Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits


Kharg is the main hero of the Arc the Lad 4 and Darc's twin brother. He's the 17-year-old Commander of the Nidellia Defense Corps. Kharg doesn't seem to get a very good rep amongst people who have actually played this game. He's often cited as being a dull or uninteresting character, to which I can sort of sympathize, but I have to confess - I kinda like Kharg. For several reasons. The first is that he's so dorky and has such cheesy battle dialogue that it's funny and endearing. It's like he's a parody of just how goofy RPG heroes really are (but no one will ever admit.) Secondly, he isn't perfect. He's driven by a hatred of Deimos like almost every other prominent human character in this story (except Maru), despite the fact that he is one (well, half a one, anyway). I also think it's important to have a straight arrow for Maru's comedy to play off of. And I could easily sympathize with him at the beginning of the game when he was being held back by his wayyyyyyyyyy too overprotective mother, Nafia. (Little good it did Kharg for Nafia to have kept the truth about his origins hidden from him all those years.) But sometimes, Kharg's personality goes through more flip-flops than my feet in summer. Usually, he's exceptionally patient and wins people over through perserverance and understanding (like with Tatjana, and less successfully, Darc), but other times he either fails to say the obvious or just plain puts his foot in his mouth at the worst possible moment. Kharg is voiced wonderfully by veteran voice actor Quinton Flynn, who has played numerous roles in many videogames and cartoons.

In the olden days of RPG's, the names of special attacks and spells would pop-up in a text box. Now, the words, as well as (for some inscrutable reason) your birthmark pattern, just go flying right at the screen.

Damn, Kharg must be REALLY good at doing splits. I mean, what the hell is with that? If he's ever caught in one of those cartoon situations where an earthquake makes a crack in the ground go right between someone's legs, he'll have no trouble at all. (I've also gotta love how everyone on my team in this picture is all poised and ready to fight...except Bebedora, who looks like she just doesn't give a crap.)

But I guess splits come in handy for picking crap up off the ground. Just in case, you know, that whole "bending over to pick things up" has gone out of style.

Kharg and Bebedora prepare to tango! I *so* wish I could post an animation of Kharg's battle stance. It's quite hilarious because he rocks back and forth on the edges of his boots.

All things considered, Tatjana doesn't look the least bit concerned that Kharg is, for no apparent reason, suddenly floating away.

"Prepare to taste the windblade of..."

"Oh sh--!"

*scrambles frantically*

"I meant to do that."

And now I present the cheesiest line in the history of videogames!

Okay, so MAYBE there has been cheesier, but still...I hope they don't make a habit of that. It would be impossible to take them anywhere.

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