FO's NES & Super NES MIDI Conversions

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  • Boss Battle Theme - Another game that I couldn't find a whole lot of midis for, so I converted a bunch of my own. Here's the boss theme.

  • Breager's Palace - The music for the final area of the game.

  • Castle Theme - The music for when you're inside the castles that are in the various towns.

  • Ending Theme (Version 1) - This is my second-favorite song in the game and I almost put it on my Top 50 Favorite Game Endings article. In fact, I like it so much, I converted two different versions of it. This is one with a clarinet as the lead instrument.

  • Ending Theme (Version 2) - And this version has a violin for the lead instrument.

  • Etruria Theme - The music in the first action scene of the game.

  • Final Boss Theme - The music for when you're face-to-face with Breager himself.

  • Lethe's Castle - Heh. Lethe's Castle is the one with all the mirrors that warp you around.

  • Goza's Palace - Goza's Palace theme.

  • Hecate's Cave - For some reason, this music is only used in that one cave where you talk to Hecate.

  • Hinom Woods (Version 1) - This is my absolute favorite song in the whole game. I can't believe I couldn't find a midi of this anywhere, as I'd definitely rank it amongst my favorite game songs. But no matter since this midi and the other ones I converted are just as good. This one uses a clarinet for the lead instrument.

  • Hinom Woods (Version 2) - And this version uses an oboe for the lead. Hinom Woods is also my favorite level in the game, too.

  • Hinom Woods (Version 3) - I decided to do a guitar arrangement, too.

  • House Theme - The music used for when you're inside the houses in the towns. I kind of like some of the note sequences in this one.

  • Mt. Imaus - Music for the perilous Mt. Imaus level.

  • Overworld Theme - The overworld music of Gargoyle's Quest 2 seems to be a remix of the Ghoul's Stomach level of Super Ghouls n Ghosts.

  • Password Theme - This is a remake of the title theme from Gargoyle's Quest.

  • River of Flames - This song is used in a lot of the game's action scenes, but I believe the first is the River of Flames you cross after leaving the first town.

  • Title Theme - The title theme is okay. It's not one of my top favorites.

  • Town Theme - The music for when you're in the towns.

  • Unknown Level Theme - Well, I definitely remember hearing this song in the game, but it's been so long since I played it, I can't remember what level it's from.

    (Miyamo Shant)

  • Crystal Sector Corridor Theme - Over many repeated listenings to this game's wonderful soundtrack, this has become my #1 favorite song in it.

    (Junko Tamiya)

  • Level 1 - Town of Hicksville - Gun.Smoke is a game with a really underrated soundtrack. The music, believe it or not, is much better than the arcade version's. It actually sounds like "western" music in the NES version.

  • Level 2 - Desert - I can't remember the name of Level 2, but I know it's a big desert area.

  • Level 3 - Commanche Village - This is my favorite song from Gun.Smoke.

  • Level 4 - Ninjas - The level in the mountains with all the ninja (?!) enemies.

  • Level 6 - Fort Wingate - I skipped the Level 5 music because that song's kind of annoying and it sounded like crap in NSF2MIDI. The Fort Wingate, aka Final Level, theme is another of my favorites. That level looks so damn creepy and this foreboding melody really adds to the atmosphere.

  • Title Theme - The opening story music.


  • Level 1 Theme - I know this game is really bad, but actually, some of the music is allright. This song, however, is my least favorite of the three level themes. I'm mostly just including it for the heck of it.

  • Level 2 Theme (Version 1) - This is my favorite of the songs in this game.

  • Level 2 Theme (Version 2) - Heavier on the guitar and percussion in this version.

  • Level 3 Theme - I like this song slightly less than Level 2's, but more than Level 1's.

    (Neon Kidd)

  • Battle Theme Version 1 (Flying Warriors) - For those who are unaware, the Hiryu No Ken series is known as Flying Dragon and Flying Warriors in North America. This series has some really excellent music, so I converted some midis of it.

  • Battle Theme Version 2 (Flying Warriors) - Same song as above, but different arrangement. This one uses piano and clarinet. I personally think it sounds a little better than the other one.

  • Battle Theme 2 (Flying Dragon) - Another battle theme, this one from Flying Dragon.

  • Battle Theme 2 (Flying Warriors) - This is the same song as the one right above, but it's the version of it from Flying Warriors instead.

