month. During this time, I will not be able to update this site. But fear not, I will return eventually when everything is sorted out, and FlyingOmelette.com has become such a huge site that I'll bet even some regular and long-time visitors haven't seen everything on it. So, here is some suggested reading to keep you busy:

    Game Reviews
    The heart and soul of FlyingOmelette.com. I confess that almost everything written in the old "category" format is crap, but most of the ones that aren't marked "Old Format" I've done my best to make worth your time to read, and there are quite a few of them.

    The RAU Gallery
    Someday, AT6 will be finished, but there are plenty of other sketches for your enjoyment in the meantime. While it has been one of my most controversial sections, the amount of positive feedback I've gotten on it has been tremendous.

    Game Shrines
    I tried my best to make these shrines interesting even for people who haven't played the games yet. Some, like the Arc the Lad 4 and Donkey Kong 64 shrines, are more humor and odd observation articles than complete shrines, while the others cover almost all aspects of the games. (Equinox shrine is halfway complete, Drakkhen shrine is just started.)

    Game Music Downloads
    Hundreds of high-quality mp3s of the music taken directly from the games. I doubt that you've listened to each and every one, so what are you waiting for?

    What? You still want more?

    Then check out FlyingOmelette.com's subdomains:

    Crawl's Review Site
    It's just as the name suggests, though it has more than that. Definitely check out the "Reader Reviews", too.

    Deathamster's Nest
    The DHN/Port Saiid community's archive site. Still updated semi-regularly.

    Gameplayers & NES Retreat
    Deathspork's fantastic sites. The reviews here are really good, too. Though the original versions still exist on Angelfire and 50megs, this archive is ad-free and has had some of the missing content restored.

    NES Enshrined
    I recently cleaned up this subdomain, fixing broken images and links, and anchored backgrounds to make it more readable. The reviews here are really good. Just turn down your sound when you visit because of the auto-loading midis. (Diefwolf, the site's creator, had a thing for midis.)

    Random Hoo-Haas
    Great site with tons of video game shrines and cartoon reviews that's still updated daily.

    "So goodbye yellow brick road
    Where the dogs of society howl
    You can't plant me in your penthouse
    I'm going back to my plough
    Back to the howling old owl in the woods
    Hunting the horny back toad
    Oh I've finally decided my future lies
    Beyond the yellow brick road"

    UPDATE: 4/18/09

    This isn't the most exciting update in the world, but awhile back I renovated my RAU Scrapbook for Cory McRaven with the intention of eventually doing the same for all of the characters that are used in the current series. Of course, I never actually got around to doing that since it's a lot of tedious work, but I did manage to get Tomi Forrester's Scrapbook done today (why him, I don't really know). I organized the existing stuff and added a lot more new scans (mostly of old pictures, though), but before you click that link, be warned that a lot of my old drawings of Tomi are really bad and some are downright scary-looking, so if you're creeped out by things spawned from the warped mind of an 11-year-old, or if you're from Kotaku, you might want to be careful.

    UPDATE: 4/15/09

    Added a new section for Obitus Music with 2 new songs to the Game Music Downloads section.

    UPDATE: 4/12/09

    Journey to Silius Music: Added Boss Theme and Intro Theme.

    Yoshi's Island Music: Added Baby Bowser, Big Boss, Ending Theme (Part 2), Main Theme, Mini-Boss, Powerful Mario, and Underground.

    UPDATE: 4/10/09

    Illusion of Gaia Music: Added Ankor Wat, Boss Theme, Drifting, Edward Castle, Itory Village, Lola's Melody, Lost Continent Mu, Memory Melody, and Wind Melody.

    Zanac: Added Area 6 Theme, Title Theme, and Unused Track (though the last one was available on the unused game music oddities page).

    UPDATE: 4/4/09

    My cats have been keeping me too busy lately to do much with the website, but I have a few things I've been working on (mostly music).

  • Added Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius and Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues to the "J" page.
  • Added Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics 2 to the "Z" page.

    Also, added some Honen Calzoun fanart by Ragey to the RAU Gallery Fanart section.

    UPDATE: 3/16/09

    Super Galvatron sent me a verson of the TMNT2 boxart without the Pizza Hut ad a long time ago, and I finally put it up on the Favorite Boxart Page. I need to update that article, but I don't have time for it right now.

    I updated Q&A.

    UPDATE: 3/15/09

    Thanks to site reader Andrew, there is an update to the limerick situation in A Boy and His Blob Oddities.

    Thanks to some help from Ladyabaxa Knights of Justice Oddities has been updated with some information on unused areas stored within the game's ROM, complete with a couple of YouTube videos to demonstrate them. (CTRL+F "Unused Areas" to go straight to the new stuff.)

