Video Game Oddities, Glitches, & Humor

These are sections devoted to the weirder side of video gaming. Oddities, humor, bizarre findings, glitches, and other secrets that will amaze, befuddle, amuse, and dazzle you!

Video Game Oddities

This section has been a favorite for years. Includes random oddities (some humorous, some not, some bizarre, some unique to this site), reader-submitted stuff, "Things We've Learned From RPGs", and the Video Game Glossary.

Documentation of Game Glitches

My attempt to catalogue every glitch and easter egg I've ever found or attempted and gotten to work in a game. Includes some more in-depth sections for Mega Man 2, Zelda: A Link to the Past, and the TMNT DOS game.

Switched at Birth? Archive

This is another section that was started because I wanted to archive stuff I was always posting on message boards, in this case, characters that just looked way too similar for comfort. SAB started out really good, but got boring towards the end. I think it's because I accepted way too many anime submissions, even though that's sort of what started it (a comparison between Rachessa of Albert Odyssey and Kiyone of Tenchi Muyo.) Ah well, live and learn. This section has made a slight comeback with added commentary and the removal of entries I didn't agree with.


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