Video Game Music

These sections include tons of video game music, in both mp3 and midi format, for you to download and listen to.

Video Game MP3 Music Downloads

Here you can download some fantastic video game mp3's. They are ripped directly from games and game soundtracks in MP3 format. Many of my favorite game songs are featured in this section. (In other words, no midis or fan remixes will be found in this section. There are already plenty of other sites for those.) It should also be noted that I don't always provide complete soundtracks, just what I like the most from each game's soundtrack.

NOTE: This section is in the process of being redesigned. All files should work properly, but the design is inconsistent due to it being incomplete.

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NES & Super NES MIDI Conversions

Every now and then I tool around with NSF2MIDI and SPC2MIDI. This section contains the better results of those experiments.

Video Game Ending Song Extravaganza

This article has been retired and will no longer be updated. Please do not send me any more emails or make any more message board postings regarding it. It's too much work to keep both this section and the Music Downloads section updated, so this one will exist as an archive only. The article is exactly what it says it is - a showcase for outstanding video game ending songs. Includes actual game rips, midis, and (some) remixes.

Musical Similarities

When game composers reference somebody else's work, it gets documented here. Some are coincidence, many are intentional... some are left up to you to decide.

Hidden & Unused Music

Many games have songs that exist in the final product, but are not used anywhere in the actual game. Sometimes they are buried deep within the rom. Other times they are tracks on the game disk. I'll try to explore some of these hidden wonders here.


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