Oddities 15: Switched at Birth? Part 2

Here are some more "Switched at Birth" video game oddities. The other page was getting too big, so I made another one.

Plutonium Boss from Blaster Master

Zoda from StarTropics 1 & 2

This one was submitted to me by site reader Codie Martin. Here's what she has to say: "In the first image, we have the Plutonium Boss from Blaster Master. Big, orangish, helmet with horns. On the next image, we have Zoda from Startropics (this image was taken from Zoda's Revenge because he showed up sooner in it, but it's basically the same sprite). He looks almost identical to the Plutonium Boss only he's green and wears a cape. He's also human-sized. Now, their looks aren't the only thing that's similar. They're both leaders of a group of aliens from an unknown origin bent on destroying stuff... for no real reason."

FO's Comment: I don't think I can possibly add anything more to that.

Mike Jones from StarTropics 1 & 2

Jason from Blaster Master

Also submitted by Codie Martin: "In the first image, you see Mike Jones, the hero of Startropics. In the second picture, you see Jason from Blaster Master. We have our two heroes. They do look a little similar. Not to the degree of the games' villains, but kind of similar. They're both your average teenager. Average teenagers who got thrown into a not-so average teen environment. Jason got there because of his frog Fred. Mike got there because of his uncle Indi... er, Steve Jones. They have a vehicle which without their quest would be dang near impossible. And because of their quests, they met a teenage almost-human alien girl (by "almost human" I mean Mica's looking like an elf and Eve's inability to speak English) from the most recent planet (if more than one) nuked into Golden Graham by the game's main villain."

FO's Comment: See above.

The Metal Slug Tank
from the Metal Slug games

Bonaparte from Dominion Tank Police

FO's Comment: I don't think this one is coincidence. I wouldn't be surprised if Bonaparte is what inspired the design of the Metal Slug.

Bronx from Gargoyles

Zuul from Ghostbusters

FO's Comment: I know these aren't really game characters, but I always thought Bronx looked just like a Ghostbusters Terrordog, so I put this here. They even both break out of stone.

Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z

Tetsuo from Akira

FO's Comment: And while we're on the subject of cartoons, I wonder if Tetsuo was the inspiration behind Vegeta? I mentioned on the other "Switched at Birth" page that other Akira Toriyama-designed characters resembled characters from other cartoons, such as Chrono Trigger's Lucca and Magus who resembled Scooby Doo's Velma and Voltron's Prince Lotor, respectively. It appears Toriyama gets his inspiration from all different sources.


Gozer from Ghostbusters

FO's Comment: At this point, I think if I see one more Ghostbusters-related lookalike, I'm gonna scream.

Shadow Weaver from She-Ra

Slave Trader from Illusion of Gaia

FO's Comment: While watching the He-Man/She-Ra "Secret of the Sword" movie, I noticed that Shadow Weaver looks almost exactly like one of those purple-robed slave traders from Illusion of Gaia.

Divada from Weapon Lord

Janine Melnitz from the Real Ghostbusters

FO's Comment: *screams uncontrollably!!!*

Pocky from Pocky & Rocky

Leos Factoria from Albert Odyssey

FO's Comment: *catches breath*

Pit from Kid Icarus

Little Mac & Howard Phillips

FO's Comment: Yeah, yeah, this is that whole screwed-up Pit/Little Mac/Howard Phillips triangle that you may have seen on my Kid Icarus Shrine. This may very well have been the first videogame "lookalike" I ever discovered. (The Kid Icarus part of it, anyway, not the Little Mac part.)

Jen-Tai from Weapon Lord

Skeletor from the Masters of the Universe Movie

FO's Comment: And yet more He-Man/Weaponlord weirdness. I wouldn't have noticed this if Tweeter911 hadn't posted the picture of Skeletor on my message board, so I give him thanks for this one.

K9999 from King of Fighters 2001

Tetsuo from Akira

Here is another lookalike courtesy of Tweeter911. According to him, "Hell, K9999 practically IS this Tetsuo guy....only better. (Eat his Forward A and die! Ah~hahaaahaahaaa!) :p And even their arms mutate into big nasty piles of flesh...Or so I've heard. : )"

Update: This just in from site reader James Hicks, "Apparently K9999's voice in KOF is done by the guy who did Tetsuo's voice."

FO's Comment: Hmmm...the plot thickens...

Lucia from Lunar 2

Tamryn from Emerald Dragon

FO's Comment: This one was sent to me by site reader NFCDOOM. Emerald Dragon, apparently, is a Super Famicom RPG that wasn't released in America. Thanks go to Robert Hamilton for sending me the character's name!

Barret from Final Fantasy 7

Mr. T

FO's Comment: Also sent to me by NFCDOOM. I've actually heard of this one before, but I failed to remember it until it was submitted.



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