UPDATE: 12/24/10

To anyone who posts on the forums or plans to, I'd really like you to go to this topic and vote on whether you want to stay at the new forums or return to the old ones. At midnight, January 1, 2011, I will be closing the poll and whichever board has the most votes at that time will be the one that becomes the official FlyingOmelette.com forums.

In the case of a tie at closing time, I will cast the tie-breaking vote.

Thank you, and happy holidays, everyone!

UPDATE: 12/12/10

I don't know what I'm doing about the forum situation right now. I'm pretty upset and feeling miserable beyond belief, but I realize that asking everyone to suddenly move from Port Saiid to a new place without taking a proper poll to see if they'd be happy about it was a rather selfish decision made in haste and I'm just not sure what I think about it right now. I'm trying to work things out, but it's probably going to take a little time. Until then, I'm not sure what the status of the site or the forums will be.

In the meantime, here are the links to both:

Port Saiid Forums
New FlyingOmelette.com Forums

Whatever decision comes to pass, neither forum nor its posts will be lost. If we move, Port Saiid will just be an open archive like the Game Pond now is. If we don't move, I'll keep the new board up and figure out some use for it (at the very least, it came in quite handy for experimenting with a new board skin without having to mess up Port Saiid in the process). I personally would love to have a forum that no longer has "palace" in the URL, but I realize that Port Saiid has a lot of history and topics that are important to its members and the tradeoff may not be worth it.

Be that as it may, let's face it... Port Saiid needs an overhaul. It has a lot of forums that have been quite dead lately (I think it's safe to say "Game Reviews" and "Game Ideas" have seen their final days). The design has grown stale to my senses. Too many "runaway" topics that really should be archived and be continued in new topics. Forums that are getting cluttered with stuff that really doesn't belong in them (there needs to be a separate Nonsense and Ranting forum like there is at the new board). But it's such a huge, ungainly mess that it could take me awhile to figure out how best to rearrange everything.

I'll close with saying thanks to eveyone for continuing to support the site and the forums. You mean a lot to me and I apologize that my rough patches in life often spill over into where they shouldn't. I'm sorry to all the people who sent me emails and private messages apologizing because you thought it may have been something you did or said that caused this mess, because nothing could be farther from the truth. Maybe that would be a great New Year's resolution to make - I'll try to be a better admin by not allowing these personal issues to gum up the works.

May be awhile before I update the site again, too, because I'm probably just going to replay Resident Evil 4 one last time for screenshots.

UPDATE: 12/05/10

Okay, let's try that again. Judging by the results in the RAU Gallery's site tracker from yesterday, it looks like what happened is that I announced an update here, and instead of clicking the link I provided, a lot of people went right to the subdomain's main page... and then clicked on the first sketch they saw on the list. However, that's been there for over a month and isn't what was updated.

This is the sketch that was updated

I apologize if there was confusion, and it's partially my fault for taking so long to complete this mini-series, but please next time... trust the links. I also adjusted the RAU Gallery's main page to be less confusing in this matter.

Also, new Capsule Reviews for November are up.

UPDATE: 12/04/10

After sitting on it for almost 2 whole years, I finally completed Part 6 of the Archaeology storyline of the RAU Gallery. I should also point out that while Part 6 is finally completed, the entire storyline still has one more chapter to go. Along with finishing Part 6, I also made some tweaks to the entire storyline. Here's a rundown:

Part 1: 20 Seconds to Nowhere - I removed some of the silly animated gifs from this part. Seeing as how I actually drew the vortex scene, I didn't feel those gifs were necessary.

Part 2: The Edge of Yesterday - Restored Honen's line, "You'll just make him mad!..." (This had been deleted from the original version.) I also reworded the dialogue slightly in the part where Nucleo and Image Arcane are in the Netscape Cache to make it less esoteric.

Part 3: The World That Time Forgot - No major changes.

Part 4: Attack of the Drones - No major changes.

Part 5: The Road to Reflection - I restored a deleted scene to explain better why Honen had to go on ahead to the "ship" and get it started without the other two. Also reworded some of Loro's dialogue slightly to explain the "Navigator" being shaped like a spaceship.

Part 6: Stranglehold - Completed.

Part 7 will be the last chapter, but I don't have an ETA for that one yet.

UPDATE: 11/06/10

New Capsule Reviews for October are up.

UPDATE: 10/10/10

I updated Q & A with two more questions.

I added links to Classic Mario Games, Mario Flash Games, and The Videogame Music Preservation Foundation to the Links page.

I was recently poking around Equinox with vSNES (a memory and tile-viewing program) and I kept seeing what looked like a jumble of letters in there. Normally, I set the MemViewer's Window Size to X res:16, Y res:255. So, I expanded X out to 32 and...

