UPDATE: 12/29/12

I finally caught up on 2012's Capsule Reviews up through November. There's quite a bit there, so I wouldn't expect anyone to take it all in one read. But at least it should make up a bit for my lack of updates this year.

The missing months aren't a mistake. Due to the home project and the fact that I was working overtime to pay for it, there were several months where I literally had no time to finish any games or watch any movies/DVDs.

UPDATE: 12/22/12

I have posted a review of Terra Cresta to the NES Reviews section.

Hopefully, I'll get caught up on the Capsule Reviews soon.

UPDATE: 12/15/12

The third article to have been sponsored by the $5 FO Challenge program has finally been written and posted:

Amplitude Review, which is also FlyingOmelette.com's first ever Playstation 2 game review, not counting a Resident Evil 4 Capsule Review and all that Arc the Lad 4 nonsense from a few years back.

I'm hoping to get all my Capsule Reviews from 2012 done soon. The most likely time frame on that is over next week's holiday weekend.

UPDATE: 10/7/12

Nothing new today, just wanted to make a few quick announcements. First, I took down the stuff about the new RSS feed because I figure everyone's aware of it by now, and also because the new one is finally working properly. Go figure.

Second, yeah, I quickly became one of those admins who updates once and disappears, but it's been an extremely tough year for me. For now, the overtime at work has stopped, but I have no idea if it will start up again and when. I'd hate to say, "I'm back!", only to have to disappear again.

Finally, I've been playing a really good game called Amplitude for the PS2 and although I haven't beaten the hardest difficulty setting yet (I have beaten the first 3 settings), I plan to start a review for it soon.

UPDATE: 8/24/12

I put up the Monsters Page in the Drakkhen Shrine. I already had it more than halfway done and finished up the rest.

UPDATE: 8/10/12

The second $5 FO Challenge article is complete:

A review of Sneak King for the Xbox!

UPDATE: 7/21/12

We have the first results of the $5 FO Challenge:

A Totino's Party Pizza Review in the RAU Gallery! (This is also the first new RAU sketch in over a year.)

ATTENTION: The old FlyingOmelette.com RSS feed has been discontinued. If you still want to use an RSS feed to follow updates, you will need to subscribe to the new one. The new one is actually a feed on a forum I created strictly for posting site updates. The reason for the change is that this new one is automated with each post I make, which is a lot easier for me to do than to update the old one, which was not automated.

Unfortunately, I'm having some difficulties getting Firefox to display the new XML feed for me correctly. If you click on the RSS button and get an error in Firefox that says, "This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.", what you will have to do is click on "Bookmarks" on your browser menu and then choose "Subscribe to This Page..." Then it should work. I don't know why this error happens in some browsers, because some people I've talked to said it works for them in Firefox and it works for me fine in IE.

There is also now a Twitter you can follow for site updates as well. And since I needed something else to balance out the buttons with the Bookmark button, I added a YouTube button, too, but be warned that I rarely upload anything to my YouTube account and a lot of it is videos of my cats.

UPDATE: 4/15/12

First of all, I wanted to give a great big thanks to everyone who has helped out with donations for the unexpected costs of our home repair project. I apologize for vanishing for over two months now, but I've been working so much overtime to help pay for this mess that I have very, very little time for updates. Eventually, this nightmare will be over, but it was never expected to go on this long, and I wanted to get an update in so nobody would think I vanished for good, and here it is:

Might and Magic Oddities

I made some really major discoveries about the NES version of this RPG classic. It has an unused boss fight which also positively identifies the creature on the game's view window border, and would definitely be of interest to any Might and Magic fans familiar with the character, Sheltem. Long-time readers of this site might be aware that I already knew of the unused music for this fight in the ROM, but there are graphics for it, too! There are also lots of other unused graphics, text, and various other oddities, observations, and goodies, including a complete text dump and overworld map.

I plan to put up a few more videos that show the progress on the house soon. One will show what it looked like after a bit more had been torn out, and another will show the current progress, in which a lot of stuff has been built back up.

I'm still accepting donations and advertising if you want to chip in, but again, don't feel obligated. I may disappear again for awhile, but I'll definitely keep this train rolling.

I'm also considering ditching the RSS feed and setting up a Twitter account for broadcasting this site's updates instead. I don't know how much people use the RSS feed and I don't have any way of knowing, and sometimes (like now), I just don't feel like updating it.

UPDATE: 2/11/12

Words can't express how incredibly stupid I feel about asking this, but due to the home project being much bigger than any of us expected, if you ever thought about donating money to this website, and you can afford to, now is the time to do it. Any amount, no matter how small or big, would be appreciated right now, and you can use this convenient Paypal button:

Remember that I also accept advertising, so if you want to pay to advertise your website, you can contact me at my main email address to discuss it. That way, you can also feel you got a little something in return.

