Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits


Tatjana is a character who is very despicable and unlikable, yet that's exactly what I do like about her. She's a badass no-nonsense scientist and one of the highest-ranking officers of the Dilzweld Empire. She hates all Deimos unconditionally and she's more obsessed with improving the world through science than I am with writing about this game. As a scientist, she performed many cruel experiments on captured Deimos and is the one most responsible for turning Camellia, who was once young and beautiful, into the form of a giant withered old head. Despite the fact that she is one of Kharg's worst enemies, he somehow manages to see good in her and bring her over to his side. Now, normally when that kind of thing happens in game stories, the "bad" character becomes completely "good". But Tatjana is still Tatjana. Although she is dedicated to stopping Dilzweld, she still believes in wiping out the Deimos and is very unrepentant for what she did to Camellia. But it's hard to blame Tatjana for being like this when you consider that she was raised and taught by Lord Darkham (who also hates all Deimos). But even Tatjana has a soft side that sometimes shows through like when she comforts Paulette during a critical moment or when she giggles happily at the sight of a seemingly "dead" Bebedora regaining consciousness. Tatjana is given a very strong voiceover performance by veteran voice actor Cree Summer (Elmyra from Tiny Toons, Freddie Brooks from A Different World).

Tatjana Meets Samson

I *love* the way Samson actually looks down at his clothes after she said that.



Might just be the way I had her equipped, but Tatjana seemed to have the highest dodge rate of all my characters, despite that she certainly isn't dressed for quick dodging. It's one thing to dodge attacks like this monk's sissy punch, but it's rather funny to see her gracefully sidestepping bullets all the time.

Better not overdo it, Tatjana. You might end up needing a bigger beret.



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