The Magic of Scheherazade



1. You'll begin Chapter 4 outside the town of Yufla. As always, enter the town and talk to everyone. Restock on any items you need at the shop and hire more Troopers if you want. The most important thing you'll be told is to find the Holy Robe, a treasure of Gubibi in the town of Chigris. Leave town and go one screen west, one north, two west, one north, one east, one north, 5 west, three south, one east, two south, two east (passing a Magic Field), one north, one west, one north, one east, and one north. You're now outside the town of Pao. Go in and find the Magic University. Take all the courses to learn about the Kaitos formation and the MOSCOM spell and to get the Crystal Rod.


2. Leave Pao and go one screen south, one west, one south, one east, one south, and two west. If you want to find another one of those women who gives you 50 free Rupias, you can explore the oasis area to the west from here. Otherwise, continue south one screen, one west, one south, then east two screens to end up outside of Chigris.


3. You were probably expecting to find Gubibi in Chigris, but as you'll learn by talking to the townspeople, he was taken away to the Fire Palace and locked up. Restore at the Hotel and restock at the shop if necessary. If you're not playing as the Fighter class, proceed over to the Mosque and change to a Fighter. You will need to be the Fighter class for something coming up shortly...for now, leave Chigris and go four screens east, two south, and one west. (Be careful not to step off the bridges because that will be an instant death.) You'll be at the Fire Palace. Enter the palace and go north one screen. Use OPRIN and you'll find Gubibi. He'll join your party and you'll get the Holy Robe. NOTE: Do not worry about exploring the rest of the Fire Palace. The only other room of significance is the one Salamander has taken up residence in, and even if you go there, he will not show himself now. You will become trapped in his fire field. (If you're too curious and do this anyway, just use the Ring to escape.)


4. Leave the Fire Palace, go one screen east, two north, one west, one south, and one west. Use OPRIN and you'll find the Time Door. Go ahead and take it and you'll be just outside the town of Farvil 3000 years in the past. Enter and talk to the (curiously precognitive) fairy-like people (if you didn't change into a Fighter at the Mosque in the present time, do it now!) You'll learn that you'll need the help of someone named "Rainy" to defeat the Salamander.


5. Leave Farvil and go three screens west, two north, two east, one north, and one west. You can plant a Rupia's Seed on this screen if you want to, but you'll have to return to the present time to reap its harvest, and then come back here. Otherwise, continue one screen north, one west, one north, and two west. You can get the RAINCOM spell here. Use it during the Eclipse to make travel in the desert a little easier. (Just don't fall into the water when trying to enter the door to the Wise Man's chamber!) Now go back two screens east from the Wise Man, and go one north, two west, one north, and leave through the east exit. You'll be at the Lava Cape. So long as you rescued Gubibi in the present time, go ahead and jump in. His Holy Robe will protect you from the lava. Swim east several screens to reach the town of Lava.


6. The creatures in the Lava town look bizarre, but they are friendly. (Although they aren't shy about telling you they think you're ugly.) They will also tell you that Rainy will only leave if he can go with a strong fighter, so this is why I had you change to the Fighter class awhile ago. Find Rainy and talk to him. WARNING!!! Make sure you tell Rainy that you are NOT afraid, or else he'll give you an instant Game Over. I reiterate: Answer "NO" to both of his questions, or he'll end your game. Once you do answer his questions correctly, he'll join your party, and you'll be almost ready to take on Salamander. Find the staircase in the lower section of town and take it to return to the overworld.

7. You're going to want to change into the Magician Class for the upcoming battle with Salamander. There are two ways you can go about doing this. If you're feeling strong and brave, you can proceed to the Yufla Palace (as will be explained in the next few steps) and get the MOSCOM spell from the Wise Man in there. Use it when the eclipse goes into effect to create a "phantom" Mosque out of thin air. The other way is to return to Farvil and visit the Mosque there. If you're low on HP and/or MP, I would suggest returning to Farvil (use a Magic Carpet if you have one.) However, there is a way to get restored along the way to Yufla Palace if you feel you can make it just a little farther...


8. To get to Yufla Palace from the Lava Cape, go south one screen, east one, north two, east two, south one, and east two. From there go north one to find an MP Star. Use PAMPOO to completely restore your HP, then step on the star to restore your MP. From the star, go south two screens, east two, and north one to reach Yufla Palace. NOTE: If you returned to Farvil and need directions to the Yufla Palace from there, follow these: west three, north two, east two, north four, west three, north two, east two, south one, east two. This puts you one screen south of the MP Star. Use the star to refill then go south two screens, east two, and north one to arrive at Yufla Palace.


9. There are two possible paths to get to the second floor of Yufla Palace. If you don't have a Horn and don't want to fight the Gargoyles, follow this path: From the start go north four screens and east two. Take the stairs to reach floor 2. There is only one problem with this path - you might get attacked by the Wizard Warhammer. Just like with Mardul and Changarl, be careful to avoid his attacks or he'll turn you into a skull. If that happens you can't move and his hammer helpers will smash you flat for an instant death.

If you don't want to deal with Warhammer, then from the entrance, go north one, east one, and north one. Use a Horn on the upper right Gargoyle, then proceed north two and east one. Take the stairs to the second floor.


10. From the staircase go two screens south, and two west. You'll arrive at the next set of stairs, but before you take it, go two screens north and use OPRIN. You'll get the Rostam Sword. When you come out of the sword's chamber, you'll be back on the other side of the lava, so you'll have to walk around the loop again to get back to the stairs. There is also a shop in the middle room of this area if you need to stock up on anything. When you're ready, take the stairs to the third floor.


11. From the staircase, go two screens north, one east, one south, one east, and two north (through a locked door). You'll get the MOSCOM spell from the Wise Man in this room. If you didn't return to a town to change into a Magician, wait for the Solar Eclipse and use the MOSCOM to change into one now. Otherwise, just hang onto the spell until you need it.

From the room with the locked door, go south one, west one, south one, and east one. You might get attacked by the Wizard Barzil in this room. Just like with the others, be careful to avoid his attacks and kill him quickly. Note that his fireball helpers cannot be destroyed so you have to take extra care when dealing with him. Exit screen east when he's gone. (If he doesn't appear you will skip this room.) From the next room go north and you're in yet ANOTHER Barzil room. Deal with him same as before if you get attacked. From here, keep going north until you end up in the boss room.


12. Upon entering the room, Rainy will cause a rainstorm, which breaks Salamander's Fire Field, forcing him to show himself. Fire up at the Salamander's middle eyeball rapidly with the Crystal Rod. Even if you're at Level 20, you most likely will not be able to take him out in one shot. Eventually, he'll regenerate the Fire Field and dive below. As long as Rainy has some MP left, he'll make Salamander reappear. The boss will regain back a part of its life meter each time it dives into the Fire Field, so the sooner you beat it, the better. If Rainy runs out of MP, he will become exhausted and unable to bring the rain anymore. You'll have to use the Ring to escape if that happens. Salamander does not have a second form, and you'll rescue King Feisal when you're done. Congratulations! End of Chapter 4.






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