I could finally read the jumbled letters - it was a hidden message from Ste Pickford and John Pickford, who had worked on Equinox at Software Creations.

It was brought to their attention, and we got word straight from Ste Pickford about its origins.

Pretty neat, huh?

UPDATE: 10/05/10

New Capsule Reviews for September are up.

UPDATE: 10/03/10

A whole new Site Tracking Adventure in the RAU Gallery today.

UPDATE: 9/19/10

This started out as another oddities page, but got so big that I just decided to go the whole distance and make it a complete shrine:

The HyperZone Shrine

It's more or less complete because the game is so short that it was easy to gather up everything I needed for it.

UPDATE: 9/4/10

I completely overhauled Honen Calzoun's Scrapbook. I rewrote his intro because the old one was too vague, and I added a ton of new stuff. A lot of it was stuff from his adventures in the RAU Gallery series, but I also added rough sketches, recent concept art (some of it just unfinished doodling), and I dug up a few more old panels back from my 80's work. The new intro will become the standard format for all characters once I get around to updating everyone else's scrapbooks...which could be awhile.

I'm also certain I have some more old Honen Calzoun art somewhere in this house, but I don't know what I did with it. Oh well...if I eventually find it, I'll have something to update with.

UPDATE: 9/2/10

Take Two has been covered on the RGB Cartoon Corner.

UPDATE: 9/1/10

Capsule Reviews for August 2010 are up.

UPDATE: 8/25/10

Edit: Also completed the Equinox Items Page.

The Monsters Page of the Equinox Shrine has been completed.

And to the person who keeps searching this site with things like:

icycalm flying omelet
site:flyingomelette.com icycalm
flying omelette icycalm
icycalm flying omelette
insomnia forum flying omelette

Quit it!!!

Geez, what's next? nes scene flying omelette? site:flyingomelette.com team-vzq? Hell, why don't we all just start talking about the myths and boomer crap already.

UPDATE: 8/23/10

Look Homeward, Ray has been covered on the RGB Cartoon Corner.

UPDATE: 8/17/10

Some odds and ends I've been working on lately. Some of these changes were actually made awhile ago, but I just never announced them. They include:

  • Two new questions in Q&A.
  • A note on a "Familiar Yoshi's Story Boss" in the Kid Icarus Miscellaneous section.
  • A note on the origin of the Shadow Zeroes in the Secret of Mana Oddities
  • Mystery of the unused track in Legend of the Mystical Ninja solved.
  • A long overdue update to the Maru/Bebedora situation in Arc the Lad: End of Darkness sent in by site reader Akarai.
  • A weird Bubble Bobble enemy added to the Aliens SAB.

    And what's this, holy cow, could it really be?

    A new Switched at Birth? article!

    This one is composed entirely of entries I found while cleaning out old emails from my inbox. It should tell you how long ago I started this page - it's named after a then-current internet meme that never really took off.

    UPDATE: 8/16/10

    My very first Xbox review, Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams. Yeah, I know I did a capsule review earlier, but there was a lot more I wanted to say about it.

    UPDATE: 8/2/10

    Capsule Reviews for July 2010 are up.

    UPDATE: 7/26/10

    I completely rewrote my Kid Icarus Review. 99% of the new review is completely new. I pretty much only took one line from the original and even that line had to be rewritten. Yes, I know I wrote a capsule review recently, but I didn't realize just how awful the full review (which was written a long time ago) was until I actually attempted to re-read it. I decided I couldn't leave it that way, capsule review or not.

    Also, I haven't been too much into updating Switched at Birth lately, but I did add a few new ones to the RAU Gallery SAB page. One for Aurora, two for Honen, and one for Tomi, at the bottom of the page.

    UPDATE: 7/24/10

    I finally finished the Guide for Equinox, which includes Level 8 and the Ending Sequence. The Shrine itself is still incomplete in many areas, but the guide was the most important part that wasn't done and I wanted to get it out of the way first.

    UPDATE: 7/14/10

    I have a new review for the NES game The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy.

    UPDATE: 7/5/10

    I made some more adjustments to the Knights of Justice Oddities Page, including:

  • More Unused Graphics: Talking Villager, Healing Herbs, and Unused Sword
  • A better, less-pixelated picture of Blackwing from the cartoon.
  • Some clarification on the unused dialogue for Erek of Tintagel and the no-name hermit that was supposed to teach you about the healing herbs in the Unused Dialogue section.
  • Another SAB for Merlin.

    UPDATE: 7/2/10

    I'd hate to give anyone information overload, but I finally covered When Halloween Was Forever The Real Ghostbusters Cartoon Corner.

