Kirby's Dream Land 3
Heart-Star FAQ

Level 2-1


Grab the Broom powerup from one of the enemies near the beginning of this level and then get Pitch (the green bird) from the friend room. In one area of this level you will find three underwater doors (right screenshot).


Behind each of these doors are some little sprouts growing out of the ground. When you use Pitch combined with the Broom power, he shoots out giant balls of water. Hitting the sprouts with this waterball causes them to grow into flowers. Do this for every sprout and you'll hear a tone. When you reach the end of the level, one of the flowers will give you the Star.

Level 2-2


Get the Umbrella powerup from one of the enemies in this stage and take Kine from the friend room. Behind a door about halfway through the stage, you'll see an egg with an umbrella on its head. Use the umbrella with Kine and hold the pose long enough so that the egg starts laughing. When you reach the end of the level, the egg will relinquish the star.

Level 2-3


Halfway through the stage you'll be in a room with five baskets and an eel poking out of one of them. The eel and four spiked balls will start rapidly popping in and out of the baskets and when they stop, you have to select which basket the eel last came out of. Get it right three times and the eel imparts the Star at the end of the stage. Watch carefully, because they speed up on consecutive rounds.

Level 2-4


This was the first one of these puzzles that stumped me for awhile. Near the end of the stage is a vertical room that starts rapidly scrolling upwards as soon as you begin going up. When you reach the top, there is a door visible on the righthand side. HOWEVER, there is also an invisible door on the lefthand side (if you look VERY carefully at the background tiles, you can sort of tell where it is). Nago is wiggling his butt into the correct spot in my left screenshot. You must do this very quickly, or the screen will continue to scroll up and you'll be crushed. When you enter the hidden door, you'll be in a room with a giant spiked ball mini-boss. Beat him and MAKE SURE you take his powerup! Exit through the door that appears.


Use the Spike powerup you got from the boss to clear the blocks and grab the little frog. When you reach the end of the stage, Mama Frog is happy to have Baby Frog back and you'll get the Star.

Level 2-5


Get ready for a long explanation. The object here is to get to the end of the level with Pitch, but it requires a long series of specific steps. First of all, take Kine when you reach the room that has him. When you leave the room, use Kine to fight against the current and take the righthand door. Actually, you HAVE to do this, because the lefthand door just keeps looping back to Kine's room. Note that this is the reason why you can't just bring in Pitch from another level to do this puzzle.


Continue through the level with Kine until you find a door that leads to a small room with a red and white dragon inside of it. Eat the dragon inside to get the Fire powerup.


Continue going up from that door until you see a wall of breakable blocks. Use the Fire powerup to break down all the blocks with the flame symbol on them. BE SURE to get the blocks on both sides (although I think the fireball from Kine's mouth will cut right through both automatically.) Now, leave Kine here and continue on through the level. The passage to the next part is too small to get through with Kine. Kirby has to go alone for a little bit.


Continue on just far enough until you see this stone enemy. Eat him for the Stone powerup, and go back to where you left Kine. Use the Stone power to break the remaining blocks, and reclaim your friend.


Continue on through the level with Kine, and when you reach this section (with all the rapid currents) fight through the current on the left to reach a door. Behind the door is Pitch. Take him and continue through to the end of the level.

When the pink bird sees Pitch, she will cheer up and relinquish the Star.

Level 2-6


Halfway through the level, you will find three underwater doors. One leads to a room of unbreakable blocks. The other two lead to the same room with a bunch of breakable blocks. Study the pattern of the unbreakable blocks. You will need to destroy only the breakable blocks necessary to make their formation match that of the unbreakables. If you make a mistake, you can reset the room by leaving and entering.


If you still have any trouble doing this, just refer to the left screenshot here. When you get it right, you'll hear a tone. Continue to the end of the level and the puzzle piece there will be more than happy to give you his star.




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