FO's NES & Super NES MIDI Conversions

Here are some midis of obscure NES and SNES music that I converted using nsf2midi and spc2midi. These are songs that I either couldn't find existing midis for, was displeased with the midis that I did find, or just made my own version for the heck of it. I apologize if these midis aren't up-to-par with those that people have sequenced by ear, but between working a full-time job, running this site, and writing The RAU Gallery, I really don't have the time to learn how to sequence midis.

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(Kyouhei Sada)

  • Ending Theme - This poor underrated game has some really decent music. Not quite on the level of Life Force, Over Horizon, or Zanac, but it's still worth a listen every now and then. The ending theme is actually quite good.

  • Level 1 Theme - The Level 1 theme is also used in the final level and level 4. It's an okay song, but not the best this game has to offer.

  • Level 2 Theme - Level 2 is the first vertically-scrolling stage. This music is okay.

  • Level 3 Theme - Now this is my favorite song in Abadox, the blue forest of level 3.

  • Level 5 Theme - The level 5 theme is okay, but it's my least favorite of the stage music in Abadox.

  • Title Theme - The opening theme is very heavy and dark, unlike the rest of the game's music which is rather light-hearted.

    (Jun Ishikawa & Hirokazu Ando)

  • Crowded Marketplace - The calliope-like town music. Couldn't quite get the percussion right, but it's otherwise accurate.

  • Dark Castle Bintel - This one mostly came out allright, except that when the main melody kicks in, the oboe sounds a little shaky. I've generally come to the conclusion that you'll have better results with SPC2MIDI if the game uses the default SNES sound samples instead of a custom sound driver. I think it's possible that Arcana uses custom drivers, so the notes are a little off in places. An mp3 of the game song is also in the downloads section.

  • Prologue to the Tale - This one has some note-bending issues, but is otherwise extraordinarily accurate. From the opening story crawl.

  • Reinoll's Theme - I love this song! And the midi is VERY accurate, too!

    (Yuka Tsujiyoko)

  • Valius's Theme - My favorite song in Battle Clash. This one worked out quite well. An mp3 of the actual game song is in the downloads section.

    (David Wise)

  • Bike Race Theme - The music from the infamous speeder bike level. I converted this one using mostly piano and I think it turned out rather well.

  • Boss Theme - Short song, but it does the job.

  • Dark Queen's Tower - The final level of the game, a huge rotating tower that I vow someday I shall conquer.

  • Elevator Shaft - This one is also mostly a piano conversion. I like it even more than the Bike Race midi.

  • Karnath's Lair - AKA, the snake pit level. A lot of these Battletoads songs translate well to piano conversions.

  • Ragnarok Canyon - The level 1 theme. David Wise can certainly come up with some good music.

  • Title Theme - The title theme. What more can I say?

  • Unused Track - I found this song in the nsf, but it's not used anywhere in the game.

  • Wookie Hole - The level 2 theme. One thing I like about this game's music is that it can often be understated yet still quite effective.

    (Yuka Takehara)

  • Evan ~ God of Death - The final boss music. This one came out REALLY nice! If not for the minor note-bending quirks of SPC2MIDI, I'd swear this sounds even better than the actual game song.

    (David Wise)

    NOTE: These midis were submitted by site reader Tricob.

  • Name Entered in High Score Chart

  • Save the People

  • Title

    (Masaharu "REZON" Iwata)

  • Level 1 Theme - Catchy Asian-style Level 1 theme from the great Masaharu Iwata. I'll convert some more midis of this game's music when I become a bit more familiar with it.

    (Kyouhei Sada & H. Maezawa)

  • Ending Theme - I got several letters demanding to know why this piece was not originally included on my Favorite Game Ending Songs article. Well, it's not really one of my favorites, what else do you want me to say? The funny thing is, no midi site I've looked at has a sequence of it, so I wonder if they get emails demanding to know why there is no Contra ending midi, too? WELL HERE IT IS!!

    (Yoko O.)

  • Boss Battle Theme - Geez, I can't believe the amount of music from this game that's yet to be sequenced by anyone. Here's the boss battle theme.

  • Desert Theme - Sounds just like you might expect a desert theme to sound.

  • Draygon's Theme - Music for the battle with Emperor Draygon's true form.

  • Ending Theme (Version 1) - My conversion of this game's ending song is not the best midi in the world, but I love this song so much I just had to do one for it.

  • Ending Theme (Version 2) - Same song as above, but I used a clarinet in place of the strings. I think it sounds a little better.

  • Final Boss Theme - Music for the battle with DYNA, the game's final boss. This is a very strange piece of music so a few parts of it don't sound quite right, but it's a difficult thing to emulate with NSF2MIDI's technology.

  • Floating Tower - Music for the game's final area. This music always reminds me of how blindsided I was by those plot twists.

  • Mt. Saber - Mt. Saber's overworld also has a really good theme.

  • Ocean Theme - The ocean area song. I had to turn off the PCM channel for most of these Crystalis midis because it doesn't work right in NSF2MIDI for some reason.

  • Opening Theme - I absolutely love this melancholy melody that plays during the game's opening cinemas.

  • Pyramid Theme - The pyramid theme is another really great song from Crystalis.

