Level 7: Ghost Ship

Before you move onto the Ghost Ship level of Equinox let me pass on a warning to you: Make a copy of your save file first! There is a severe glitch in the Ghost Ship level that could cause you to become permanently stuck with no way out. If you follow my guide, you should be able to avoid it, but I would strongly suggest saving after you completely finish off Afralona, and then copying that save file to another slot so that you can start over from the beginning of the Ghost Ship just in case you do get caught by that glitch.

If you're playing on an emulator, you can just choose to make a separate save state instead. The glitch will be explained later in this guide.


In order to get to the Ghost Ship, you'll need to find it on the overworld. Remember in the guide for Afralona how I mentioned that room 06-14's exit led to a special area on the overworld map? You'll need to get to that room of the Afralona dungeon and take that exit now. Start by falling down the main entrance to the dungeon on the eastern coast.


You'll land in Room 06-44. Don't fall into the middle of the room, instead jump across the platforms and exit NE to Room 06-45. From there go SE to 06-47, NE to 06-48, SE to 06-49, SE to 06-0D, NE to 06-0E, SE to 06-14. You'll be in a room with a bunch of balls all over the floor. Take the exit out of this room.


You'll be on a small island. Walk down to the other side, stand on the stone cross, and play the harp.


You'll be sent to another island. Walk northeast to the other side, jump the columns, and keep walking down the bridge until you get to the ship. Before you enter make sure you have everything you need from the first 6 dungeons. Make sure your life and magic meters are full. Once you step onboard that ship, there is no going back! I would suggest using the werebats on these islands to refill your magic and use your magic to refill your HP. When you think you're ready, go ahead and enter it.


You start the Ghost Ship in Room 07-06. There is a green apple and a green potion in here if you need them. Three things to take note of:

1. You cannot exit this "dungeon". That's right. It's a ship sailing across the ocean, so there's really no way to exit it. The only way to save now is by using the Save Spell. There are a lot of potions in this area, but you'll still want to be conservative.

2. Because of the motion of the ship, you'll slide along many of the floors, including the floor in this very first room.

3. There is no Room 07-02. It exists, but can only be entered via hacking. See this page for more information.

When you're ready, go down to the other side of Room 07-06 and exit NE.


Kill the Knight in Room 07-0A for a Green Apple and exit NW.


In Room 07-07, you'll need to leap up the staircase of crates and then make a long jump NW to cross the spiked balls. The problem is that when you land on the topmost crate, it will quickly plunge downward. Therefore, you must be very light on your toes here. Leap to the crate, and then quickly leap again so that it rises back up. When you land on it from the second leap, try to get on the very edge and immediately leap again, as far NW as you can, to clear the spikes. It's tough, and it may take some practice, but it's not impossible. Exit NW when you're done. (There's also a Blue Apple in this room, but I wouldn't bother with it for now.)


When you enter Room 07-04, immediately turn and kill the blue ghost that's coming up on your left side. Then kill the other three to get a Blue Potion. Exit NW.


When you enter Room 07-01, walk over to the right and catch the falling barrel on Glendaal's head. Walk over to the other side of the room where you see two stacked crates.


Here comes the tricky part: Try to push the barrel off your head by getting up against the stacked crates. You may have to use the walls to reposition the barrel on Glendaal's head "just right" so that it can be knocked off by walking against the crates. Eventually, it should slide off onto the spikes and keep going. When you walk back over to the other side, the barrel will continue to slide and push the Token (1) out onto the floor, where it can be easily collected.

When you're done, exit SE to Room 07-04, then SE again to Room 07-07.


To get back across Room 07-07, simply push this barrel into the lower corner and use it to jump the spikes. You can now get that Blue Apple you passed up earlier. Exit SE to Room 07-0A.

In Room 07-0A, use the barrels to leap over the spikes and exit SE.


