The Kitchen Sink

Dreams Archive

An archive of some of the more interesting dreams I've had over the years. Most of these have been reposted from the Dream Thread at the Port Saiid Forums. My subconscious can be really strange, sometimes...

Odds & Ends Drawer

You know how every kitchen has that one drawer with a collection of completely random junk in it? That's what this is: A collection of random pictures and stuff that I couldn't really find a use for in any other site section. Includes videogame stuff, random old message board crap, and funny screen captures.

Poetry Preserve

A collection of short songs and poems that I've written over the years. Sometimes I write them to the tunes of videogame music, but not all of them are. Many of them are really old and dumb, written when I was very young and not very knowledgeable on how to write well. I think some of the newer ones are better, though, like "Weaving Two Paths into One", "Departure", and "Last Sunset".

Questions & Answers

The retired Q&A section now exists as an archive only. Sorry, no more questions will be accepted or answered here.

Year in Review 2007

A reflection on the changes and events of in 2007. Three years later and I've yet to do another one.


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