Level 1: Galadonia


You will begin the game just outside an underworld entrance. Go ahead and walk into it and you will fall down into Room 01-0E of Galadonia. Avoid the ghosts and go SW.

This is Room 01-07. Grab the Knife then kill the two ghosts to make the door re-open. Exit back to Room 01-0E.

Go NW to Room 01-06. Leap to the log, then to the skeleton cage, and to the upper floor. Kill the ghosts with your newly-acquired knife and collect the first Token (1). Go NW.

Room 01-05 has two apples and two tokens. Because of a barrier of spikes, you cannot get to the other side of the room from here. Take the apple that's on your side if you need it and get the Token (2). Go back to Room 01-0E.

Go NE to Room 01-08. There are four Tokens (3), (4), (5), (6) in this room. Walk carefully between the spikes and get all four.

If you need an apple you can go NE to Room 01-0F for one. Otherwise, go back to Room 01-0E.

Go SE to Room 01-09. Take the Token (7) from the pedestal in the middle of the room and go back to Room 01-0E.


Exit the dungeon to return to the overworld. (To exit any dungeon in Equinox, first make sure you are in a room that serves as an entrance/exit, then jump up on the object in the middle of the room. Wait a few moments and a rope ladder will descend. Jump to the ladder to return to the overworld.)

Walk in a northeast direction until you find another dungeon entrance and walk into it. You will fall into Room 01-0B. Go SW.


You are now in Room 01-0A. Jump up the bricks and tables in the lower part of the room to get another Token (8). There are two NE exits from this room. Go past the ghosts (you might want to kill them first, but be careful of the blue ghost - it takes more hits and bounces around more wildly), and past an apple (take it if you need it), and take the upper NE exit.

In Room 01-0C, get the White Key from the log, then go all the way back to Room 01-B and exit back to the overworld.

While on the overworld, try to find a lone cloud slowly floating around, slightly above ground level. Eventually, a troll will drop out of it. Walk into the troll to initiate a battle with it. Kill it by jumping up and aiming your knife at its chest. (Be careful not to leave the battlefield before you kill it!) When you win the fight, you will get a life meter increase. Every time you find a new weapon in Equinox, kill a troll on the overworld with it to increase your life meter.


Head in a southwest direction until you find another underworld entrance. Walk into it to drop down into Room 01-04. Kill all the ghosts in this room to make the flashing NE door open, then go through it.

In Room 01-00, jump up the logs to get the Heal spell. This spell will allow you exchange your magic points for life points. Getting the spell will re-open the door, so exit back to Room 01-04.

Go SE to Room 01-05 and get that Token (9) that you couldn't get before because of the spike barrier. Also take the apple if you need it. Go back to Room 01-04.

Go SW to Room 01-03. Kill the ghosts and leap to the table. From there, leap to the logs to collect the last three Tokens (10), (11), (12). Go back to Room 01-04.

Go NW to Room 01-02. This room has a flashing door that will only open when you kill all the ghosts, but it can be tricky to kill them before they ram right into you due to how many there are, how many hits they take, and how fast they move. Instead of taking them head-on, walk all the way around the room, past the flashing door, and when you turn the corner heading back to the entrance, the ghosts will usually get stuck there as they bounce into the "L" shape. From there you can attack them easily. Go NE when you're done.


In Room 01-01, your summoning spell will activate if you have all twelve tokens. It will spin around you for a few seconds and eventually travel into the back middle of the room. Make sure you are not standing in it when it does that or else the boss will materialize on top of you.

The first boss is Bonehead, a giant skull that moves around the room, trying to ram into you. You can generally stay safe from this guy by hanging out in the two corners near the bottom middle of the room. The first two times he circles the room, you're safe in the alcove on the left. For the next two, hide in the right alcove. Avoid him and hit him with your knife as much as possible.

Eventually, Bonehead will become dormant in the middle of the room and send out two ghosts. He is invulnerable during this period and you must kill the ghosts to make him wake up again.


Bonehead doesn't take very many hits to kill. He'll collapse into skull fragments when he's done. You'll get a life and magic meter increase, as well as the first string for your harp.

Galadonia Room Quick List
01-00Heal Spell
01-01Boss: Bonehead
01-02Kill Ghosts to Open Locked Door
01-033 Tokens
01-04Southwestern Entrance/Exit, Kill Ghosts to Open Locked Door, White Door
01-052 Tokens, 2 Green Apples
01-07Knife, Kill Ghosts to Open Locked Door
01-084 Tokens
01-0AToken, Green Apple
01-0BNortheastern Entrance/Exit
01-0CWhite Key, Kill Ghosts for Green Apple
01-0D4 Green Potions
01-0ECentral Entrance/Exit
01-0F2 Green Apples

Video of me beating Galadonia without taking a hit. (Don't expect me to keep this up for every dungeon, though. I just did this one because I knew it would be easy. Even so, it took me about 10 tries before I got it perfect.)

Video by Equinoxfan82 that shows how to get the 12 Tokens of Galadonia.






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