FO's NES & Super NES MIDI Conversions

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Composers: Masaharu Iwata, Hitoshi Sakimoto, & Hayato Matsuo

  • Viking Spirits - This was done as an experiment. I thought I might have been getting good at singling out the instruments in the Ogre Battle songs, and thought I'd try a midi of one of my favorites.

    (Masaharu "REZON" Iwata)

  • Ending Theme - Over Horizon is such an obscure game, it's no wonder I couldn't find any midis for it. The soundtrack appears to have been composed by Masaharu Iwata of Ogre Battle and Final Fantasy Tactics fame, and it's also one of my top favorites, rivaling that of other great shoot-em-up soundtracks like Life Force and Zanac. The ending theme here is a remix of the Level 1 theme.

  • Final Boss Theme - The final boss music.

  • Level 1 Theme - I love this song! One of my favorite game songs, and my second-favorite in Over Horizon's soundtrack.

  • Level 2 Theme - This is my favorite song in Over Horizon's soundtrack and is a contender for being my favorite game song on this page. If you only download one midi from here, make it be this one.

  • Level 3 Theme - Level 3 is the desert theme. I like this one a lot, too.

  • Level 4 Theme - Level 4 is the ice world. This song is interesting. Did it as a piano conversion because of the weird way the notes echo.

  • Level 5 Theme - Here's the water stage theme. This is my least favorite stage music in the game, but it's still okay.

  • Level 6 Theme - The final level theme.

  • Title Theme - The title theme of Over Horizon is pretty damn good, too.

    (Hiroyuki Iwatsuki)

  • Battle With Black Mantle (Game Version) - This is a great game song! I highly recommend this download. I tried to get this as accurate to the game version as possible.

  • Battle With Black Mantle (Oboe Version) - This was the first Black Mantle midi I converted, but I used an oboe for the lead instrument. I think it sounds better with jazz guitar, but I'll leave this one up, too.

  • The Haunted Shrine - The first level music. Not as good as the other P&R conversions.

    (Yasunori Mitsuda)

  • Ending ~ Le Tresor Interdit - This one's so fucking amazing that the only reason I can imagine that no one has sequenced a midi of it as of the date I'm typing this is because few people have actually played this game (which would not include me.) Thank goodness for the magic of SPCs.

    (Ayako Yoda)

  • Ending Credits Theme - Nice Japanese melody that's far different from anything else in the rest of the game. Might be the best song from that game, too.


  • Eruga's Forest - I never realized how much of Rygar's music pretty much only uses two channels. Here's the rather lengthy forest melody.

  • Garloz - AKA, the Overworld Theme. There are better midis of this song elsewhere, but I just couldn't help myself because this game's soundtrack was always a favorite of mine.

  • Underworld - This was always my favorite song in Rygar, and I really like this guitar arrangement of it. When I play the game, I usually build my levels in the underworld caverns so I can listen to this song for awhile.

    (Hiroki Kikuta)

  • Distant Thunder - This one was very complicated and took me awhile to figure out all the instruments, but the end result sounds pretty accurate.

  • Tell a Strange Tale - The Empire Northtown, Southtown, & Gold City theme. This relaxing nylon guitar melody is one of my all-time favorites.

  • The Color of the Summer Sky - The normal town theme. This music is fun to convert and works quite well with SPC2MIDI.


  • Main Theme (Castle Halls) - One of my favorites from this NES classic adventure game.

    (Harumi Fujita)

  • Boundless Flight - The ending credits theme. I like this one a lot, but it sounds better in the actual game.

    (David Wise)

  • Level 1 Theme - 50's sockhop music - NES Style!

  • Level 2 Theme - Dancing mushrooms!

  • Level 3 Theme - I could listen to this song all day.

    (Tim Follin)

  • Solstice Theme - Conversion I did of the main theme of Solstice, a great song by composer Tim Follin.

    (Y. Hirai)

  • Cave/Tunnel Theme - One of the most-often heard songs in StarTopics and my personal favorite in the game.

    (Junko Tamiya)

  • Level ??? Theme - I don't remember what level this is from, but for some reason, this melody is one of the few that stuck with me long after I had completed the game. Doesn't it sound kind of Celtic to you?

    (Motoi Sakuraba & Shinji Tamura)

  • Fighting of the Spirit - Well, this is nowhere near as good as the mp3 of the same song I have available in the downloads section, but I wanted to make my own midi of it anyway since this is one of my alltime favorite game songs. One reason it's not as good is because this is the SNES version and the PS1 remake is better. Also, that damn pan flute is supposed to be string ensemble, but that sounded like crap for some reason, so I was forced to change it.

    (Michiharu Hasuya, Masaaki Harada & Osamu Kasai)

  • Ballacetine Castle (NES) - Please note that this was converted from the Famicom version of the game. The Ballacetine Castle theme is my single favorite piece of Ys 3 music, no matter what form it's in.

  • Ballacetine Castle (SNES) - This one is the Super NES version of the song.

  • Departure at Sunrise (NES) - One of my favorite game ending songs in the whole wide world. Highly recommended!

  • Searing Struggle (SNES) - This one didn't turn out as well as I'd hoped (damn orchetral hit wouldn't work correctly!), but the rhythm section is really good.

  • Tigray Quarry (NES) - Starts off kind of slow and eerie, but really picks up after that.


  • Ending Theme - I always liked this game more than the movie. Here's another fantastic ending theme that was just shy of making my Top 50 list.

  • Final Area Theme - The music for the upper floors of Nockmaar Castle, the last area you'll traverse before meeting up with the final boss.

  • Flute Song - Pretty melody, but it's very sad. The song is the flute that belongs to Zhena and Muzh.

  • Game Over Theme - This one's short, but I really like it.

  • House Theme - Music for when you walk into a house and talk to somebody.

  • Love Song - Upgraded version of the Flute Song, for when you reunite Zhena and Muzh.

  • Nockmaar Castle Theme - The gates and lower levels of Nockmaar Castle. This one was a bit tricky because Channel 2 is an echo of Channel 1. That means it doesn't sound quite right in the beginning before the melody's transition, but this is the best I could do with NSF2MIDI. I thought the church organ seemed most appropriate.

  • Overworld Theme - For wandering that blissful countryside.

  • Title Theme (Version 1) - Powerful opening number, this is my favorite song in Willow.

  • Title Theme (Version 2) - Same song as above, but entirely a wind instrument arrangement.

    (Miyamo Shant)

  • Area 1 Theme - Zanac has another of my favorite game soundtracks, which was composed by Miyamo Shant. Here's the music that starts off the game in level 1.

  • Area 2 Theme - The level 2 theme is short, but very good.

  • Area 5 Theme - A very melancholy song that is also my favorite in the game.

  • Area 6 Theme - Had to go with a piano conversion for Area 6.

  • Area 8 Theme - I think this is Area 8, anyway.

  • Ending Theme - The ending theme, which made my Top 50 Favorites.

  • Unused Track - As far as I know, this isn't used anywhere in the game, but it can be found in the sound test.

    (Takashi Kumegawa & Y. Hirai)

  • Cave/Tunnel Theme - It took a little bit for this game's music to grow on me, but here's one song I really liked.

  • Egypt Theme (Version 1) - The overworld theme for the Egypt chapter. It's a pure squarewave conversion, but it works rather well with the melody.

  • Egypt Theme (Version 2) - Same song as above, but with a different instrumental arrangement.



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