Welcome to my special feature on Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits. If you're someone who arrived at this site via a search engine, I thought I'd warn you that this is not really a true "shrine" for this game. Other than for the final boss, you won't find any FAQs, walkthroughs, or anything like that. As the members of the Port Saiid Forums know, I had an obsession with this game and its characters for several months. We have an on-going tradition of posting random pictures in topics entitled "Post a Picture", and I had posted so much stuff from Arc the Lad 4 while I was playing it, that it was suggested to me to archive it all to my site. That, along with a couple of character essays that I wrote specifically for this section, is where all of this came from. As a result, I'm not sure this section will make any sense to anyone who either doesn't visit the forums or hasn't played the game. This will also help mitigate the temptation to just ramble on about certain characters and events in Arc 4 when I'm ready to do a full review.


Also, and this is VERY IMPORTANT, if you haven't played the game and you are planning to, or if you're currently playing it and don't want any spoilers, I STRONGLY suggest not going any farther until you've finished the game, AS THESE PAGES DO CONTAIN MANY SPOILERS. If you ignore this warning, then please do not email me to complain about giving away spoilers. You've been warned.

Small essay on one of the funniest and most lovable RPG characters I've ever seen in my life.

Man, I don't know if I'd still say Maru is my second-favorite RPG character anymore, but he is amusing.

This is very important to read if you plan to take archery lessons.

Or more reasons why Bebedora is the greatest RPG character ever.

A match made in RPG heaven.

The things Kharg has to go through to gain a new party member...

I can be a little bit mean, sometimes, can't I?

More random hilarity with Maru, prince of non-sequiturs.

As if one wacky pink female character wasn't enough for Darc's team...

I think Camellia is raising expectations a bit too high here.

Bebedora: Demonic Puppet Monster or Living Prozac? You decide.

Because the rest of the game just wasn't weird enough.

A big, nasty rant I wrote when I heard about the storyline of the game that would eventually be released as Arc the Lad: End of Darkness.

The Arc the Lad Edition of the Switched at Birth? series.

Small essay on Arc 4's resident badass, bespectacled, and beret-wearing lady scientist.

Essay on the leader character of the human party, who likes throwing things really high into the air.

Collection of random oddities, humor, and observations.

The only serious section of this shrine (at least for the most part), this is a guide to a possible means of beating the final boss, for those who have had trouble doing so.



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