The Magic of Scheherazade



1. When the next chapter begins, you'll be in the desert right outside the town of Malart. Note that you slowly lose HP as you walk around the desert. Enter the town, talk to the people, and stock up on anything you might need at the shop. Leave town, but DO NOT go to the west yet. If you do, you'll run into a repeating screen maze that you cannot get through until you find the right character to guide you through it. Instead, walk two screens east, and three screens north. Use the magic of OPRIN and you'll find a Wise Man who will give you RAINCOM. If you want, you can use this during the Solar Eclipse to make the desert turn into a normal green overworld for awhile. As long as the magic stays in effect, you won't lose HP as you walk around.


2. From the Wise Man, go one screen north, then three screens east. You'll be just outside Copanes. Enter the town and talk to people. Some of them, including Zainab, will tell you that you need the flying monkey Supica to guide you through the Maze Desert, but he lived in this town 500 years ago. You will also meet a strange robot named Gun Meca here, but he's busy translating Peke Peke language and will kick you out (for now).


3. Leave Copanes and go seven screens south and one screen east. Use the magic of OPRIN and you'll find a Time Door. Take it to end up 500 years in Alalart's past. From here, go one screen east and one screen north. You'll be at a mark on the ground in the shape of the Star of Airosche. Use PAMPOO to heal yourself completely and then step in the middle of the star. Your MP will be refilled.


4. From the MP Star, go one screen south, one screen west (back to the Time Door screen), one south, one east, one south, two west, and two north. You're now outside the town of Alart. (Yes, it's called Alart, not Copanes in the past.) Enter and talk to the people, but uh-oh, apparently the only language spoken in Alart 500 years ago is Peke Peke! You won't be able to understand what anyone is saying. When you reach the screen that has the door to Lah's house, you'll get a message from Coronya reminding you that you met a Translator Robot in the present town of Copanes. Looks like we'll have to go get him...


5. Go all the way back to the Time Door and go back to the present era. Head north through the desert and return to the town of Copanes. Go back to the house where you found Gun Meca earlier and talk to him again. This time he'll be more than happy to join you as a translator of the Peke Peke language. Congratulations, you've got another party member. Now trek all the way south through the desert and go through the Time Door again. Restore you HP and MP at the Star again if you need to, and then go back to Alart. This time Gun Meca will translate the Peke Peke language for you and you can now understand what everyone's saying. You will discover that Lah has locked Supica up in a dungeon for stealing his bread.


6. Go talk to Lah and no matter what your feelings on the matter are, you'll have to answer "NO" to his question to advance the game. (However, by all means, answer "YES" to it at least once if you want to see his hilarious reaction.) Once you've told Lah you don't think he's stingy, he'll give you the Magic Boots and tell you to find Supica. Note that you MUST speak to Lah and get the Magic Boots before attempting to find Supica. Otherwise, if you find Supica before Lah forgives him, he will not join your party.

7. You can also find a Magic University in this town by using OPRIN where the old man tells you to. Take both courses to learn about the Libra formation and the RAINCOM magic. You'll also get the DRAGOON (better sword) and STARDUST (better rod) for completing the lessons.


8. Leave Alart, go one screen west, then four screens south. If the Solar Eclipse is in effect and you have a Rupia's Seed, you can go south one more screen to find the Magic Field. If not, go west one screen and use OPRIN to find the Underground Maze that is Supica's prison. From the start of the maze, go north one screen, and then the path ONLY goes one way for a long while, so just keep following it until you arrive at a large vertical passage (as shown in my second screenshot). Now this area goes right through the center of the maze and it is riddled with pits that will immediately send you outside if you fall into one. It can be a real pain to figure out how to get past this, so I'll do the best I can to show you.


9. I find this easier to do when the Solar Eclipse is in effect because it darkens the room and makes those little white marks on the righthand wall easier to distinguish. I use those marks as a guide for this. Situate yourself directly in the center of the path. If you're not exactly in the center, when you try to walk forward, you will fall into a pit. Line up your feet with those white marks on the righthand wall and walk up just far enough so that your feet are lined up with the eighth full mark. Turn left and walk up against the left wall. Face up and walk all the way up off the screen to the next one. (Use these screenshots as a guide for your exact positioning.)


10. Continue to walk up until your feet are lined up with the sixth full mark. Turn right and walk back into the exact center of the screen.


11. Walk up until your feet are lined up with the thirteenth full mark (the one just above the corner of the horizontal and vertical walls.) Now turn right and walk up against the right wall.


12. Now walk up until your feet are lined up with the eighteenth full mark. From there, turn left, and walk back into the exact middle of the path. From there it's safe to walk up to the next screen. Congratulations, you're past the pits. (Now you see why Nintendo Power's instructions for this part would never work.)


13. When you're safely past the pits, go east one screen, then take that north passage. You'll meet Supica and so long as you have Gun Meca alive to translate and the Magic Boots from Lah, he will join your party. The quickest way to exit this maze is to go back to the room with the pits and intentionally walk into one. Leave the maze and if the Solar Eclipse is still in effect, plant that Rupia's Seed now if you didn't earlier.


14. Return to the Time Door and go to the present day. If you haven't used the RAINCOM yet, and there's still a Solar Eclipse, now's the time to do it because we'll be trekking through the desert for awhile. From the Time Door entrance, go six screens north and one screen west. You'll be at the entrance of Copanes. From here, go one screen west and three screens south. If you planted the Rupia's Seed in the past, use OPRIN here to reap your rewards. Now go one screen south and go seven screens west (you'll pass Malart along the way). When you reach the seventh screen, Supica will appear and tell you to follow him. Follow his every move here because otherwise you'll just get lost in a repeating screen maze.


15. You'll arrive at the town of Sudari. By using OPRIN on the right screen, you can find a place to hire more Troopers. Get more with the money you got from the Rupia Tree. You can also refill at the Hotel and stock up on items at the Shop, if necessary. By talking to the townspeople, you will learn that the great Epin has been taken by the Demon Curly to the Dark Palace. Leave town, go west and just follow the one and only path through the desert until you reach the Dark Palace.


16. Note that you MUST find Epin before you fight Curly. If you accidentally find yourself fighting the boss before you find Epin, you will not be able to beat her. (If that happens, use the RING so that Kebabu will pull you out of the fight.) From the start of the Dark Palace, go two screens east, one south, one west, one south, one east, two south, one east, one north, two east, one north, one west, and one north. Use OPRIN here per Coronya's command and you'll uncover Epin's hiding place. He'll immediately join you.


17. From Epin's room, go south one screen, east one, south one, west two, and north one. You'll be in a room of stone Gargoyles. If you still have any Horns, use one on the top Gargoyle to open the door. Otherwise, you'll have to fight them. Go north two screens to reach the boss room. Use FLAMOL1 on Curly's first form. She will drop stars on you that deal quite a bit of damage, but there's nothing you can do about it. Just pound her with the FLAMOL1 spell until Epin appears...


18. When she's taken enough damage from FLAMOL1, Epin will appear and blow his whistle to reveal her true form. Her serene face peels away, revealing a vicious mouth. If you are the Magician class, she is easy to beat in this form. Simply fire up at the crystal balls she holds in her hands and try to avoid the star-shaped fireballs she drops on you. She can heal herself, which might also cause her arms to regenerate if she heals back enough HP, so take her out as quickly as you can. If you aren't the Magician Class, it will be much harder to beat her, but not impossible. When you are done, you will rescue the Princess Ishutal and head for the next chapter. Congratulations! End of Chapter 2.






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