Welcome to the "Switched at Birth?" archive in which we reunite characters and people that might just be long-lost relatives due to some striking similarities in the way they look, dress, and/or act.


If you want to submit something, follow these guidelines:

1. Make sure it's not already been submitted.

2. You must send pictures. I don't have time to spend hours running image searches.

3. Try to keep it as videogame-related as possible. At least one character in the comparison should be from a game. (I make exceptions to this sometimes at my discretion.)

4. Make sure the matches are fairly close. I reserve the right to reject entries if they aren't similar enough to my eyes.

5. Absolutely NO stealing entries from similar features on other sites. I have my ways of knowing if you try to do this.

6. If you've read and understood #'s 1-5, and you think you've got a match, you can post it on the Port Saiid Forums

Zangief's new catchphrase: "This...is...Russiaaaaaa!!!" In other news, Blanka moonlights at Square, Nicolas Cage joins the Mortal Kombat tournament, and clowns are evil.

Was Super Mario Land taking a stab at Nintendo's competition? Was Captain N: The Game Master inspired by a 60s Ralph Bakshi cartoon? Was Dwight Schrute from The Office in Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer? Stroke your chin and prepare to say, "Hmmmm..."

Xbox Bomberman is Iron Man! Also included is a great possible casting list for a Mega Man live action movie, and Emperor Pope-a-tine.

Meatwad of Aqua Teen Hunger Force might be an intentional homage to TMNT's Krang. Some SABs from StarTropics again, a really creepy Baby Animal/Ned Flanders mashup, and Dick Gumshoe gives us his best Doom Marine impression.

Drakkhen's Shade of Doom - inspired by a real life art print. Lots of Muppet Show comparisons, John Lennon is (quite possibly) Harry Potter, and I'm sorry, but Butt-head's head really does look like a Quintesson.

Another scouring of the email backlog. The highlights here are Sarah from Virtua Fighter vs. Zero Suit Samus, Gwonam from Link: Faces of Evil vs. Osama Bin Laden, and holy crap, Ryu from Street Fighter really does look like Charlie Sheen!

I went through a backlog of emails, plucked out the best submissions, and compiled them onto this page. Billy Lee looks as suprised about his resemblance to Kenshiro from Fist of the North Star as everyone else.

Was Donnie Darko inspired by Contra III? See for yourself, and more Contra III stuff, plus Weird Al, Kenny G, a familiar vampire in Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, and SNK's Athena during her Trekkie days.

Just when you thought you were safe from the Ikari Warriors corpse and the creepy Burger King, look out! They have doubles! Also, bipeds on biplanes, and the blood-splattered women of Killer7 and Guilty Gear.

This article I very distinctly remember putting together back when my site was in blog format. Some NES artists seem to have owned the same "How to Draw Marvel Comics" book that I have. Also, a ton of Magic of Scheherazade stuff, more grinning cats, and a personal favorite of mine, the Star Wars Ice Cream Maker Guy!

This just in: Capcom photoshops Flash Gordon! And some Doraemon, Pero, and Cid Highwind hijinx, along with more of those damn anime eagle people!

Due to a large number of poor and mediocre submissions, I lost interest in SAB for a long time. An influx of higher quality submissions resulted in the creation of this page and a Switched at Birth? Re-Birth of sorts. My standards from this point on are much higher than before.

Knights of Justice Merlin looks like one of my cats. I swear it's true. It's also possible that the character designs were ripped off an episode of Captain N: The Game Master. But it's probably just coincidence that Arthur's game sprite looks like Cheetor from Beast Wars.

Oldschool Honen's design had some serious issues. Also, Talon finds some kindred souls, a possible source of inspiration for Calico King surfaces, and Nucleo is longer than longcat.

A part of me swears that Square ripped me off here. In other news, the Nucleo clones come rolling in, and I confess to the inspiration behind Torque and Flune.

The cast members of The RAU Gallery (and greater universe) are just like any other cartoon characters in that they also have their share of look-a-likes. (I still occasionally get people mistaking Nucleo for Fred Flintstone.)

As odd a character as Bebedora is, there are a great many more things that look like her than I would've thought.

Proof that all you need to look like Edea is a fancy coat rack on your back. Also, apparently, early Bomberman looked like Samus Aran. You know, for all the crappy entries this series has seen, it's amazing people complained to me about the Ironhide/Etch-a-Sketch submission when that's one of the best and funniest ones on here.