In Room 07-0D, start by jumping on the crate, and then from there, leap to the thing that looks like a chest with two doors on it. Turn and leap NE and you'll land on an invisible crate. From there, it's easy to leap to the area near the exit. Grab the Green Potion if you need it and exit NE.


When you enter Room 07-0E, it will look like you can't go any farther, but there's an invisible barrel right in front of you. (You can tell it's there if you shoot your weapon at the space it's occupying - the weapon will be stopped by "nothing".) Use the barrel to get over the spikes and exit SE.

Quickly take out the three White Ghosts in Room 07-13, and exit SW.


In Room 07-0C, start by pushing the two crates at the bottom of the room off the stack and onto the floor. The moving floor will cause the crates to begin sliding NW, so quickly leap on top of them.


When the crates get up against the spikes, leap over the spikes to the other side. Wait for the crates to reach the back end of the room, and use them to leap up to the other floating crates where the Token (2) is. The only problem is that the first two floating crates will drop when you land on them, so you must leap off of them immediately after touchdown in order to make it up to the top ones. When you've got the Token, take a long hard leap SE and exit NE back to Room 07-13. From there exit NE again.


Room 07-14 has four White Spinning Devils floating around. Kill all of them for a White Apple and exit NW.


When you enter Room 07-0F, quickly run to the left side of the room and you'll see a crate sliding along the wall. Jump on it and from there, jump to the upper row of chests (you must do this quickly, or else the crate will slide completely under the ledge, where it won't be usable anymore. Leave and come back to reset the room if this happens.)


Once you're up there, kill the White Ghost as quickly as you can, because that falling grate won't keep him trapped for long. When it rises, shoot at him. If he comes towards you, hang out on the starting chest where he can't get you. When he's gone, run under the gate, and keep going to get the Token (3).

Exit SE back to Room 07-14, and from there exit NE.


There is a Green Knight and Blue Knight wandering around in Room 07-15, but the only way to keep them gone for good is to kill both and collect the White Potion. You may not want to use a White Potion, which can completely refill your magic meter, if you don't need to right now, so it's up to you if you go through with this or not. If you do, at least fill up your HP with the Heal Spell and take a save with the Save Spell before grabbing the potion.

When you're done, jump on the posts in the bottom corner of the room.


Use the taller post to leap to the floating crate. When the crate passes over the spikes, to the farthest point possible on the other side, leap down to the floor near the exit. I won't kid you - this is tricky to do, and I often have a lot of trouble with it, so keep trying. Exit NE when you make it over there safely.


In Room 07-12, push the crates in the corner until the top two start moving. Continue to push the upper crate off the lower crate until it lands on the spikes below.


Continue moving forward as you push it so that you fall off and land on the crate as it moves across the spikes. Jump to the chest at the end where the Red Apple is. Then fall down and exit NW.


As soon as you enter Room 07-09, start firing your weapon to kill the White Ghost that's coming right at you. Then kill the other White Ghost at the back end of the room. When they're both gone, push the crate up against the spikes in the back.


Use that crate to leap up to the other crates where the Token (4) is, but be careful because the two floating crates will start to slide away as soon as you land on them. Leap quickly to avoid this. Fall down and exit Se back to Room 07-12.

To get back across the spikes in Room 07-12, jump on the crate to your left and just wait for it to start moving. Exit SW to Room 07-15.

To get back across the spikes in Room 07-15, jump onto an invisible crate in the top corner of the room. Then jump over and exit NW.


Immediately jump over the sliding barrels in room 07-10 to keep from getting impaled on the spikes. You can kill the Blue Knight for a Blue Potion if you want. Exit NE when you're done.


There are a couple of White Spinning Devils in Room 07-11. Use the post to avoid them. Kill them for a White Apple if you want to. Exit NW.


Kill the White Ghost in Room 07-0B so that the barrel that's on its head falls down and rolls along the spikes.

When it lands on the floor, you can easily use it to leap to the other side of the room. If you want to get the Green Apple in this room, here's what you do: Leave the room via the NW exit and come back to reset the White Ghost.