    UPDATE: 3/14/09

    First of all, the mystery of the hidden time gate background in Chrono Trigger has been solved.

    Secondly, more music updates:

    Castlevania 3 - Added Anxiety, Big Battle, Boss Fight, Demon Seed, Epitaph, Game Over, Nightmare, Prayer, and Riddle.

    Contra - Added Boss Theme and Game Over.

    R-Type - All of it's new.

    UPDATE: 3/5/09

    I have some more game music updates.

    EVO: Search For Eden - Added Amphibian's Land, Boss Fight, Ending Theme (Symphonic), Ending Theme (Synthesizer), Extinction, Final Boss, and The Coast of Pange.

    Out Run - Added Magical Sound Shower, Passing Breeze, and Splash Wave.

    River City Ransom - Added Boss Theme, Double Dragon Theme, Main Theme, and Title Theme.

    Snake Rattle n Roll - Added Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, and Title Theme.

    Super Mario 64 - Added Cave Dungeon, Inside the Castle Walls, Koopa's Theme, Lethal Lava Land, Main Theme, Piranha Plant's Lullaby, Piranha Plant's Lullaby (Piano), Powerful Mario, Slider, Snow Mountain, and Ultimate Koopa. Also, it was pointed out to me a long time ago that Koopa's Road had a loud "POP!" in the beginning of the song. I've corrected that.

    UPDATE: 2/23/09

    I have another Site Tracking Adventure today, and I know that I've said this before, but this time I really mean it when I say this one has to be seen to be believed. The reason this John Q. Internet is pissed off at me is something I could not have made up if I tried.

    UPDATE: 2/21/09

    Cleaned up the section for Super Earth Defense Force and added the following songs: Armed Satellite, First Encounter, Midnight Intercept, Naval Battle.

    A new section for Tetris in the Game Music Downloads.

    I completely fixed up the section for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in the Game Music Downloads, and I added the following songs: Bolero of Fire, Ganondorf Battle, Hyrule Market, Kakariko Village (Orchestrated), Kotake & Koume's Theme, Lakeside Laboratory, Last Battle, Lon Lon Ranch, Lost Woods, Mini Boss, Minuet of Forest, Nocturne of Shadow, Prelude of Light, Requiem of Spirit, Serenade of Water, Sheik's Theme, Spirit Temple, Title Theme, Zelda's Theme, Zora's Domain.

    I might do a string of updates today. I'm not sure yet. We'll see.

    UPDATE: 2/19/09

    Wow. It's been awhile since I've updated Game Music Downloads, so I added some stuff for Metal Gear.

    UPDATE: 2/15/09

    Another sketch in the RAU Gallery today! (I fear I might be getting too esoteric, but I couldn't help it.)

    UPDATE: 2/12/09

    I updated Q & A.

    UPDATE: 2/8/09

    In today's Site Tracking Adventure, StumbleUpon seems to have officially declared war on my site. No problem. There's plenty more where the last sketch came from.

    UPDATE: 2/7/09

    Since I've finally finished watching all the episodes and interviews and commentary tracks on the Real Ghostbusters DVD set, I'll give an update on my hiatus situation.

    I'm currently working on archiving another old favorite website of mine. That's my priority right now. When that is finished, I will make finishing the Archaeology storyline of the RAU Gallery my priority. I've said this before on the forums, but I don't know if I have on the site, so I'll just say it again: The story is actually all completely finished. I just have to finish all the drawings and plug them in. But I'd really hate for it to go another year without being completed and it's limiting what else I can do with the series as I have to tiptoe around situations that can't be resolved until it's over.

    When that's finished, I'll complete the work on the Equinox Shrine. I'm not making any guarantees as to when I'll start the Drakkhen Shrine, though. It depends on how I feel when I'm done with the Equinox Shrine.

    UPDATE: 1/28/09

    I updated Q & A.

    UPDATE: 1/24/09

    Site Tracking Adventure #10 on today's RAU Gallery. This one's a little different, so to speak...

    UPDATE: 1/18/09

    Two new submissions for the Kid Icarus Fanart page from Mark Patraw, a God of Poverty drawing and a 3D model Specknose.

    UPDATE: 1/17/09

    Site Tracking Adventure #9 on today's RAU Gallery. I am the meanest bile-spewing croc on the entire internet and there's your proof.

    My site's sort of on hiatus right now. I got the Real Ghostbusters complete DVD set and it's been eating up most of my spare time, along with my two cats.

    UPDATE: 1/5/09

    WARNING!: HUGE blog entry to follow:

    I created an archive of Deathspork's two remaining websites, Tha Gameplayer's Retreat and NES Retreat as a subdomain of FlyingOmelette.com.

