Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits


The setup: Bebedora, in a hurry to leave Yewbell, stumbles upon Maru who is grieving by a tombstone. Initially mistaking him for a Deimos because of the monster mask he's wearing, Bebedora quickly takes interest in him and what follows is either one of the funniest RPG conversations I've ever seen or the weirdest. I should note that this conversation is the first time Bebedora is almost completely coherent, as opposed to just spouting esoteric gibberish or asking nonsense questions. And it's unusual that she's asking legitimate questions at all. Contrast that to her earlier meeting with Paulette in which she basically just read all of Paulette's thoughts and told her what to do. She's interested in Maru and apparently, she wants his interest, too...but no matter what, Bebedora is still Bebedora...

Now keep in mind that Maru has *no* idea Bebedora isn't a human, despite the fact that it's quite obvious...People just tend not to question things in this how the hell she's able to see where she's going with that hat?

My thoughts, exactly.

Apparently, Bebedora's sensed that Maru, despite not being able to tell she's a walking, talking marionette, is (thankfully) more intelligent than the morons she just ran into back in the town.

Coming from Bebedora, who knows?

WTF? So, it's not "prince" anymore, it's "king" now. Kids. Give'em an inch and they take the whole nine yards.

Oh, the irony...Um, that's not the only "friend" that's gonna turn out to be a Deimos. Can you believe this guy's luck?

Skipping ahead a bit...

*falls over anime-style* Yeah, right. After all those questions she just asked, she says she knows everything. Funny thing is, Bebedora seems to be incapable of telling lies, so she must actually believe she knows everything.

Skipping ahead a little more...somehow, the conversation gets on the subject of the "Cave of Truth", and...

She certainly looks proud of herself, doesn't she? Maru has admirable patience.

THERE'S the understatement of the year.

Uh-huh. (God, I love that picture!)

BOMBSHELL!! You know, when you meet the man of your dreams, there's nothing like being direct and honest.

*reaction shot* (Trust me. My still picture doesn't do it justice. And she still looks really proud of herself.)

If only.

That's what makes it even funnier.

No kidding, Sherlock.

I think Tatjana pretty much said it best:



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