Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits


Random Oddities and Weirdness from Arc the Lad 4

Look at how many females are in Darc's party. Darc and Volk are the only males! When Darc said he wanted "strong Deimos" for his party, who would've guessed so many of them would be women?

Hee hee. Bebedora's wearing bloomers!

But Hoist's are still funnier.

I love Maru's dodging pose. He just looks really bored.

Why is there a Wanted Poster of Choco on the wall here??

That is one huge-ass tree they're fighting on. I mean, that puts even the Mana Tree to shame...

This is exactly what it looks like...The mentally-projected killer Hallmark greeting card attack. All I can say's about damn time!

Yes, folks, he can even make round ones. You know, it's a real wonder nobody ever questioned Maru's origins before the truth finally came out. Why is it that everyone was so impressed with Kharg's dust devil display, but not this? I think if my buddy was producing greeting cards in a variety of shapes and sizes with his mind in battle, I might wonder about it just a little bit.

I can't explain this's just too weird for words...

Maru fires an arrow off into the air, and...

...where the hell did THAT come from??

Then he does it again, and...

It brings down a whole flippin' airship! (Yes, that "line" sticking out of the front is the arrow.) Please, someone tell me why no one ever questions Maru...or is he just so weird anyway, that nobody finds this the least bit strange?


Some people in this game are just really, really stupid.

Bebedora the Psychiatrist, Part 1

Bebedora the Psychiatrist, Part 2

This is going nowhere...

Camellia doesn't know how to spell "despair".

Really...who comes up with these characters' names??

I don't know why I find that line of dialogue funny, but I do. I mean, what's a talking puppet supposed to sound like, anyway?

Did you ever notice how you can often find cats in a lot of RPGs? Here Kharg finds an alleyway full of kitties!!!

Happy, happy Pyron!!

Yup. She sure is.

It's not?

Someone, please give Bebedora an aspirin.

Why can't he just use the sword like a normal person?

I think by now everyone knows that, Bebs.

Two characters in this game have strange level-up scenes. When Bebedora gains a level, her rabbit jumps around and cheers on its own...

And when Diekbeck levels up, a flower pops out of his head!

There are exactly six male and six female playable characters (well, I suppose Diekbeck is actually genderless, being a robot, but he has a male voice actor, so I'll consider him "male"). Therefore, in the final part of the game, it's possible to have a full party of nothing but males or nothing but females. Here is my party of all females (Tatjana, Choco, Paulette, Camellia, Delma, Bebedora).

Okay, NOW I've heard everything!

This isn't a real screenshot (obviously), but I just HAD to put this here. I mean, because...just LOOK at it! It's the greatest thing ever! (Thanks to Fenrir X for creating this image.)



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