Kill the White Ghost when it's near the top corner of the room so that the barrel falls off and lands on the edge of the other barrel that's on the floor. Use those barrels to leap over to the chest where the apple is. Exit NW when you're done.


Room 07-08 is a bit tricky. The floor makes you slide around and you have to weave between these moving barrels without getting pushed onto spikes by them. Try holding the control pad in the opposite direction of the slide to hold your ground until it's safe to run past them. Be especially careful of the last barrel because you'll want to go past it when it's moving to the right. If you go past it when it's moving left, it will come back and trap you. You can get the Blue Potion if you need it once you're through, and then exit NW.


Go right in Room 07-05 and leap on the crate in the corner. It will start rising up and you'll want to leap as soon as you possibly can to a moving crate that's above it to the left. If you don't leap soon enough, the crate will continue to rise up and impale you on an overhead spike.


Once you're on the second crate, you'll want to bend your jump around a corner to another moving crate along the back wall of the room. Once you're safely on that crate, wait for it to travel to the other end and jump off of it over the spikes below. You can pick up a White Potion and/or a White Apple if you need to. Then exit NW.


In Room 07-03, start by jumping on a crate against the lower wall. From there, jump up to an invisible floating barrel.


From there, jump to a second invisible floating barrel. From that barrel, you can easily jump over to the ledge of chests. Start pushing the left barrel off the chests.


When the Blue Ghost goes by, push the barrel completely off the chests, and time it so that it lands on the ghost's head. Then jump to the barrel on the ghost's head and use it to get to the Token (5) when he's close enough to it. Exit SW when you are finished.


Jump to the first crate in Room 07-00 and let it rise up above the next crate. Start walking in a NW direction, and keep walking right off the crate so that Glendaal falls and lands on the following crate. Then, continue walking NW. As each crate rises up, Glendaal should walk off the edge and land on the next one before he's impaled on the spikes. Do NOT try jumping! You will likely hit the spikes if you do. If you do the walking method right, it's very easy. Once you've reached the other side, exit NW.

You'll be in Room 07-20, and you will notice that this is the first time a NW exit did not lead to a SE exit. Instead, to get back to Room 07-00, you will need to exit NW again. This is because the NW exit from 07-00 is actually a "staircase" of sorts that leads down from the upper deck to the ship's hold.

This is where things get a little dangerous. Somewhere in the Ship's Hold is a Red Key that you will NEED to collect in order to keep from getting stuck elsewhere on the ship. If you are not following this guide and you find yourself on the upper deck again without a Red Key, immediately turn around and go back down until you find it because there is a severe glitch that could cause you to become permanently stuck if you don't have the Red Key.

For now, just get what you need from Room 07-20 (there is a Red Potion, Red Apple, White Potion, and White Apple), or pass it all up if you don't need it now and would rather save it for later, and exit SE.


In Room 07-21, start by jumping from the chest in the corner to the crate. The crate will rise up. Use it to leap to the row of floating crates above.


The third crate will drop when you land on it. This is okay for now. Just take the upper SE exit, (This room has two SE exits, but we want the upper one for now.)


In Room 07-24, start by jumping on the crate, and from there, jump SE onto an invisible crate. Jump down to the floor and kill the Blue Spinning Devil to get him out of your way. Then start pushing the crate that's stacked on top of another crate slightly NW onto the spikes.


When it's just a little bit over the spikes on the NW side, start pushing it in a NE direction instead. Knock it off the other crate, and keep pushing it. Now, because of the way the floor makes you slide away, you'll have to keep coming back to it. Jump against it, push it a little, then repeat after Glendaal has slid away from it. Keep pushing it until it's fairly close to the floating row of crates in the back of the room, and be careful of the spikes.


When it's close enough, you can use it to leap to the upper ledge of crates, and then use those to reach the White Key. Just be careful because the crate right before the key crate also makes you slide off. Exit NW back to Room 07-21 when you are finished.


