The RAU Gallery Switched at Birth? Part 3

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Luncheon Counter Monster
(The Muppet Show)

Calico King

FO's Comment: I'm now suspicious that the Luncheon Counter Monster is what inspired Calico King's design. Both large vaguely-catlike monster with horns instead of ears. Also, the way the Luncheon Counter Monster was eating everything (drinking glasses, a pitcher, and Nancy Walker's scarf) reminded me a lot of Kiini. It's rather funny to rewatch this show and realize how much it influenced me, though I had forgotten a lot about it, too.

Nucleo McRaven


FO's Comment: I didn't know about Longcat when I drew that picture of Nucleo and Aurora (not even sure if the Longcat meme existed yet), but it's actually based on something similar - I drew it after I saw Crawl pick up his brother's cat and it assumed the exact same pose that Longcat has in that picture.

Marco Rossi
(Metal Slug)

Tarma Roving
(Metal Slug)

Kyo Kusanagi
(King of Fighters)

Talon Kyradius

Submitted by CodieKitty.

FO's Comment: Nothing really to add.

Tom Petty

Honen Calzoun

Submitted by Magnus Crowe.

FO's Comment: That is just "not right" on so many levels.

Eric Cartman (South Park)

Honen Calzoun

FO's Comment: I'm not particularly happy about this. It was noticing Honen's uncanny resemblance to Cartman that caused me to redesign him slightly. Well, an upgrade to his design would've been inevitable, anyway. These drawings were done when I was only somewhere between 10-12 years old, and he was too "out-of-sync" with everyone else.

Rex Cardinal

The Scarlet Pumpernickel

Submitted by Crawl and 1000, "This is even more uncanny than the Poochy / Mongoose one. FO said she never heard of the Scarlet Pimpernel or Scarlet Pumpernickel before. But her character Rex Cardinal not only has the Zorro style mask, cape, and sword, he even has a name containing a synonym for red!"

FO's Comment: All the more reason I'm glad Rex Cardinal was retconned after the preliminaries. I think I have since then heard of the Scarlet Pimpernel, (specifically, he was parodied in a US Acres sketch on Garfield & Friends), but I don't know if I knew what he was supposed to be. The Scarlet Pumpernickel doesn't look very scarlet...

Talon Kyradius

Edward Furlong (Terminator 2)

FO's Comment: Although this wasn't on purpose, it may have been "subconsciously" done, considering that T2 is one of my favorite movies.


Crow (Kid Icarus 2)

FO's Comment: I remember when I first got that game I was amused by the fact that the crow looked so similar to my Crow and is also just called "Crow", but I had forgotten all about that until I scanned the manual for the Kid Icarus Shrine awhile ago.


Crow T. Robot (MST3K)

Submitted by CodieKitty

FO's Comment: Now all I need to do is draw the silhouette of a row of movie theater chairs, and draw the backs of Torque, Zumo, and Honen's heads in the last three chairs. But what movie(s) should they make fun of? Hmm....

Bazil Kyradius

Imp Captain (Final Fantasy 4)

FO's Comment: The pale skin and the way the horns poke through the hat is what does it for me. Bazil's nose is also supposed to be longer and pointier than what I drew it in this picture (that's because this was a Bazil redesign for The Minerva Project and I didn't really have him all worked out yet).

Aurora (Cloaked)

Sonia from Equinox (Heavily Damaged)

Submitted by CodieKitty

FO's Comment: Maybe they shop at the same sorceress clothing store.

Honen Calzoun

Poppy Bros. Sr (Kirby's Adventure)

Submitted by Troy

FO's Comment: Maybe they shop at the same evil Santa Claus clothing store.

Honen Calzoun

Bop Louie (Ufouria)

FO's Comment: This is what happens when you design a character to look like a snowman in Mongolian clothing... every other snowman in Mongolian clothing looks just like him. Either that, or Honen has a lot of unknown relatives who starred in NES games.

Tomi Forrester

Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)

Submitted by Crawl and 1000

FO's Comment: Okay, so maybe I let Akira Toriyama influence me a little too much sometimes. Sue me. (Maybe Tomi really is a Saiyan and that could explain why he's always so angry.)




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