    And I also updated my Capsule Reviews for May and June. I didn't want to put it off any longer since we're already in July.

    UPDATE: 6/8/10

    More updates to the Knights of Justice Shrine!

    I added a bit to the Oddities Page about the Staff of Rhiothamus (just below the section about the Unused Items). I also cleaned up some problems in the Unused Dialogue portion of that article.

    I also cleaned up the Downloads Page a bit and added the ROM. As I've mentioned before, I generally don't make ROMs available on this site, but a game like Knights of Justice that's long been out of print and pretty much has no hope of ever being rereleased is fair game, in my book.

    Also, the Debug Modes & Unused Stuff Wiki is pretty much now defunct and all content was ported over to The Cutting Room Floor Wiki, so I changed all the links accordingly.

    UPDATE: 6/7/10

    With special thanks to Ladyabaxa and the fine folks at The Cutting Room Floor, my Knights of Justice Oddities Page has gotten a complete overhaul. Tons of new information, pictures, and videos have been added and old/outdated information has been changed and updated accordingly. General rundown of the changes:

  • Information categorized and reorganized for better readability.
  • Information on a Debug Menu added!
  • Song titles correctly matched up (thanks to the Debug Menu).
  • Unused Walking Villager frames compiled into animated gif (thanks to Ragey).
  • Unused Walking Merlin, Talking Woman, and Opening Drawbridge animations added courtesy of Ladyabaxa.
  • Unused item sprites added courtesy of YK, and more unused items found by Ladyabaxa.
  • Complete maps of the unused areas in the Dark Forest, Castle Sanguine, Stone Gardens, Castle Vilor, and the Dead Forest have been added.
  • Unused cutscene found by Ladyabaxa!
  • Blinder's Way section updated. Full area map added. Information on hidden warps added.
  • Unused Dialogue updated.
  • Death Loop, Blinder's Way, and Welton glitches added to a new "Glitches" section.
  • Added information on Wally's palette change.
  • Added information on interesting things you can do with the warp and debug codes (all courtesy of Ladyabaxa.)

    UPDATE: 6/4/10

    Mr. Sandman, Dream Me a Dream has been covered on The Real Ghostbusters Cartoon Corner. I figured I was procrastinating long enough on that one, too.

    UPDATE: 5/15/10

    The Boogieman Cometh has been covered on Cartoon Corner. I figured I was procrastinating long enough on that.

    UPDATE: 5/8/10

    I recently replayed The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and decided to make a pictoral Item FAQ as I went along. It's now complete, and it shows you where to find all the items, songs, hearts, and gold skulltulas in the entire game.

    Fun fact: This replay was the first time I'd ever legitimately gotten the Biggest Quiver from the Gerudo Archery Range. One time I was playing around with Swordless Link glitches, and I went to the archery range and started the minigame. I used the glitch to dismount Epona midway into the game, aimed at the center of one of those targets from the ground and fired away for a perfect score of 2000. To my utter surprise, the game actually counted it and I won the quiver!

    However, this time I finally did it the hard way, without any glitches, and I'm now damn proud to say I've done everything in Ocarina of Time that's possible to do (except catch the Loach, but who really cares about that?)

    UPDATE: 5/3/10

    Added a couple of things to the Capsule Reviews page for April 2010. I didn't have anything for March 2010 because I didn't beat any games in March and the only thing I watched on DVD for the whole month were the special features on the Alien Quadrilogy. I'm still going to be on hiatus for a little while, mainly because I injured my right thumb, which is making it very hard to type.

    UPDATE: 4/4/10

    This might be the most pointless thing I've ever done, but I made a Demon's Crest Item FAQ. I really wanted to do one of these for Super Metroid someday, but Demon's Crest is a lot smaller game, so it was easier to do.

    I also redesigned my Game Guides front page to make it more like the Game Shrines front page.

    UPDATE: 4/3/10

    I added Nintendo-A-GoGo and IncognitO to the Links page.

    Nintendo-A-GoGo is one of the longest-running NES sites in existence.

    IncognitO is the latest site to join the FlyingOmelette.com subdomain family.

    Check'em out. A lot of good stuff to be found!

    UPDATE: 3/28/10

    One whole month in the making, I finally unveil a new music/oddities article: Musical Similarities.

    This is kind of like a scaled-back version of the Cameos Database, but for music only, and only musical comparisons/references that meet very particular criteria, and that I have solid proof for.