Back in Room 07-21, first use the floor crate to leap the spikes over to the beginning of the room again. Now do exactly as you did before to get to the upper crates, but this time, don't jump to the third crate (the one that falls) right away. Instead, time it so that you jump to that crate, and then jump immediately to the moving crate in front of it. You must time this right, or else the falling crate will plunge and you won't make the jump.

Once on the moving crate, time your jump to the second moving crate. As it travels SW, use it to jump over the spikes, onto the floor below, near the Blue Potion. Get the potion if you need it and take the lower SE exit.


There's a White Spinning Devil in Room 07-22. Kill him as quickly as you can. Unfortunately, there are no platforms in this room to get on to be safe from him, so you'll just have to duck around the stacks of barrels. When he's gone, get the White Apple he drops, and exit NE through a hidden door.


You're now in Room 07-23. I'm going to be honest with you: I have never been able to complete this room legitimately. This is the room I accidentally discovered the "Save Spell Cheat" in, so I suggest that before trying it, make sure you have enough MP to cast the Save Spell at least once.

Start by going left and jump the spikes onto a hidden crate against the NW wall.


Leap forward in a NE direction and you should land on another invisible crate (aim for the empty spaces on the floor). Leap again in a SE direction to land on a third invisible crate, and from there jump down to get the Token (6).


Now here's the thing... I haven't a damn clue how to leap out of that corner and get back to the other end of the room safely. I've tried a million times, and I just can't do it!! So, here's what I suggest instead. Cast the Save Spell and choose to "End Game". Then reload your game once it gets back to the title screen. Tah-dah!! You're at the entrance of the room and you still have the Token. Exit SW back to Room 07-22 and this time go SE.


You must move very quickly in Room 07-25. Head right for that crate that's on top of a chest along the NE wall. Jump to it and very quickly turn around and jump to the floating crate. That crate will drop so you must jump again immediately to keep it from plunging too far. Jump from there to the ledge of chests and keep moving! A couple of crates to the left will start sliding and you have to use them to jump over to the other part of the ledge where that Blue Potion is. If you aren't fast enough, one of the crates will fall onto the spikes below and become unusable. If that happens, leave the room and return to reset it and try again.


Grab the Blue Potion and take a long hard leap SE to clear the spikes below. Push the crate up against the spikes at the bottom of the room and use it to jump over to the White Door. Exit SE.


In Room 07-2B, start by pushing the barrel off the stack of double barrels to the floor. Then push it down towards the double-stacked crates. Push it against the NE side of those crates.


Push the crate that's on top over onto the barrel. Then start pushing both in a NW direction, towards that stack of three barrels in the back.


When they're up against the stack, push the top barrel down onto the crate. Then start pushing the pile of junk towards the NE, where you see a Token (7) high up on a chest in the corner.

Use your stack as a staircase to get up to that Token. That should be pretty easy. Exit NW back to Room 07-25. Use the chest to jump the spikes in that room and exit NE.


When the gate rises in Room 07-26, get behind the Blue Knight and kill him for a Blue Apple. Keep going and exit NE.

There's nothing of significance in Room 07-27 besides a moving floor that could slide you into the spikes, so just be careful and exit NE.


In Room 07-28, leap to the chests and from there, to the moving crate. Time your jump so that when the moving crate goes up, you land on the second moving crate. When that crate goes NE, jump to the row of floating chests (be careful the crate doesn't go too far and knock you off).


Kill the White Ghost and continue all the way down the ledge. Watch out for the moving gate, and then jump down to the floor so that you're now on the other side of the spikes, where the Green Potion is. Take the potion and leave through the SE exit (the one that's on this side of the room, not the one you came through).


As soon as the gate opens in Room 07-2A, kill the White Ghost for a Green Apple.


When that's done, push the barrel down towards the spikes and use it to jump over them. Exit SW through a hidden door.