  • Battle Theme 3 (Flying Warriors) - Another hard-rockin' battle theme from Flying Warriors.

  • Battle Theme 4 (Hiryu No Ken 3) - Just can't get enough of this series's battle music.

  • Boss Theme (Flying Warriors) - This sounds suspiciously like boss music, so until I get farther into the game, I'll assume that's what it is.

  • Jungle Theme (Flying Warriors) - Does this series have some really good music or what?

  • Main Theme (Flying Dragon) - Guitar arrangement of the main theme of Flying Dragon.

  • Main Theme (Flying Warriors) - The main theme for many of the games in the Hiryu No Ken series, this song even sometimes finds its way into the Ninja Boy games, too.

  • Tenyou Hime's Theme (Flying Warriors) - What an amazingly beautiful melody this one is!

  • Title Theme (Flying Warriors) - Great title song, but those extremely high notes at the very end are slightly annoying. Nothing I could really do about that, though.

  • Unknown Theme (Flying Warriors) - I don't know what part of the game this is from, but it's a beautiful piece of music I found in the sound test of Flying Warriors.

  • Weird Song (Flying Warriors) - I remember hearing this song in one of the sidescrolling areas of Flying Warriors when I briefly played it years ago, but I don't really know what to call it. It's just very...strange.

    (Jun Ishikawa)

  • Blast Furnace - I was messing around with this one on my breaks at work and two completely different people who overheard it commented that it sounded really "hyper". Rather ironic, considering the title of the game (which they were unfamiliar with).

  • Credits Theme (Accurate Version) - The beginning is still a little messed up, but the rest of the song is much more accurate to the actual game version than the midi below. I personally feel this is one of the best midi conversions I've ever done.

  • Credits Theme (Piano Version) - The beginning of this one sounds a little messed-up and I can't really do anything to fix it with SPC2MIDI. (It has to do with the way the instruments use and reuse the different channels.) Anyway, I've always loved this song from this little-known SNES shooter, and this piano interpretation of it is a rather interesting take on it.

    (Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka)

  • Ending Theme - Did you really think I'd get myself addicted to NSF2MIDI and not convert some music from this game? This ending song made my Top 50 and it's well-deserved.

  • Fortress Theme - Spooky fortress music.

  • Level 1 - Underworld - Guess I have more stuff to add to my Kid Icarus shrine, huh?

  • Level 2 - Overworld - Did anyone else but me ever wonder why this has an Irish jig in the middle of it?

  • Level 3 - Sky World - Short and simple tune.

  • Level 4 - Sky Palace - Always loved this marching melody that's sort of a remix of the Level 1 theme.

  • Title Theme - Had a little trouble with this one, but I otherwise think it turned out okay.

    (Robert Ridihalgh)

  • Blinder's Way - A few things first: (1) Yes, this is actually a very crummy Super NES game (although, annoying glitches aside, maybe not quite as bad as it's often made out to be). (2) Yes, I could just provide mp3s of these songs, but I wanted to experiment with SPC2MIDI to see what I could do. I chose two KOJ songs because I sort of like them, and I doubt anyone else is going to bother sequencing music from this game. I had a couple of problems with this one. The first is that it holds the flute's final note far too long. Checking the "duration" button fixed that problem, but then it sounded like crap throughout the rest of the song. I also couldn't figure out how to add a fadeout. The option is there, but SPC2MIDI won't let me check it.

  • Gates of the Fortress - This one might have turned out a little better than Blinder's Way. I've always liked this KOJ song; it's a really unusual piece, not like anything I've ever heard in game music before or since. The composer purposefully bends and "warbles" the notes at the end, as if to sound like improv.

    (Tsukasa Masuko & Hitsohi Sakimoto)

  • 2D Tokyo (Game Version) - Awesome drawbar organ and grand piano song! Sounds pretty accurate to the game version, too. I corrected the duration of the notes on this version.

  • 2D Tokyo (Old Version) - This is my original midi conversion of this song, but the notes were being held too long. They should be shorter and more curt. (See above midi for reference.)

  • 2D Tokyo (Guitar Version) - This one I did just for the heck of it. The other midi is more accurate to the game, but I wanted a heavy metal version, too.

    (Yuzo Koshiro)

  • Dungeon 1 Theme (Version 1) - This is my favorite song from this game. It reminds me a lot of the shrine music from Ys, which Yuzo Koshiro also composed. This version uses electric piano.