Guilty Gear and Link look-a-likes dominate this installment of SAB, along with some more anime crap.

Does an evil wizard from Hyrule have something in common with a good wizard from Eternia? Also on this episode, Bono becomes a mech pilot and Bill Gates is pixelized.

More Eternal Darkness insanity, Higsby and the MCP make a surprise return, and, egads! E. Gadd is in Wind Waker!

The best ones here are the Eternal Darkness submissions. The rest are just kind of...eh.

I tried to be a little more strict with submissions after that last one, and while some of these are pretty off-the-wall, they're still better than before. I kept getting the Sion/Sora submission for years, even after it was already posted here.

Man, I was a much younger person when I accepted these submissions. At least half of them would never make it onto the site if they were submitted today. At least the Digimon/Evolution, Skitty/Aisha, Ashram/Lim-Dul, and Kay/Marle ones are good.

And Capcom loves Star Wars, too, apparently. Meanwhile, Waluigi may have relatives in Hanna-Barbera's world, and gene-splicing two different beasts can have interesting results.

These submissions were just kind of ho-hum until I got to the Final Fantasy VI comparisons at the end. I guess Square really loves their Star Wars.

A couple of Thundercats lookalikes, the NASA Rover vs. Johnny 5, more Final Fantasy characters popping up, and Robin Williams compared to a big blue cartoon character, and no, I'm not talking about the Genie.

This outing has a bunch of fairly standard submissions, but the Legolas vs. Kibito Kai one is amazing. It's shorter than a typical SAB because it had a lot of dodgy entries removed.

While my favorite part of this one was the Lara Croft submissions, this page alone has generated a lot of hilarious search strings because of the inclusion of Metallica's James Hetfield. Also, did you know the final boss of Ninja Spirit was quite possibly based on a real-life mummy?

Lots of things that look like Robo from Chrono Trigger, and quick, what do Link, Robin Hood, and Peter Pan have in common? Also, really, it took this long for General Morden to get on here?

And SAB bounces back strong with Andross vs. the MCP from Tron, Bill Clinton, a bevy of M. Bisons, a lineup of similar-looking pale-skinned game heroes, and even Gollum.

DiC apparently likes to recycle their character designs. Other than that, a lot of anime submissions. Perhaps more than I should've accepted.

As this section grew in popularity, I started getting more reader submissions. This is where I think things began to take a slight dip in quality, although the Robert/Terminator, Iron Maiden/Lord Zedd, and Sonya Blade/Linda Hamilton comparisons are spot-on.

This was actually supposed to be the first SAB article, but I lost it when the PC it was on died. A hard drive extraction later, I found it and continued work on it. The whole idea for this section got started when I noticed while playing Albert Odyssey Gaiden that Rachessa looks almost exactly like Kiyone from Tenchi Muyo!

Disney rips people off and then gets ripped off. In other news, Higsby starts to make the rounds, and President George W. Bush is aped...quite literally.

A gaggle of Arnold Schwarzenegger clones, more Final Fantasy and Castlevania weirdness, and in a bizarre twist of events, a newly-discovered ocean life form bears a strong resemblance to a Darius Gaiden boss...and a Transformer, too.

A lot of games and cartoons rip off H.R. Giger's Xenomorph designs from the Alien movies, as well as other things that appeared in those films, like the facehuggers, eggs, ships, and such. Explore a generous collection of them in SAB Part 5.

Along with more great video game character comparisons, this installment had a special feature on Transformers similarities. Does Stitch's head (from Lilo & Stitch) really resemble the front end of a Nissan Fairlady Z? Go here and find out!

After Part 2, I gathered up a bunch of entries I'd seen posted on several different message boards I'd been going to. Totoros in my Chrono Trigger? R-Type in my Final Fantasy VI? It's more likely than you think! Plus, some classic Contra and Cloud Strife comparisons, and more Belmont bizareness.

Part 2 got started with some Blaster Master/StarTropics comparisons from CodieKitty. Also included is more Akira Toriyama and Real Ghostbusters weirdness, plus the likely source of inspiration for the Metal Slug tanks.

The very first SAB article that ever appeared on this site. We learned, amongst other things, that The Real Ghostbusters has some strange connections to Street Fighter, Akira Toriayama likes both Scooby-Doo and Voltron, the real name of the boy from Secret of Evermore might possibly be Marty McFly, and after the Graveyard Duck fiasco of Castlevania II, Simon Belmont once again crosses paths with a web-footed waterfowl.


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