Room 07-29 has the Red Key that you need to get in order to be assured that you won't get caught by this level's glitch. Stand on the leftmost box and wait for it to start rising up and down. Face SE and fire your weapon. You'll notice something stops it at a certain point. Jump SE to land on an invisible crate. From there, you can easily jump to the ledge with the Red Key. Exit NE back to Room 07-2A.


Back in Room 07-2A, this is a bit of a pain. You need to leap onto one of those crates, and then jump again so that you clear the spikes and land directly on the bare floor spot in front of the gate. It's hard to do, so just keep trying. When the gate rises, go through it and keep going until you see a SE exit. Take it.


Kill the three Green Knights in Room 07-2F to get a Blue Potion. Just be careful because once you enter the room, one of the knights will be coming towards you. It can't go all the way to the door, though, so just stay back until it turns around, facing away from you with its weak spot exposed. When you turn around the corner of barrels, pass up the first SW exit you see. Keep going and take the northernmost SW exit instead.


Two boxes will fall down from the ceiling in Room 07-2D. Let the one on the left fall, but step right to catch that one on Glendaal's head. Then walk it over to the floating chest with the Green Apple on it and push it against the chest so that it falls off and lands on the spikes.


Push it a little ways onto the spikes, but not so far that you touch the spikes and die. Jump on it and use it to get the apple and leap to the other side of the room. Exit SW.


There are three Green Knights in Room 07-2C. Kill them all for a Blue Apple, and exit SE.

There are five Blue Knights in Room 07-32. Kill the ones that are in your way. You can kill the last one on top of the barrels, but you don't get anything for killing all of them. Exit SW.


There are three Red Knights in Room 07-31. Stay put when you first enter the room so that the one coming towards you turns around before he hits you. Kill him as he walks away. Then carefully walk between the spikes and under the rising/falling gates to get the other two. Take the Red Apple they leave behind and exit SE.


In Room 07-34, you'll need to jump the floor crate, and from there, jump to the floating crate. The problem is that the floating crate plunges upon impact, so you'll have to really quickly turn and jump again in a SE direction to clear the spikes and land on the chest beyond. Once you've successfully done that, exit SE.


The floor is really crazy in Room 07-3B. You'll start sliding right away and so will a crate. You have to beat it to the bottom corner, or else it will block your path. When you've gotten around it, kill the Green Knight for a Green Apple. Then face the porthole in the NE wall and walk into it to go through a hidden door.


Room 07-3C has a Blue Key, but to be honest, this part is optional. If you're following this guide, you won't ever actually use this key. But I'll tell you how to get it anyway. This way if you ever want to explore the rest of the ship on your own, you'll be completely free to do so.

As soon as you enter this room, jump onto the moving crate. From that crate, jump to the next one. Just as that crate passes by the crate with the Blue Key on it, jump NE to an invisible crate. From there, jump to the key.

Once you've got the key, fall back down to the floor. Then use the previously-sliding crates, now that they've come a rest at the side of the room, to leap back over the spikes. Exit SW back to Room 07-3B. From there go NW back to Room 07-34. Then go NE.

There's a single White Knight stuck in a corner in Room 07-35. He's actually cluing you into the existence of a hidden door there. Kill him and walk NE through the porthole behind him.

Room 07-36 has the Mace weapon. Just use the crates to get up to it. Yes, the floating crates plunge when you land on them, but by now you've dealt with them enough to be able to handle them. At least there are no dangers in here, so try as many times as you need to. Exit SW back to Room 07-35 when you're done.

Back in Room 07-35, push the rightmost crate forward so that you can get through. Face the NE porthole beyond them and walk into it through a second hidden door in this room.


In Room 07-37, start by pushing the barrel off the stack. Time it so that it lands on the moving barrel. Jump to the barrel stack and ride it over to where the Green Key is. Get the key, then fall back onto the barrels as they pass by. Jump back over to the crates and exit NE.