  • Dungeon 1 Theme (Version 2) - Another version of the Dungeon 1 Theme, this one uses clarinet. I think the other one might be a little better.

  • Dungeon 1 Theme (Version 3) - Improved over the last two.

  • Xemn's Theme (Version 1) - AKA Leyla's theme, this is my (close) second-favorite song from LOTW. This one is a clarinet version.

  • Xemn's Theme (Version 2) - Another version of Xemn's theme, this one is a guitar version.

    (Koji Kondo)

  • Ending Theme - Another one put up by request. Polka party time!

    (Neon Kidd)

  • Battle Theme - I always know a Neon Kidd battle theme when I hear one.

  • Celestial Beings Theme - The goofy music that occurs when talking to one of the 12 Celestial Beings.

  • Chinaland Theme (Version 1) - If I ever did an article on Favorite Overworld Themes, this would be in the running. This is an oboe and bass guitar version. The transition is a little rough on this version.

  • Chinaland Theme (Version 2) - This is a clarinet and bass guitar version. I think this one sounds better than the other version, although not as "Asian" in flavor.

  • Chinaland Theme (Version 3) - This version uses both oboe and clarinet, and has piano in place of the bass guitar. Might be the best of the three versions.

  • Cilly City Theme - This is the most "tipsy" music I think I've ever heard in my life. This is for that town where everyone speaks nonsense.

  • Dungeon Theme - Scary-sounding dungeon music. Used for caves, palaces, and other places where evil lurks.

  • Ending Theme - If this isn't the most screwed-up ending song I've ever heard, then I don't know what is.

  • Final Boss Theme (Version 1) - Menacing final boss music. The only difference between this and the normal boss music is the intro. This one's heavy on the guitar.

  • Final Boss Theme (Version 2) - Another, less heavy version of the boss music.

  • Journey to the West - The second overworld theme, in the western desert area of the world. Okay, I made up that title, but I can't help but feel that some things about Little Ninja Brothers feel inspired by "Journey to the West".

  • Mt. Cone-Rum Theme - The final area music. This one's awesome!

  • Rainbow Bridge - I believe the only place this is heard in the game is when you cross the rainbow bridge on top of that mountain towards the end of the western area of the world.

  • Sad Song - When you talk to a character who's having a bad day, you'll hear this music.

  • Scheherazade - This is part of a real song, Rimsky-Korsakov's "Scheherazade". It's heard in the Waterlily Palace after you beat the Evil Queen. Most likely it's use here is meant as a nod to Culture Brain's earlier NES RPG, The Magic of Scheherazade.

  • Story Theme - The peaceful melody that plays during the opening story cinema, even though things aren't going to remain very peaceful for long...

  • Title Theme - Asian-style title theme.

  • Town Theme - One of the catchiest town themes ever put to chiptune.

    (Neon Kidd)

  • Battle Theme - Magic of Scheherazade is one of the first RPG's I played that lived up to their reputation of having really good soundtracks. I'm surprised this game isn't more popular. Here is the really great battle theme. This is the music for the random battles that are fought with menu commands.

  • Boss Theme - Chapter Boss Theme. If this doesn't give you the feeling something big and evil is coming your way, I don't know what will.

  • Casino Theme - Swingin' music for when you're inside a casino.

  • Cave/Maze Theme - This is the music for those dark underground mazes with the weird camel-like enemies that appear and disappear. I don't mind listening to this for a couple of loops, but to be honest, I sometimes got so badly lost in those caves that it started to drive me nuts after awhile.

  • Chapter Interlude - Between the chapters there are cinema scenes of your party flying around on a magic carpet and talking to each other. This is the rather cheerful music used for those scenes.

  • Dark World Theme - Ominous music for the very ominous and surreal final area of the game. I'll always remember how weird that whole thing with the pillar that separates the light and dark worlds was.

  • Demon Palace Theme - Short song, but it's very good!

  • Desert Theme - There is no better music for being lost in a consuming desert than this solemn piece.

  • Ending Theme (Version 1) - Super-happy ending song that also made my Top 50.

  • Ending Theme (Version 2) - Same song as above, but I did a slightly-different conversion. This one has more piano.

  • Fanfare (Title Reprise) - This short version of the title song is heard at the ending of the game, right after you beat the final boss and meet the king.

