Kirby's Dream Land 3
Heart-Star FAQ

A long time ago, before the days of the internet and FAQs, I had hand-written on a piece of notebook paper a guide for getting all of the secret heart-stars in Kirby's Dream Land 3. Although I kept that paper on hand for whenever I replayed the game, it was lost in an apartment flooding. I decided to rewrite it, but this time remake it into a visual presentation for the site. This FAQ only covers the heart-stars. The rest of the game, such as boss strategies, are for you to figure out.

Level 1-1


The first one is fairly simple. Eventually, you'll reach an area that has a bunch of flowers that look like red tulips with eyes (listen for the tone that indicates you're in the right area). Simply DO NOT touch them! If you touch one, it will flatten and you'll fail the mission. It is easiest to avoid this by taking ONLY Kirby to this area and flying over it. With Nago (the cat), you can double and triple-jump over them. If you reach the end of the level with all the tulips intact, the flower at the end gives you the Star.

Level 1-2


Find Chu-Chu in a room at the beginning of Level 1-2 and take her with you. Uncover a hidden door by breaking the blocks in the area shown in the left screenshot. Behind this door is a green springy character. Ditch any special powerups if you have them, then use Chu-Chu's normal attack to "kiss" the spring's face. He'll smile and when he appears at the end of the level, you'll get the Star.

Level 1-3


Halfway through the stage you'll be in a room with this little baseball character. He tosses a spiked ball behind two walls. When the ball briefly passes through the section between the two walls, you can see that it has a face. You'll have to correctly pick which face you saw three times. The baseball dude throws the spike a little faster each time, so watch carefully. If you guess wrongly, you'll have to restart the level and try again.

Level 1-4


When you reach this point of the stage, grab the Stone Power from the rolling rock on the ledge, then use it to bust through the blocks with the Stone symbol on them. Follow the lower path to a door, and you'll be at the giant flame miniboss. Beat him and exit through the door that appears.


Grab the monkey from within the room (note that if you skipped the mini-boss and took the normal exit from the previous screen, you'd be on the upper ledge here with no way to reach the monkey.) When you get to the end of the stage, the girl will give you a Star for rescuing her pet.

Level 1-5


This one's really easy. Grab Kine (the fish) from the door on the left here. Then take him all the way to the end of the stage. When the pink fish sees him, she'll cheer up and release the Star. That's all there is to it.

Level 1-6


When you reach this large vertical section near the end of the level, make sure you have any power-up that will allow you to destroy blocks beneath you. You will need to find the green triangle (left screenshot), blue rectangle (right screenshot)...


...and the orange circle (left screenshot), which is the one you'll need the power-up to get. These are easy to find, so I don't need to give you specific directions. Once you have all three, you'll hear a tone and you can proceed to the end of the level. The clown will be juggling the three shapes and you'll get the Star.




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