Notice that you came out into Room 07-39 through a hidden door. Quickly kill the Red Ghost and get the Green Apple he leaves behind. Exit SW through the door that is NOT hidden.


Jump on the barrel in Room 07-38 and wait for the grate to lift out. This will let out the Red Ghost. Jump down to where the Red Ghost was and start pushing the barrel in a SE direction. Time it so that it falls on the Red Ghost's head. Then jump on the barrel, and when the ghost moves over far enough, use it to leap up to the Reveal Spell above.

I should point out that the Reveal Spell is one of the most useless in the game. It's supposed to show what blocks in the room are movable, but all it does is make a ring of stars really quickly encircle any such blocks. I've got the distinct feeling that this spell was actually supposed to permanently highlight movable blocks or make invisible blocks visible (like a similar spell in Solstice), but it wasn't doable for some reason and this is what we got instead.

Exit NE back to Room 07-39, then exit NE again.


You can kill the Green Knight in Room 07-3A for a Blue Potion. Use the moving crate to get over the spikes to get it. Otherwise, just use the crate to reach the NW exit and leave.


Immediately step to the left in Room 07-33 so that the falling crate lands on your head. Walk it over to the stacks of crates against the NE wall, and use them to push it off. Make sure that when it falls, there is enough room to get behind it and push it NW.


Push it over to the spikes and then use it to get across them. Grab the Green Apple if you need it, then exit NW through the Green Door.


Go over to the stack of crates in Room 07-30, and push the barrel off slightly SE. Then use it to jump over to the floating chest with the Token (8). On a side note, I have no idea why there is a Green Ghost and Blue Ghost stuck in the bottom corner of the room. Killing them gets you nothing. They aren't required to solve the room. I'm guessing they're either a red herring or they were planned to be part of the puzzle, but the plan was changed for some reason.

Exit SE back to Room 07-33, then SE again back to Room 07-3A. From there use the moving crate to reach the SE part of the room, and exit SE again.


In Room 07-3F, quickly kill the Red Ghost, then collect the Red Potion and Red Apple so he'll never bother you again. Exit SW.


In Room 07-3E, there are a couple of barrels stacked on top of each other. Jump to the top of this stack. From there, jump onto the crate that's on top of the Red Ghost's head. Ride it over all the way SE and jump NE to get to the Token (9) that's up on the floating barrel. Exit NE back to Room 07-3F, then exit SE.


Kill the three Red Knights in Room 07-45 for a Red Apple. Exit SW.


When you enter Room 07-44, turn and face right. Jump SE and you'll land on an invisible box. Walk over to the box with the Red Potion and take another leap of faith SE. You'll land on a second invisible box.

Turn and face SW and take another blind leap to land on a third invisible box. From there, jump to the floor and exit SW.


Find the invisible crate in Room 07-43 against the NE wall, just in front of the porthole. Use it to jump over the spikes. Get on the next crate and wait for it to rise up. When it's high enough, jump to the posts and get the Green Apple and Green Potion if you need them.

Fall down to the floor behind the posts, stand between the crates, facing into the wall, and walk NW through a hidden door.


Room 07-3D is extremely easy. Simply jump up and kill the Red Ghost. It will drop the barrel that was on its head and the barrel will begin to slide around. When it hits the Token (10), it will push it out onto the floor where it can be easily collected. Exit SE back to Room 07-43.

To get back over the posts in Room 07-43, stand on the lefthand crate and wait for it to rise up. Leap over to the posts and keep going until you find the SW exit. Take it.


As soon as you enter Room 07-42, kill the Green Ghost that's coming towards you. Walk down to the SW wall, turn left and jump onto an invisible crate. Use that to get across the spikes. Kill the other Green Ghost for a Green Apple and exit SW.


There are a red and a blue Spinning Devil in Room 07-41. Kill them both for a Red Potion. Exit SW through the Red Door. (Incidentally, once this door is open, there is no longer any danger of being caught by this area's game-killing glitch.)