    While working on this new article, I pulled a lot of old entries from the Cameos Database and I came to realize what a huge mess that section is. I found entries that were flat-out wrong, entries that make no sense, stuff being counted as cameos that probably shouldn't be. It's just...ugh. I wouldn't be surprised if a good 25% of the entries could be safely eliminated. Part of the problem was that when it covered everything under the sun, there was no way possible for me to verify everything. But with the new Musical Similarities article, the files are all right there for you to make the comparisons yourself.

    I also redesigned the Oddities Index and Music Index the same way I did with the Museum and Kitchen Sink.

    UPDATE: 2/28/10

    I have some organization changes going on. First of all, it really made no sense that sections like "The RAU Gallery", "Cartoon Corner", "Capsule Reviews", and "Q&A" were underneath of "Video Games" in the table to the left. Yes, these sections sometimes have game-related content. But, no, they don't exclusively have game-related content, so they really needed a category of their own. I dropped them down to "FO Theatre", which is for general entertainment.

    Secondly, I also split up the Museum into two separate sections. The Museum under the Video Games table now only contains video game-related pages. The pages that were not video game-related were moved to a new section, "The Kitchen Sink" under "FO Theatre". Yes, I already had a page called "The Kitchen Sink", but that page is now called "The Odds & Ends Drawer", and can be found linked on the new Kitchen Sink page.

    That's about it. No new content yet, but I'll have something soon...

    UPDATE: 2/21/10

    Troll Bridge has been covered on the Real Ghostbusters Episode Guide.

    UPDATE: 2/20/10

    In a move that completely rips off CodieKitty's Review Quickies, I've started a section for Capsule Reviews. This is where I will write a brief paragraph or two for any DVDs I've watched or games I've beaten recently. Right now they are mostly all DVD reviews because I watch DVDs while doing my exercise routines. I haven't had as much time for games lately.

    UPDATE: 2/19/10

    Q&A update.

    UPDATE: 2/6/10

    Super Galvatron's Corner Shop has now become Rage Quitter 87's Corner Shop. The links were updated to reflect this. While I was at it, I cleaned up my Links page a bit. I deleted some URLs to sites that appeared to be gone for good. I changed the links to a couple of sites that had moved. Any site whose last update was in the year 2008 or earlier, I dropped down into the Archived sites at the bottom of the page.

    I also added a note to my Equinox Ghost Ship Guide about the "Severe Bug Warning". I neglected to mention that it's only an issue if you fail to get all 10 Tokens from the first two parts of the ship. If you have the 10 Tokens from those areas, the glitch won't affect you because you can just get the remaining 2 Tokens and fight the boss to end the stage. I also fixed a couple of typos near the end of that guide (I had said NW a few times when I meant NE.) Pepper was bugging me for attention when I got towards the end of writing that guide and I rushed it.

    UPDATE #2: I added some more stuff to the Equinox Shrine:

  • Monsters now has Billy Bones and the Death Island Werebat.
  • Items has the Mace and the Reveal spell.
  • Other now has the English and Japanese Equinox and Solstice ROMs available for download.

    In the past, I've had a "No ROMs" policy on this site, but I'm going to make some exceptions for certain games if they meet this criteria:

  • They are over a decade old.
  • They have not be remade or rereleased any time within the past decade and (to the best of my knowledge) are not planned to be remade or rereleased.
  • They are not part of a popular ongoing franchise, or are part of a franchise that has long been retired or dormant.

    Since Equinox and Solstice meet all those criteria, I went ahead and made them available.

    UPDATE: 2/1/10

    Another update to Q&A.

    UPDATE: 1/31/10

    At long last the Ghost Ship Guide for the Equinox Shrine has been completed! I'm just one level away from having the Shrine finished now.

    UPDATE: 1/29/10

    A really awesome update to Q&A, thanks to Rey of vgmuseum.com!

    UPDATE: 1/24/10

    Not really that big of an update, but I finally decided to make My Game Collection List public again (accessible from the Museum section). I had it up on this site once before but took it down because (1) I got lazy about updating it, (2) I received emails constantly from people wanting to buy the games, and (3) a certain person on the forums being an asshole about it. But I don't collect games anymore, so I doubt I'll need to maintain it that often and anyone asking to buy any of the games simply won't be answered, since I have no interest in selling them. (As for #3, that guy vanished a long time ago, and it seems like the post was deleted in the 2005 Hacker Attack, so...)

    UPDATE: 1/17/10

    Today, we have a new Switched at Birth? feature - The Conspiracy Files Episode 1. This is not the same as a normal SAB article. Instead of comparing about a dozen or so sets of characters, we will take an in-depth look at a handful of entries that go way beyond the normal casual coincidences we're used to seeing.

    UPDATE: 1/16/10

    Posted a review of Lemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings.

    UPDATE: 1/10/10

    Decided to stop being lazy about it and udpated Q&A.



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