Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits


Paulette is the mandatory "love interest" in the story for Kharg, but their relationship is rather odd. They grew up together and Paulette is only a year older, but Kharg doesn't really seem all that interested in her. It's like he views her more as a "big sister" than anything else. Paulette, however, has feelings for Kharg, but she's unable to come out with them, although that doesn't stop her from getting jealous at the mere sight of any woman who gets within 10 feet of walking distance to Kharg. She acts tough and she's very judgmental, most of which she probably got from her father, Lloyd (who was a big jerk in my ever-so-humble opinion.) Although she could've used a bit more work in the personality department (hence, my loving "Human 2 X 4" nickname for her), I still kinda like Paulette, if only for the amusing dialogue between her, Maru, and Bebedora and some other scenes that I'm about to show you. (But I have no idea why she's wearing welder's gloves and what appears to be a pilot's jacket.) Paulette is voiced very well by veteran voice actor Jill Talley.

Part 1: Paulette is Jealous

Part 2: Maru vs. Paulette, Round 1

I suppose wobbling around on one foot while flailing your arms more wildly than the guy from Power Blade is part of being a prince?

You tell us.

Part 3: Maru vs. Paulette, Round 2

Kharg and Lilia are, blah, blah, talking about something, and...

Part 4: Guess the Emotion!
Ladies and gentlemen, tonight's contestant on "Guess the Emotion" is...Bebedora!!

Round 1 Begins!

Bebedora is the 5-time champion on "Guess the Emotion". Will she make it to 6?

This is a tough one, folks. Her opponent tonight is Paulette the Human 2 X 4. Will she get it in time?

You only have 10 seconds remaining, Bebedora...

DING! DING! DING! DING! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a WINNER!!!


Problem is, I don't think that'll actually work...



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