In Room 07-40, you'll see a barrel sliding down a row of spikes. Quickly get over to this barrel and leap to it. Wait briefly for another barrel to come sliding down and leap to that barrel next. From there, leap over to the stationary row of barrels. The timing is a little tricky to get down pat here, so keep practicing until you make it.

Be careful because the stationary barrels have a conveyor effect applied to them, so keep jumping NW and exit through the NW door when you get there.


Guess what? You're back on the upper deck of the ship, except you're now at the rear end instead of the front end. This is Room 07-17. Take the White Apple and push the barrel it was sitting on down in a SW direction.

Use it to jump over to the floating barrel with no spikes on top and get to the other side of the room. There's another White Apple over there, but I would skip it for now. Exit NE.


Immediately kill the White Ghost upon entering Room 07-18 or else you'll be trapped by it. When it's gone, walk around behind the stacks of crates and try to find the NE exit. I peeled away the background layer in my second screenshot here so that you can see exactly where it is. Enter it.


When you enter Room 07-19, you'll notice a crate fall down in the back of the room. Kill the Red Ghost or just avoid it and exit through the SE door. Turn around in the next room and come back into 07-19. Quickly jump onto the crates and catch the falling crate on Glendaal's head.


Walk to the end of the row and the leftmost crate will start to rise up. When it gets to its peak height, walk off onto the floating chests. Use the higher floating chest (with the spike on top) to force the crate off Glendaal's head.

From there, you can adjust the crate's position as needed to leap over to the platform with the Token (11). Hint: The token is across from the middle floating chest, so use the straddling method to ensure success. Exit SE (again) when you're ready.


When traveling across the row of crates in Room 07-1D, be careful of the conveyor effect that attempts to push you right into the spikes. Keep jumping to avoid this predicament. Jump over the rising/falling gate, kill the Blue Ghost, and exit NE.


Room 07-1E can be a real pain because of all the rising/falling gates. You'll have to time jumping and walking through them to keep from being killed. Ignore the White Knight for now. Just try to get to the NE exit. Follow my screenshots.


Believe it or not, it's possible to stand in the space between the two falling gates on the middle platform. Just be patient. Exit NE when you get there.

Kill the two White Knights in Room 07-1F. There is a White Potion in the middle of the room. I suggest healing completely and then using the Save Spell if you still have enough MP left over. Then grab the potion to completely refill. Exit NW.


Room 07-1A has what is possibly the hardest Token (12) on the entire ship. You'll see it fall down, and then start getting moved around by the conveyor effect of the platforms and spikes. Unfortunately, you're also getting moved around by the slippery floor. Here's what you need to do: Hold the DOWN arrow on the control pad. This will cause you to move towards the SW spikes and in a NW direction due to the sliding effect on the floor. As you near the spikes, ease up on the controller so that you slide back a bit, but start pushing DOWN again if you slide too far away.

You want to fit Glendaal between that spike and the floor crate, which is the hardest part to do. Once he's there, leap to the crate, and immediately start pushing LEFT on the control pad. This is because the crate slides you in a different direction and you want to hold your ground. Wait there on that crate for the Token to fall down to you and you'll automatically collect it when it hits Glendaal. Now leap back down to the floor (easier said than done) and exit SE back to Room 07-1F. From there, exit SW back to Room 07-1E.


Back in Room 07-1E, use the same strategy to get past the gates as you did before, but only go to the middle platform. Face NW and fall down to the floor. Kill the White Knight (if he turns around before you can kill him, duck back into the spot near the chests so that he will pass safely by you.) Get the White Apple he leaves behind. I highly recommend using the Save Spell at this point. When you're ready, take the NW exit.


Room 07-16 houses the boss, Billy Bones. He's a pirate skeleton riding on the back of a cannon that he uses to relentlessly fire off cannonballs. Billy Bones goes down in history as the only boss in this game that's even easier than Eyesis. Seriously, just get behind him and try to stay behind him, then bombard him with the Mace. He can only shoot in three directions and he can't shoot behind himself. He backs up occasionally, which you have to watch out for, but you'll probably only need a couple of tries at the most to learn his predictable pattern and get out of the way for that.