And if you can't afford to or just don't want to donate anything, don't feel bad and don't feel obligated to tell me why. I feel stupid even asking this, but since I already hit up my own parents for money, I feel like I owe it to them to solicit donations on my website, too.

Many thanks to all who have donated so far!!

If you'd like to see a YouTube video of the work that has to be done, go here.

UPDATE: 2/4/12

First of all, January 2012 Capsule Reviews are up, and no, you're not seeing things. I've decided to start reviewing albums along with movies, TV shows, and video games. I can't really think of any reason not to.

Now, for some less exciting news: As someone who has been running a website for well over 10 years now, I'm fully aware of the trend of web admins who stop updating for a long time, then announce that they're back, and then make a few more updates only to vanish again and never return. I want to make it clear that's NOT what is happening here.

But for the next couple of months, updating may not be possible. We were getting the plumbing redone on our house when it was discovered that the previous owners didn't do a very good job with the upstairs bathroom. They apparently had a severe leak at one point that rotted out a lot of the wood flooring, but they just covered it up with shiny new bathroom tiles (which are actually starting to crack now) and they didn't install the new bathtub correctly. What this means is that along with the plumbing and rewiring that's being done, we have to have almost a whole new bathroom put in upstairs. This also means that I can't use my treadmill for awhile. I don't want to walk on it with it being so close to the bathroom because I fear the vibrations could cause that damaged floor to give. Most of the DVDs I review I watch while running the treadmill, so this means I may not even have Capsule Reviews since I'll have to substitute outdoor walks for treadmill walks.

Another problem is that obviously this is a costly endeavor, and soon the company I work for will be offering a lot of overtime. I'll need to work as much of it as possible to help pay for this mess, and since it involves waking up at 5:00 am and not getting home until almost 7:00 pm, there are probably going to be a lot of nights where I'm going to come home, eat dinner, and go right to bed. So, I won't have much time for playing video games or updating this site, either.

So, if I disappear for the next couple of months, that's the reason why. I just didn't want to come across as one of those webmasters who tells everyone, "Yay! I'm back!", only to disappear again. This is obviously not something that will go on forever, so I anticipate being back to regular form sometime around April. That all depends on how long the home project goes on and how long my company offers overtime.

I thank everyone for being supportive. I did have fun doing the updates that I did in January, so I'm looking forward to returning (again) when I can.

UPDATE: 1/29/12

I'm still working on finishing up things I had started last year for the site but put aside due to my hiatus. Digging through my files, I found and completed a couple of pages of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Oddities.

This is not meant to be a real comprehensive section, but includes a page of my hairbrained theories on the changes that were made during the game's development and the (sometimes overwhelming) evidence to support them. The other page is a miscellaneous collection of oddities, cameos, and observations.

UPDATE: 1/22/12

Here's something I'd actually worked on quite awhile ago and finally decided to finish and put up on the site. New to the Kitchen Sink is...

The FlyingOmelette.com Mail Room!

This is where I have compiled a bunch of funny, strange, and unusual emails I've been sent over the years, mainly between 2006-2010. I lost everything I was sent before 2006 when I changed my email address from Yahoo to my current one, and I didn't include 2011 yet because I didn't get that many emails last year since I wasn't updating much. (I also wanted to put a year's buffer between now and the last email I posted because I'm thinking it will discourage people from sending me stupid stuff on purpose in an attempt to get on the page. Natural goofiness is much better than fake stupidity. So, in other words, now that it's there, don't expect it to be updated again for at least another year.)

UPDATE: 1/21/12

First of all, the FlyingOmelette.com Randomizer has been completely fixed. All public pages on FlyingOmelette.com and its subdomains have been added to its database. In addition, I also added all public pages from CodieKitty.com because Codie's been a huge part of this community for many years now and my new code actually allows sites that aren't on the database's host domain. The old code that got bricked in a server upgrade didn't, but that's ancient history now.

In other news, I finally got Citizen Ghost reviewed in The Real Ghostbusters Cartoon Corner. And I consider that to be my official return to regularly updating. (I mean, with articles besides Capsule Reviews.)

EDIT: Holy smokes! I'm making a second update today! Remember awhile ago I said the Drakkhen Shrine no longer links to the old Drakkhen Oddities page because the new one would obsolete it? Well, here's the new Drakkhen Oddities page!

UPDATE: 1/8/12

There's only one, but the Capsule Review for December has been put up. I also did the "Year in Review" thing at the bottom of the Capsule Reviews article.

Right now, I'm working on fixing the FlyingOmelette.com Randomizer. It's going to take me a few days to get it done.



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