The Magic of Scheherazade



1. Begin Chapter 3 and you're right in front of the town of Nubia. Enter and talk to the people and you'll learn lots of interesting things about the Cimaron Tree and the Winter Demon Troll. Restock at the shop and stay at the hotel if you need to, then leave. Go one screen west and two north. Use OPRIN and you'll get 50 free Rupias. Hooray!


2. Go back south one screen, then go two screens east, one north, one east, two north, one west, one south, two west, and three north. You'll be at an MP Star. Refill your HP with PAMPOO, step on the star to refill your MP, then go back one screen south. Now go one screen east, one north, two east, two north, one east, and two north. You're at Kasimeel. Use OPRIN on the first screen in here to find the Magic University. Take all the courses to learn about the Aries and Sirius formations, and the SPRICOM magic. You'll get the R. ARMOR that increases your defense for passing the SPRICOM course. Go one screen east and find Mohammed. He'll tell you where he buried the Cimaron's seed. Use the Hotel if you need to. Find the shop in town and restock any of your items if you need to, but save at least 40 Rupias. Then find the Mosque and pay the Imam to change your class into a Saint (which is why you need 40 Rupias).


3. Leave Kasimeel and go four screens west, one south, and one west. Use OPRIN. You'll meet the Cimaron Tree that Mohammed planted. He promises to give his first-born son to a saint in the future (which is why I had you change your class). He also gives you the password CHOCOLA. Remember it.


4. Note: Don't worry about wandering any farther west for now. If you do, you'll eventually come to an underground maze that is completely dark. It is almost impossible to get through this maze at this point because, along with the fact that you can't tell where the walls and passages are, there are pits and instant-death water traps that you cannot see. Instead, from the Cimaron Tree, go one screen south, two east, and one south. Use OPRIN to find the Time Door and head into the future. Upon arriving you will see that sometime during the last 30 years, the Demon Troll has covered the entire world of Samalkand in snow. Just like with the desert, you'll slowly lose hit points as you walk around.


5. From the Time Door, go one screen west and two north. Use OPRIN and you'll find the Cimaron Tree again. If you are a Saint, he'll ask you a question (if you're not a Saint, he kicks you out so make sure to turn into one before talking to him). Answer "NO" to his question, and then enter the password "CHOCOLA". You'll get Pukin and the CIMARON Rod. But Pukin is not in your party just yet. You have to find someone who can bring him to life...

6. From the Cimaron Tree, go one screen north, then four west. On the third screen there will be a Magic Field you can find by using OPRIN, however, you can't get anything here yet because you did not plant a seed in the past. I usually skip that for this chapter because it's too inconvenient. On the fourth screen you'll be at Kasimeel. I recommend going to the Mosque and changing back to a Fighter or Magician (whichever you prefer) now because the Saint is a practically worthless class (as you might have noticed, his attack power with the rod and sword are quite bad.) Also rest at the Hotel and talk to the people to learn about a dollmaker in Nubia.


7. Leave Kasimeel and go two screens south, one west, two south, two west, one south, one west, two south, two east, one north, one east, three south, three west, and one north. Use OPRIN and you'll get the SPRICOM spell. When the Solar Eclipse goes into effect, use it so that winter will turn to spring and you won't lose HP by walking around for awhile. Now go two screens south and one east to arrive at Nubia. Enter Nubia and talk to everyone. Find Supapa and he'll turn the Cimaron Fruit that you got from the tree into Pukin (albeit, in a very incoherent cutscene). Now you've got a new party member.


8. Leave Nubia and return to the Time Door. Go back to the present time in Samalkand. From the Time Door screen go one north, two west, one north, one west, one south, and one west. Use OPRIN to uncover the maze entrance. It's very dark in here, but you'll have a small window of light thanks to the Cimaron Rod.