Just keep hitting the poor old sop, and he'll eventually splatter all over the place. Congratulations, you're on your way to Death Island.


So what about that glitch I told you about earlier? One room NE of Room 07-1F is Room 07-1B, which I did not take you through in this guide because it wasn't necessary...

In Room 07-1B is a Red Ghost with a crate on its head. You're supposed to kill the ghost and then push the crate over to the chests so that you can use it to leap over the spikes and take the chests (which act as a conveyor belt) to the NE exit.

The glitch occurs if you kill the ghost, then leave the room and come back. He should respawn, but for some reason, he doesn't...which strands the crate that was on his head in the lower corner of the room. You cannot move it over to the chests anymore.

Here's where the problem is: If you keep going N from Room 07-1B, you'll eventually come to a Blue Door. It is possible to reach the upper deck from below via this Blue Door. (It is the NE exit from Room 07-45.) If you came up here that way with the Blue Key (instead of the path I showed you in this guide) and you failed to find the Red Key, you would get trapped between Room 07-1B and Room 07-40. If you used the Save Spell in this area, you'd be stuck here forever. Since the ghost disappeared, you could no longer go back to the lower deck via the rooms beyond 07-1B's NW exit. Without the Red Key, you can't get back to the lower deck via Room 07-40 (which I brought you through in this guide). You see, it's a lost cause.

I'm really surprised this glitch wasn't caught before the game went to store shelves, but even more surprising is that it wasn't fixed on the Japanese version, either.

NOTE: You only really have to worry about this if you didn't get all 10 Tokens from the first two parts of the ship. Even if you get here without the Red Key, if you have the 10 Tokens from the front deck and the ship's hold, you can just collect the remaining 2 Tokens that are in this area and fight Billy Bones to end the stage.

Ghost Ship Room Quick List
07-04Kill Ghosts for Blue Potion
07-05White Apple, White Potion
07-06Green Apple, Green Potion
07-07Blue Apple
07-08Blue Potion
07-0AKill Knight for Green Apple
07-0BGreen Apple
07-0DGreen Potion
07-10Kill Knight for Blue Potion
07-11Kill Spinning Devils for White Apple
07-12Red Apple
07-14Kill Spinning Devils for White Apple
07-15White Potion
07-16Boss: Billy Bones
07-172 White Apples
07-1CWhite Apple
07-1EKill Knight for White Apple
07-1FWhite Potion
07-20Red Apple, Red Potion, White Apple, White Potion
07-21Blue Potion
07-22Kill Spinning Devil for White Apple, Hidden NE Door
07-24White Key
07-25Blue Potion, White Door
07-26Kill Knight for Blue Apple
07-28Green Potion
07-29Red Key
07-2AKill Ghost for Green Apple, Hidden SW Door
07-2CKill Knights for Blue Apple
07-2DGreen Apple
07-2EGreen Potion
07-2FKill Knights for Blue Potion
07-31Kill Knights for Red Apple
07-33Green Apple, Green Door
07-352 Hidden NE Doors
07-37Green Key
07-38Reveal Spell
07-39Kill Ghost for Red Apple, Hidden SW Door
07-3AKill Knight for Blue Potion
07-3BKill Knight for Green Apple, Hidden NE Door
07-3CBlue Key
07-3FRed Apple, Red Potion
07-40Red Door
07-41Kill Spinning Devils for Red Potion, Red Door
07-42Kill Ghosts for Green Apple
07-43Green Apple, Green Potion, Hidden NW Door
07-44Red Potion
07-45Kill Knights for Red Apple, Blue Door
07-46Blue Door

Video by Equinoxfan82 that shows how to get the 12 Tokens of the Ghost Ship.

NOTE: He completes Room 07-23 the legitimate way.






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