Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits

(Or More Reasons Bebedora is the Greatest RPG Character Ever)

The setup: Darc is missing, and his friends want to find out what happened to him. They've decided to send Bebedora into Yewbell Village to investigate because she's the only one that kinda, sorta looks like a human. A novel idea except...

Bebedora's mind is about as good as a mixed-up bag of marbles.

Do ya think she's a little confused about who her enemies are? (And for that matter, how is asking why Tatjana is standing there going to help her find Darc?)

I've had to make some difficult, mind-bending decisions in RPGs before, but never anything like this. It took me over an hour to decide between "Hee hee hee" and "Ha ha ha".

It's a long story, but we'll hear it out.

*** Guy blabbers on about Kharg and Deimos for several paragraphs ***

Attention span of a tumbleweed...

Do you get the feeling the people in this town are a little...dumb?

You don't have to be THAT honest, Bebedora.

I'll let that one speak for itself.

Tip of the Day: Don't ever mention the word "broken" to Bebedora. You never know what will come spilling out. (And in the meantime, none of this is helping her find Darc.)

*** More Bebedora Stuff ***

I'm glad someone's happy that the Law of Gravity just got repealed.

Thanks, Bebedora. Without you to explain these things to us, I don't know where we'd be.

Why does she even need to ask this??

This one is weird...Bebedora yawned, and her hat pulled up...But wouldn't you know it? She has bangs over her eyes! She's like that egg on Garfield & Friends that hatches and just has another eggshell underneath. At this point I'm beginning to think Bebedora doesn't even have any eyes.

Lose something in there, Bebedora?

Oh great. This is just what Kharg needed. Two of them!

So, naturally, those are her first two choices. Oh, that Bebedora and her obsessions... Just, no.

As much as I like Bebedora...

Sometimes, she just scares the hell outta me, man...



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