9. To find the Kashim Sword follow these instructions: From the entrance of the maze, go east and take the passage going north. Then go east one screen and walk north two screens through the big central passage. There are pits here that can send you to the beginning of the maze again, but it's not as hard to avoid them as it was in the Chapter 2 maze. If you fall in one, just try to remember where it was and avoid it the next time. Try hugging the lefthand wall or you can try jumping over them, too. Once you're at the top of the central passage walk to the left wall and take that narrow passage going south two screens down, then go west, then north. Ignore the central passage in this room and take the one on the far left going south. Now this passage only goes one way for awhile (south, west, south, west, north) and you'll end up in a room with a passage going north. Enter there to get the Kashim Sword.

10. To find the exit of the maze follow these instructions: From the Kashim Sword room, go all the way back the way you came until you're at the top of that large central passage that has the pits. Go down one screen and look for a passage on the right. Take that passage and follow it around until you come to a wide open room with a staircase. Take it to exit the maze of darkness. (Alternately, if you do not wish to get the Kashim sword, just follow my instructions until you reach that central passage, and look for the righthand path on the middle screen instead of going up one more. The Kashim sword is optional and to be 100% honest, I never actually found it before I wrote this walkthrough. I found the direct passage through the maze years ago and never bothered to map out or explore the rest of it.)


10. From the maze's exit, go north one screen. You can use OPRIN to find the Magic Field now, but I would recommend skipping it. You could plant a seed here during the Solar Eclipse, but to reap its harvest, you'd have to go all the way back through the Dark Maze, back to the Time Door, and back through the future snowy world, and I can't imagine you'd be that desperate for money right now (although you'll need at least 100 Rupias for the next part.) Instead, go one screen east and one north to arrive at Passora. Enter and talk to the people. You'll eventually find Mustafa in one of the houses. Pay him the 100 Rupias he wants so that he'll join your party. You can't beat Troll without his help. Leave Passora and go one screen south, two west, and one north. You're now outside the Frozen Palace. Enter and prepare to take on the Winter Demon, Troll.


11. Some of the floors in this palace are covered in ice that causes you to slide around. So be careful not to slide into enemies or worse yet, into the pools of water. It is also the first palace with multiple floors. There are two possible paths you can take to the second floor. If you have a Horn, follow this path: From the entrance go two screens north, one west, and one north. Use the Horn on the uppermost statue and go north through the door. Then go one screen east, one south, one east, and one north. Take the staircase to the next floor.

If you don't have a horn and don't want to fight the Gargoyle statues, try this path instead. From the entrance go one screen north and one east. When you step into this screen, there is a good chance you'll be attacked by the Wizard Changarl. Be careful not to get hit by his bombs more than twice because they'll transform you. If you get transformed, avoid Changarl's helpers at all costs until it wears off because they'll give you an instant death. Exit screen east when you beat Changarl. If Changarl does not appear, then you will skip his room altogether. From the room past Changarl's go one screen north, one west, and two north, then take the stairs.


12. On the next floor, the path only goes one way, so just follow it all the way around. Along the way, you might get attacked by the Wizard Mardul. He is essentially the same as Changarl in terms of his attack pattern and what it can do. So just be careful about getting transformed because it can mean instant death if you're touched by his broom helpers. When you reach the end of the path, you'll be in Troll's room. Pukin will make the real Troll become visible. For the first form, situate yourself between two of the Trolls so that when you fire up with your rod or sword, it will go through both of them. That way, when either of those two Trolls become vulnerable, you can hit them without moving. (The real Troll switches around so quickly, it's futile to try walking back and forth to keep up with him.) He counterattacks every hit he takes with a Thunder spell, but there's nothing you can do about it, so just heal up with PAMPOO or bread when necessary.

Mustafa will reveal Troll's second form and slow down his movement, but he's still pretty fast. The real Troll will break free of the lineup and stomp about the room. Keep your distance and fire the rod or sword. If he changes you into a hamburger, stay clear of him because if you touch him in that form, it's instant death. Overall, he's really not that hard as long as you keep back and nail him as fast as you can. You'll rescue the Princess Roxanne when you're done. Congratulations! End of Chapter 3.






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