The RAU Gallery Switched at Birth?

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FO: Hello ladies and gentlemen, this is a message from the Overlord. I've noticed in my site tracker that this page has somehow become one of the most popular on the site.

If you'd like to see the adventures of some of these characters that are featured on this page, you may want to check out:


It's a sketch comedy that I created specifically for the site using my characters as the main cast. It parodies internet culture, 80's cartoons, and has numerous videogame references among other things, so you might find say the least.

Good day, and I now return you to your regularly-scheduled Switched at Birth? article.

Just to prove that NOBODY is safe from the Switched at Birth phenomena, here is an assortment of RAU Gallery characters and their long-lost look-a-likes. Phainein may be a planet far, far away, or it might be future Earth, but whatever it is, it appears that even its inhabitants may have relatives they are unaware of.


Pinky (Pinky & the Brain)

FO's Comment: Many years ago, I had no idea when I created Kynkoan (who was based on an albino kingsnake that I once saw in a zoo) that someday there'd be a certain neurotic and mentally-challenged lab mouse that would bear a striking resemblance to him. Fortunately, Kynkoan didn't have an eggheaded partner who wanted to rule the world.

Honen Calzoun

Wizard King (Kickle Cubicle)

FO's Comment: If Honen ever hatches a scheme to freeze the entire world of Phainein in ice, we'll know why. I think that might be why I liked that snowman from Kickle Cubicle so much. I think he was subconsciously reminding me of Honen.

Jack Sheen (human form)

Flint (Alundra 2)

FO's Comment: Jack Sheen's human form from The Minerva Project looks remarkably like Flint from Alundra 2. They even have similar personalities.

Nucleo McRaven

Fred Flintstone

FO's Comment: I used to get this so often, it drove me nuts. Whenever people would look at my RAU Gallery/Image Arcane stuff, someone would inevitably say something like, "What's Fred Flintstone doing in your comics?" or "Hey! It's Fred Flintstone!" Okay. I agree there is some resemblance. But give me a break. There's enough differences that they shouldn't be THAT easily confused, either. (Yes, this was entirely unintentional and I didn't even notice it until people started pointing it out.)

Stefan Ferguson

Jonathan Pryce

FO's Comment: When I first saw Jonathan Pryce on a Nissan commercial years ago, I practically sprang up in my chair and said, "Hey! That guy would make a great Stefan if someone ever made a live-action Image Arcane movie!"

Christopher Paladin

Glendaal (Equinox)

FO's Comment: This blew my mind when I originally saw it. It's not drawn on this picture, but Christopher even has a yellow strap that goes around his chest like that. I guess if you draw a big-headed elf in a costume like that, some resemblance is inevitable, but it's still weird.

Christopher Paladin
RAU Gallery

Magic of Scheherazade

Super Mario Bros. 2

FO's Comment: Now it gets even weirder. This only really works when Isufa is wearing blue armor. When I first saw a screenshot of Doki Doki Panic (the Japanese version of Super Mario Bros. 2), I immediately thought that Isufa looked like a modified sprite from that game.


Rapper Flava Flav

Submitted by Crawl and 1000

FO's Comment: Now that is too damn funny! Let's just hope Flava Flav doesn't have the ability to control time and manipulate an entire world into an advanced evolutionary state. For that matter, let's hope Harken can't rap.


Poochy (The Simpsons)

Submitted by Crawl and 1000

FO's Comment: When Crawl said that Mongoose looks like Poochy, I thought, "That dog from Yoshi's Island?" I had never even heard of this Poochy before (I didn't watch The Simpsons that much past the first 3 seasons until I moved in with Crawl), so as bizarre and uncanny as it is, it's just a coincidence. I don't have any future plans for Mongoose (who was a strictly an R.A.U. character anyway), so it doesn't even matter now.

Aurora Taglisa

Gogo (Final Fantasy 6)

FO's Comment: Not really as strong a resemblance as I had originally thought, but at least I finally started drawing what Aurora looks like without her hood. I can't image that Gogo would look like this underneath those robes.