  • Shyron Theme - Another sad-sounding tune, this one for the plagued town of Shyron. One of my favorites in the game.

  • The End Day - The opening title theme.

  • Town Theme - Happy little tune, as town themes in videogames often are.


  • Title Theme - Never really got into playing this game, but I always did like this title theme.

  • Main Theme - Since I'm not familiar with this game, I don't know what to call this, but it was the theme that was playing when I walked around the first area. I like the Celtic flavor of it.

    (Perorins Tonomura)

  • Boss Theme (Version 1) - I love this boss theme! If I ever did a Top 50 Favorite Boss themes article, this would definitely make the list. A pure squarewave conversion, but it works really well.

  • Boss Theme (Version 2) - Guitar arrangement of the above song.

  • Title Theme - Squarewave version of the game's awesome title theme.

    (Rich Kiyosi)

  • Ending Theme (Version 1) - This one made my Top 50 Favorite Game Ending Songs list. A lovely melody I used to listen to in the game's sound test a lot before I even finished it.

  • Ending Theme (Version 2) - Same song as above, but it's a guitar arrangement that sounds (imo) much better than my original conversion. This song just keeps getting better and better every time I hear it. Truly one of my all-time favorites.

  • Battle With Zawel - The music for the first fight with Zawel that determines if you play as a gold or blue dragon. This song won't be heard again until you reach the final boss of the blue dragon's quest.

  • Level 1 - Paleozoic Era - Most of the songs in Dragon Spirit: The New Legend are shorter, and softer versions of the songs from the corresponding levels in its arcade predecessor. Even though this tune cuts out quite a bit from the arcade version, I still find myself liking it just as much.

  • Level 2 - Volcano - The first hint of the more melancholy nature of this game's music.

  • Level 3 - Forest - This fast-paced melody is one of my favorites from Dragon Spirit, but it's a little short, which is why I let it loop three times.

  • Level 4 - Graveyard - This is one of the game's most complex melodies, thus it doesn't quite translate from NSF2MIDI very well, particularly all the little zips and warbles, but it's still quite good. I love the way the harmony and melody work together in this piece.

  • Level 5 - Cave Road - Sad solemn melody of the dark and jagged Cave Road. This always did serve as a reminder to me of just how alone you really are in a videogame.

  • Level 6 - Glacier - Another great tune, the echoing nature of this one always did make me think of the snow-capped mountains.

  • Level 7 - Ocean - This isn't really one of my favorite songs in this game, but here it is anyway. Kind of a bubbly underwater tune.

    (Koichi Sugiyama)

  • Ending Theme - This one isn't quite as good as the ending song of Dragon Warrior 2, but it's cute and brings back some fond memories.

    (Koichi Sugiyama)

  • Ending Theme - Now if only I had ever gotten through the !@#$% Caves to Rhone and finished this game, I might have put this great ending song on my Top 50. Incidentally, there's a song in the Playstation RPG Rhapsody that sounds extremely similar to this one.

    (Hiroyuki Yasuno)

  • Character Creation Theme - Much different in style from pretty much every other song in the game. This one's rock whereas the rest is new age and electric piano.

  • Earth Area (Night) - Ah, not the best RPG in the world, but Drakkhen has some cool music. This is a nice relaxing nighttime melody.

  • Hordkhen's Castle - Kind of ominous and scary.

  • Staff Roll - The ending song that made my original Top 50 endings. I had second thoughts about it afterwards, but converting this midi reminded me of how much I actually do like it.

  • Tent Master's Theme - I always found the Tent Master's theme to be rather soothing. These are extremely easy to do because most of Drakkhen's music uses only two or three channels at the most.

    (Jun Chiki Chikuma)

  • Conflate Theme - Conflate (not to be confused with Cornflakes) is the area of the game that takes place in all the tree branches.

  • Dungeon Theme - Didn't really know what to call this, but this is the music used for those areas you need a key to access and that eventually lead to a boss and some important item.

  • Ending Theme (Version 1) - Another ending theme that made my Top 50, this one is a fantastic remix of the game's title song.

  • Ending Theme (Version 2) - The original conversion I did for my Top 50 wasn't all that great, so I decided to do a couple more.

  • Ending Theme (Version 3) - Couldn't decide if I liked Version 2 or Version 3 more, so I put them both up.

  • Eolis Theme - Eolis (the game's starting point), is the only town in the game that has this music.

  • Overworld Theme - Didn't know what to call this, either. It's not like Faxanadu even has an overworld, but it's the music for the areas between the first few towns and the Misty Place.

  • Password Theme - Or "mantras" as passwords are called in this game. It's a sad, pretty little melody.

  • Title Theme - Very similar to the ending theme. The title/ending song is my favorite in Faxanadu's soundtrack

  • Town Theme - This is the song that almost all the other towns have. I don't know why Eolis is so special that it gets its own song, but oh well.

  • Zenith (Final Area) - Zenith is the game's final area and the music is a remix of the dungeon theme. This is my second-favorite song in Faxanadu.

    (Ryuji Sasai & Yasuhiro Kawakami)

  • Battle Theme - This one sounds REALLY good! Give it a try! Probably the best thing I've yet done with SPC2MIDI.

  • Doom Castle - Not quite as successful as the other midi, but still worth a try.

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