  • Field Battle - When you run into a gang of thieves, grim reaper, or other strong overworld enemy. This sounds very similar to the battle music Neon Kidd did for the Hiryu No Ken series.

  • Game Over - It is oh-so-short, but one of the saddest-sounding Game Over themes I've heard.

  • Lava World Theme - Celestern is the setting for the last two chapters of the game, but in Chapter 4 it's been totally devastated by the fire demon, Salamander. Here's the creepy music for the overworld.

  • Level Up Fanfare - Gaining an experience level is worth celebrating with this happy music.

  • Magic Carpet - Short piece heard when you use a Magic Carpet item.

  • Mosque Theme - This is the music for when you're inside a mosque or talking to a really important character.

  • New Party Member Joins - Very short interlude used for when a new character joins your party.

  • Overworld Theme 1 - The overworld theme. A happy traveling tune. I always thought this music sounded as though it was in surround.

  • Overworld Theme 2 - I don't really know what to call this. It's the overworld music for when you travel back 2000 years in the past. It's one of my favorite songs in Scheherazade's soundtrack.

  • Princess Theme - Same song as the ending song, but much slower, more melodic and emotional. It's heard both when you complete a chapter and rescue a princess, and also over the end titles.

  • Sabaron's Theme - Dark music for when you're talking to the blue one, himself.

  • Shop Theme - And the award for the most middle-eastern-sounding song in the game goes to...

  • Spring Theme - When spring returns after winter or if you make it rain in the desert, this song overtakes the current overworld theme.

  • Through the Time Door - Spinning...spinning...spinning...gonna hurl!

  • Time Door/Password Theme - The 3-step waltz music that's playing when you find a Time Door or also when entering your password.

  • Title Theme - What a fantastic title theme! It reminds me a lot of the Dragon Warrior title theme, or something from the Zelda series.

  • Town Theme - Happy waltzing town music.

  • Underwater - Short bubbly underwater melody.

  • Victory Fanfare - Nearly identical to the Level Up Fanfare, the only difference is in the first few notes. This is for winning a menu-driven battle.

  • Winter Theme - One of the saddest melodies in the game and also one of my favorites.

  • Wizard Battle - One of the most hectic pieces of game music around, this is for those really nerve-wracking wizard battles that you encounter in some of the palaces.

    (David Warhol)

  • Title Theme - I won't claim this is one of the best songs available on this page, but it's the best midi of this particular song whose existence I'm aware of.

    MEGA MAN 6
    (Mari Yamaguchi)

  • Flame Man - I'm not sure why I bothered to make a midi of this considering that you can find better-sounding ones elsewhere, but it is one of my favorite game songs, so there you go.

    (Hirokazu "Hip" Tanaka)

  • Brinstar Theme - Metroid midis are a dime-a-dozen and you can no doubt find better hand-sequenced arrangements than what I've got here, but I just couldn't resist converting these midis anyway because Hip Tanaka's soundtrack for this game is one of my favorites. Here's the adventurous Brinstar tune.

  • Ending Theme - Considering how high this song is on my Top 50 Favorite Game Endings, it was difficult to resist making my own midi of it.

  • Kraid's Lair (Version 1) - Guitar version of the infamous Kraid's Lair theme. What videogame midi sequencer/converter has not done their own version of this song?

  • Kraid's Lair (Version 2) - Same song as above, but with a clarinet instead of a guitar. Sounds closer to the actual game version.

    (Masaharu "REZON" Iwata)

  • Astral Plane - Might and Magic has one of my all-time favorite game soundtracks, starting with this ominous melody from the Astral Plane and Astral Prison dungeons.

  • Battle Theme - One of the weaker songs in the M&M soundtrack, but I thought I'd make it available.

  • Castle Theme - To be honest, the castle theme is one of my least favorite Might and Magic songs, but I decided to convert a midi anyway.

  • Map Theme - This one's almost hypnotic.

  • Overworld Theme - The overworld theme. Love the adventurous nature of this one.

  • Shop Theme - Short happy song.

  • Title Theme - Masaharu Iwata's take on Pachelbel's Canon. Amazing that it contains the entire 4-minute composition.

  • Town Theme - Happy-sounding, strolling town music.

  • Underworld Theme - Dark and mysterious music of the game's many caves and town cellars.

  • Unused Track - I found this awesome song in the NSF file, but it's not used anywhere in the game.



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