Tomi Forrester


Submitted by Crawl and 1000

FO's Comment: The way Tomi looks was more or less influenced by the anime cartoons I used to watch when I was a kid, like Speed Racer and Voltron, so this one is pretty much coincidence, unless Goemon was also inspired by the same cartoons.

Nucleo McRaven

John Kerry

Submitted by Nixxy Blayde

FO's Comment: Well, he's got the John Kerry smile and hair down right, but he needs a bigger chin.


General Grevious (Star Wars)

FO's Comment: I can't picture one of these characters without thinking about the other. Those little flaps on the sides of Grevious's head remind me a lot of Karma's ear-fins. And the red scaly skin that you can just barely see underneath Grevious's mask reminds me of Karma's red scaly skin. Also, Grevious's voice in the movie was a lot like what I pictured Karma's voice sounding like (although it was actually Ravage of Beast Wars that gave me the idea for that.)


Reaper (Kid Icarus)

FO's Comment: The drawing of the Reaper in the Kid Icarus manual reminded me so much of Harken, I thought it was funny! Harken is intentionally reaper-like anyway, but the Kid Icarus version even has the one squinting eye.


Bill the Cat (Bloom County)

Submitted by James FP

FO's Comment: Harken certainly has his share of look-a-likes. Maybe it's payback since Bill was originally a spoof of Garfield.

Sesa Markino

Locke (Final Fantasy 6)

FO's Comment: Sesa gave me so much design trouble. Just when I thought I had it all worked out, imagine my dismay when I reduced him down to sprite form, and discovered that he bore a striking resemblance to Locke from Final Fantasy 6. The thing is, these two both only resemble each other in super-deformed/sprite form. The fullsized model of Sesa looks nothing like Amano's artwork of Locke.

Chance Tomasaro

Haohmaru (Samurai Shodown)

FO's Comment: As if the similarity in the hair and faces wasn't enough, they both use a samurai sword.

Bazil Kyradius

Ghaleon (Lunar)

FO's Comment: Somebody on my forums pointed this out, but I don't remember who it was. If you're certain that you're the person who said it, then let me know if you want credit.

Nucleo McRaven

Dave Grohl (Nirvana drummer)

Submitted by Crawl and 1000

FO's Comment: When Crawl told me that Nucleo was trying to look like Dave Grohl without a beard in that picture, I immediately did a Google image search. I figure, eventually I'll stop laughing my ass off over this one, but it won't be any time soon.


Pero (Puss n Boots)


FO's Comment: Ooookaayy...This is just creepy.


Totoro Catbus

FO's Comment:Not the closest comparison in the world, but something about one definitely brings to mind the other for me.

Bazil Kyradius

Tim Roth

Submitted by Crawl and 1000

FO's Comment: Crawl keeps insisting that Bazil looks like actor Tim Roth from Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and Rob Roy amongst other films.


Janine (Real Ghostbusters)

FO's Comment: I wouldn't say that these two look at all alike. However, upon closer examination, it would appear that Samantha stole her earrings from Janine's wardrobe. It makes sense. I was writing the preliminary episodes of Image Arcane, which Samantha was in, during the first season of Real Ghostbusters in 1986. I was writing the main series by the second season in 1987. I learned how to draw somewhat by watching that show.

Prince Loro

Gryzz (Albert Odyssey)

FO's Comment: Other than Samantha's earrings, this is the only one of these that isn't entirely coincidence. It's not that I intentionally wanted to rip off Sunsoft's design here, but Loro was originally a joke character of sorts that was based on someone I knew on the internet. That person always used Gryzz for an avatar back when this made (it was during my days working for The Minerva Project), so that's why I had him on my mind (I didn't even own the Albert Odyssey game yet.) When Loro became a more legitimate character, I redesigned him so he'd look more lizard-like than dragon-like and even gave him a human form.

Nucleo McRaven (Dark Form)

Summoned Monster (Final Fantasy 4)

Submitted by Crawl and 1000.

FO's Comment: No surprise here. We probably both got the idea from Orko. Or possibly the Jawas from Star Wars.




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