Update: 2/21/2021

I wrote an all-new review of Journey to Silius, and I included at the end some bonus unused graphics I found while poking around in a tile viewer.

In other news, Team Rogue has defeated Mewtwo in Pokemon Go with only three trainers:

No Shadow Pokemon, Mega Evolutions, or Pokemon above Level 40 were used. No weather boost. This is the "easier" version of Mewtwo (same HP as the EX Raid version), but we had over a minute left when we won. So, don't let anyone convince you it's not possible with three, you've seen it here.

Update: 2/7/2021

New review of Thunder Spirits.

Update: 12/27/2020

I have finally written an article compiling all my weird discoveries and theories on the NES game, Rygar.

Update: 11/22/2020

New review: Musya.

Update: 11/13/2020

New review: The Sword of Kalin.

My three newest family members, Buddy the Pixie Frog, Marnie the Marine Toad, and a Pacman Frog I haven't named yet:

Update: 10/14/2020

New review: Ballad of Solar.

I've disabled the music section for now, except the midis page. Please don't email me about it. Technically, that wasn't even supposed to be online, but I messed some things up when I made changes.

Update: 10/5/2020

I've ended my long hiatus from game reviewing with a new review of Lost Civilization. If that game sounds familiar it may be because I wrote a guide for it awhile ago, but I never actually reviewed it.

Update: 10/3/2020

Hello and welcome back. We have much to talk about.

After taking nearly a 3-year hiatus from this site, I have decided that I might attempt updating again but I have a lot to address and I'm not sure where to begin...

Part 1: Problem People. First and probably most important of all is that over the years this site accumulated many contributions from people I knew both OL and IRL. As some of you know, several of those people did some... bad things and as a result, I am no longer associated with any of them. Those of you who were directly affected by what happened or have since seen some of what was going on, either on Twitter, Yuku, or elsewhere, are the ones I'm most concerned about, because you are the most likely to get upset if you visit older sections of the site and come across stuff they submitted or their RAU cameos and such. I've removed some of their stuff, and eventually I'd like to have it all removed, but this is a large site and I'm only one person. I would like to request that if you do come across something, please email me a link to the page in question and tell me what it is that should be removed or changed. I'll take action when I can. I just ask everyone to have patience and not get angry with me. At least, going forward, no one should ever have to worry about this sort of thing again.

In light of this, there is no longer a forum for this site nor a links page, and I had to create a new Twitter account because the old one was a huge mess. A lot of people followed that account only because I was associated with those people and that was causing problems too complicated to explain here. The randomizer was also removed because it was too difficult to maintain. (I will talk more about issues with Twitter in Part 3.)

Part 2: Site Content. Much of this site is lying in various stages of design change, however, pretty much all of the old sections are now going to remain up as an "archive only" and will not likely be changed or updated ever again. Anything that's unfinished will likely remain that way indefinitely. The only thing I plan to do at this point in time is write game reviews and I have begun a new section for that. The REVIEWS button at the top of the menu now goes there. Over time, I expect this area to become a mix of new and old. If I replay games I've already reviewed, I may update the old review and place it in the new section. This goes for full reviews and capsules.

Speaking of capsules, from now on I am only going to review video games, no more movies, TV shows, books, or music albums. While that was a fun experiment while it lasted, the truth is that if I write about every little piece of entertainment I experience, I find myself spending too much time writing for this site and neglecting other areas of my life. That, and the more I have to churn out, the lower the quality of my writing becomes, so it's best to focus on just one thing and go back to this site's roots of being a video game site. I may occasionally do other writings like oddities, essays, or when I find unused game junk, but that won't be a frequent thing.

In happier news, I did get the Equinox Shrine back on-line. It'd be useful for anyone who needs the walkthrough. But please, do not email me anymore about the "drama" behind that game's development and do not bug the developers (if they're even around anywhere) about it. That's what got it removed in the first place.

Part 3: Twitter Problems. I tend to use Twitter as a blog of sorts. When I tweet, it won't always be video game or site-related. I may tweet about my pets, or anything else going on in my life. If that's going to bother you than I suggest not following me. As everyone knows, Twitter is full of drama and I do my part to stay out of it as much as possible, and I don't care to waste anyone's time with every possible complaint I could have about it. But there is one issue that's come up multiple times now and both times caused a problem that ended up involving my friends, so I want to get this on record up front before you decide to follow me.

You do not, under any circumstances, get to tell me and my friends what we can and cannot do. This problem seems to happen most from paid journalists who have their own review sites following me as a means to promote those sites, but haven't actually read anything here. In the most recent example, a journalist interrupted a conversation between my friends to "explain" to them that they "can't" criticize "old" games or movies because everything was "good for its time". I'm betting every long-time reader of this site is rolling their eyes at that statement. Anyone who feels that way should've known better than to follow me because if they'd read anything here, they'd know I'm always honest about my reviews, no matter how old the game or movie (or whatever) in question is. When my friends attempted to explain the problems with that argument, he doubled down and sent his followers after them. I don't care who is paying you or how much, or what causes you support, you are not the internet police and you do not make our rules. This sort of thing is not going to be tolerated. You will be blocked. I do not exist to make you internet-famous or to feed your ego or to pay your bills, so if that is your only concern, just don't follow me in the first place.

Part 4: It's a Hobby. And that brings me to the final area I wanted to address and that is: I do not get paid for this. This is my hobby. I do this because I love video games and like to keep records of what I thought of the ones I played and various other discoveries, not for rewards. If you want to donate to help me cover my hosting costs, email me and we'll talk, but generally speaking if you only accept the thoughts of people who are paid for them, then I am not your reviewer and never will be.

TBH, most of the problems I had went away once I disbanded with the last of my ex-associates. But I also quit writing for awhile, so I'm not sure if they'll come back once I start up again. But that's why I needed to address all this now, so if I start seeing the same complaints and arguments, I can just link to this page instead of having to explain it all again.




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