Update: 3/20/2019

In case anyone's still stopping by here to see if anything's changed, I thought I would provide an update on my situation. I no longer write for this site and I don't have any current plans for future updates, though it will remain online (along with its subdomains) indefinitely. I want to thank my co-admin, Pero, for taking care of the site's hosting fees in my absence, I did not ask nor expect him to do that. For those who aren't aware, I suffer from bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety. I was also in a situation for years that I don't want to talk about, but for those who are aware of it and wondering about it, let's just say that it's over. But these two factors have left me mentally incapable of running a forum anymore, so I am considering that part of my life over.

I don't play video games too much anymore, at least not in the way I used to. I used to like playing all kinds of games on all different systems as you could probably tell from my reviews, but lately I've become a very avid Pokemon Go player and when I'm home I mostly play hidden object games on Steam to unwind. If you're curious about my Pokemon Go adventures, I have some stories I can share. My friend, Troy (you might remember him from the forums or the Rau Gallery as "Lord Vyce/Boomerang"), and I had prepared for about a month to take on the raid boss, Dialga, with just my two accounts and his. We had earlier succeeded in a trio against Rayquaza, who is much easier. After two failed attempts and blowing countless stardust and candy leveling up Machamp, Breloom, and Hariyama parties with Dynamic Punch, we finally succeeded. Here is the video of our victory:

The story why we did this is much more complicated than just, "For the challenge of it", although that was the main reason. Troy, as you can see, is on Team Instinct, or as I like to call it, the Yellow team. Due to the dominance of the Blue and Red teams in my area and his relatively low trainer level, he is often disadvantaged in raids with other players. However, I coached him into building up type-effective parties so that even when he's the only Yellow team player in the raid, he still gets 1-2 personal damage Premiere Balls and a team bonus ball as well. The game does now include an option to change your team, but our efforts have proven that team disadvantages can be overcome when you know what to do. Great/Ultra/Best Friends bonus balls help, too, so build up your friendship level with people you raid with a lot.

Anyway, though Rayquaza is easier than Dialga, if you're still interested in seeing our trio, here is the video:

Unlike, Dialga, in which we had two failed attempts before victory, this was our first try. Despite being the best Dragon type in the game, Rayquaza's double weakness to Ice is his Achilles' heel.

For a complete playlist of all my Pokemon Go challenge videos, visit here (note that I do not make money on my YouTube channel).

Finally, I should note that although I will not be changing the name of the website, I am no longer known as "FO". I prefer to be called "Alys" now.




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