    Deathspork (DS) is no longer around, but his sites (especially the NES Retreat) were the main inspirational force behind FlyingOmelette.com. Before I saw the NES Retreat, my site was a pathetic 3 pages on go.com, one of which was a links page and another was a horribly outdated top 10 list of my favorite games. I wanted to create something with a wider appeal and lasting value, but also would be fun, informative, and have a great variety of sections, so I basically followed in the NES Retreat's footsteps.

    Though I did not obtain DS's permission to host these sites, he said numerous times that you could use anything on his sites that you want, and I was getting annoyed with the horrendous amount of ads and pop-ups on the free servers that they were hosted on (Angelfire and 50megs - 50megs being the worse of the two), so I'm hoping he would not have minded this, either. These sites really deserved better, and now you can peruse them ad-free.

    Another problem with the original sites is that some of the files have disappeared, due to sites getting moved or going down entirely. I archived everything I could, gathering what I could from the both the existing sites and archive.org, but some content is missing and some changes had to be made. Here is a rundown of the changes:


  • On the front page, there was a link to a rant in the announcements that no longer exists, so the link was commented out. (It had something to do with Bugforest and ezboard, and may have been removed due to a falling-out with that community.)

  • The Guestbook Links have been commented out because the guestbook was full of spam.

  • The poll code on the main page was disabled since it no longer worked. I kept the visual aspect of the poll for posterity, but it won't do anything if you click the button.

  • The images in the Castlevania 2 review were broken and I couldn't find them on archive.org, so I commented them out.

  • A few reviews had font errors wherein a font tag hadn't been closed out. I fixed these.

  • Ezboard FAQ: Ezboard no longer exists, so I changed the link to Yuku's home page (which is similar to ezboard, but obviously most of the "tricks" he mentions in that section will no longer work.)

  • Links: On both the Links page and elsewhere on the site in general, if a link was broken, but the target site had moved, I changed the link to the current URL. If the link was broken, and the site was missing, I changed the URL to an archive.org version. If the site does not exist on archive.org, I commented out the link. For any links that have been stripped, the remaining text has been underlined so you can tell where the links used to be. (Links that are still good were left alone, of course.)

  • Rants: No changes here, but on a side note: I have no idea why DS archived that "I hate Konami" prank post I made at the Game Pond eons ago. It should be obvious if you read this site enough that I don't really hate Konami, but I still occasionally get into arguments with people who find that article and think I was being serious. (I had a long history of pranking the Game Pond with crap like that, but that's another story for another time.)


  • Guestbook commented out for the same reason as the other one.

  • Various non-working links stripped and corrected for the same reason as the other ones.

  • Some pages were missing a "back" link. I added them in where missing.

  • Anchored the backgrounds so they'd work properly in both Firefox and IE.

  • Review Critiques: The Critique of EdtheMoogle's Contra Review was missing and I could not find an archived copy. Was probably intentionally removed.

  • There were some txt files that were linked to offsite locations that no longer exist, including 4 FAQs and a Rarity Guide. I managed to find copies of all of these and hosted them directly on the site now.

  • None of the zip files in the Files section work anymore because the site they were hosted on (go.com) no longer exists and no archived versions could be found. (This is actually mentioned in the update log.) Note that I would not be able to host zip files on FlyingOmelette.com anyway. The original text of the page is archived for posterity, but don't expect to be able to actually get those files there.

  • Contra Shrine Showcase: This is the biggest problem and one of the main reasons I decided to do this archive, because I was afraid something like this might happen again - Almost NONE of the pictures in this section work anymore as Angelfire deleted them all, and I wasn't able to find archived versions. I could, to the best of my ability, take some Contra screenshots myself to replace them, but there are times when DS makes comments such as the one under the Stage 5 section, "There are many hard parts in level 5 such as this one here", and I have no idea what part he's talking about, and I wouldn't want to misrepresent his opinion. For now, all missing images have been replaced with a "File Not Found" image.

  • Contra Shrine Showcase Music Page: Just a note: I archived this page, but there was nothing on it. I'm guessing that since there are midis in the downloads page, DS changed his mind and decided to have the music there, instead, but never went back and removed this blank page. Oh well...

  • Aside from restoring some images that had previously been lost (like the Ace Ebb pictures and the NES, Fucker! Award of L33tn3ss), I believe those are all the changes that I made. NO ACTUAL WRITTEN CONTENT WAS ALTERED OR REMOVED.

    Please note that although DS was an inspiration to this site, his opinions do not necessarily reflect my own. Now go take a look through his sites, and have fun! They're well worth it.

    UPDATE: 1/1/09

    Caramel celebrates the New Year!



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